Supernatural Season 12: Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

I loved seeing the return of the twins from the episode Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox, from earlier this season. I was hoping to see them again because it was fun meeting them the first time, and we got a glimpse of their dynamic. They are just so adorable together. I loved the depiction of their relationship as being the equivalent of Sam and Dean’s, and it was wonderful watching the  Winchesters interact with another close knit family.

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So it was really heartbreaking, to see Max lose his entire family, by the end of the show. I can also say I was not surprised that Max made the decision that he made, because Sam is right. The Winchesters have made one horrible decision after another to keep their family intact, although its refreshing to note that Mary’s resurrection wasn’t necessarily bad decision oriented, exactly. That was more like the fallout of previous bad decisions.

Supernatural isn’t very good about racial issues. it just isn’t. And I don’t really expect it to be, as its not really the type of show that speaks on social issues. Actually, the show has been pretty bad, or non-existent, on racial issues, and  has come under fire when its showcased PoC, so its interesting to watch their approach to such issues this season. This season, and last season, they have been careful to have more PoC on the show, and occasionally acknowledge the unique situations of PoC within an episode.

On the other hand they keep inviting all these great PoC characters on the show just to kill them off, (We’re looking at you Billy! R.I.P.) and re- inviting certain other characters, who I shall not name.

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It was also interesting to watch Tasha get disrespected by the old lady in the lobby of the inn. The show doesn’t pass any judgement on what the lady says, (yeah, its racist as hell) but later you find out that she’s the witch that Tasha was hunting, so what you’re left with is that the old lady is a a free-range a**hole, I guess.

I also liked how they really humanized the other characters, showing Alicia’s and Max’s closeness, and their closeness to their mother, by having Sam reference the exact thing Dean said to him, when they were hunting their dad, the first season. That was kind of awesome. Making the audience aware of how close knit the family was, is key to the final scene, when Max makes the decision to resurrect his sister. It was horrible to watch him lose all the people he loved,  and that actor totally sold  the emotional devastation that would be the result.

Alicia and Max’s horror at the realization that they’ve been socializing with something that’s not their mother was very well done, and echoed my own feelings during that scene.  I’m kind of haunted by the idea that Faux- Tasha didn’t know what she was, and really had no clue that anything was wrong, until Max spelled her. And now Alicia doesn’t know what she is. I’m pretty sure Max is not going to tell her, and what happens when she doesn’t age? After all, she’s not really real.

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Also, it was kind of cool watching Max kicking ass, busting in doors, and stuff, to avenge his Mom. We got a glimpse of the power of a natural witch. As Alicia said, she has no natural affinity for the craft, but for her mother and brother, its as natural as breathing. Although, I was rooting for Max to NOT take the other witch’s power, I’m still not mad at him for the decision he made. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future. If the Winchesters will have to come and solve/save Max, as a problem.

This show was a little disorienting. The audience for this show is so used to knowing what’s going on, before the brothers do, that I was surprised  that I couldn’t guess what was happening. When Tasha showed up after we watched her get killed, it was a little disorienting, because we think we know what happened. And I don’t know what to think of the poor hapless manager of the motel. Was he related to the witch or just some random guy she kidnapped to do her bidding?

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Other than that, I’m not particularly fond of any witch episodes, as a general rule. They always feel like a letdown, and I didn’t especially care for the witch plot here, although I loved everything else about it. I did find the Mary angle of the show interesting too. I knew sooner or later that mary would get wise to what was happening and that she and Ketch would end up having it out. Mary can seriously kick some ass. She’s just not as insane as Ketch, so she lost that fight before going into it. I wasn’t surprised. Its funny how the brothers are now in the same position, at the end of the episode, as Max ad Alicia were, at the beginning of the episode, of running to rescue their momma. And then there’s poor Mick. Just thrown in a box somewhere.

Well, I liked this episode. It was very well done, but I don’t think this one is ever going to be my favorite. Its just too painful to watch this beautiful family, especially after you know the end result. But I do expect to see Max again, probably in direct opposition to the Winchesters. I was not happy to see the Lady Heartless from the opening of the season, though. I hate that character and hope she dies a horrible death.

Now we’re down to the end of the season. We’ve got three episodes left and the show usually likes to combine all of them into one big mega-plot, so this is my last review until the finale, when I’ll also give an overview of my feelings for the whole season.


7 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 12: Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

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  1. “What is not clear to me is whether Max’s soul is doomed. He did not take the witch’s ring prior to her death at Dean’s gunshot. He took the ring and cast the spell after her death so is he part of the deal or just using the magic in the book and the ring.”
    I agree-I am hoping it doesnt damn his soul..I liked him and felt so terrile when he walked in on Sam and Dean finding the Moms body. And then tolose his twn moments later 😦

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  2. I loved the episode. I was very sad to see Max’s sister and the mom die and I hated that he took the ring and the power. Maybe we will need hi to defeat Lucifer’s spawn or Lucifer himself? I’m glad Mary finally realized what was going on with Ketch. I my have let out a little sob with Deans heartfelt phone message.

    The last 2 episodes are playing one right after the other-that’s going to be a killer night. Better have lots of booze and tissues or whatever gets you through Winchestermanpain.

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    1. Imma b reddy! Tissues! ✔️Booze!✔️Notepad✔️

      Yah I know I promise all this but in all likelihood I’m probably gonna fall asleep before it airs😛


    2. I liked it even more on a second watch. Nice Easter eggs from the pilot and the raison d’etre of the Winchesters. Most of the parallels are obvious, some will become clearer in the last few episodes. Yockey’s addition as a writer is positive as he understands the family business and the dynamics of thhe Winchesters. Clever how the shifter is a fake Mary and then Tasha is a fake doll-Mom, both with complete memories. And yes, Max makes a choice to keep his sister with him just as both Sam and Dean have made deals in the past.
      What is not clear to me is whether Max’s soul is doomed. He did not take the witch’s ring prior to her death at Dean’s gunshot. He took the ring and cast the spell after her death so is he part of the deal or just using the magic in the book and the ring.
      Yes,Dean bargained his soul to reanimate Sam, but Max did not seem to actually say yes and take the ring prior to witchy’s death so are we to draw the conclusion because of the parallels?
      Loved Sam’s curly hair when he bonds with Alicia especially after the “how does Sam keep his hair so shiny” comment. Loved the other nuggets that are so Sam and Dean. Not offended that Sam is the one fixing the Colt as it shows his “beautiful mind” at work at the bunker table- a scene often used this season.
      Writers have kept Mary ambiguous so the viewer can look for her redemption or ultimate sacrifice and watch Dean lose her again if the parallel to this episode stays the course. Mary is a strong physical fighter, but like her boys, expects everyone to play fair. Never expected the tazer- again unprepared with current tech stuff, but she did hit Ketch where it truly hurts.
      Thought for sure we would have a rock, paper, scissors, moment at the top of the stairs. First time in a long time, a Winchester has remarked it smells like death. And although this season has had a focus on Dean’s emotional canvas, what is going on with Sam? I’d like to think he is just exhausted from the fight, and it gives Dean an opportunity to listen to Mary’s message “alone”, but is something else going on? Show keeps us guessing- I appreciate it.
      Waiting for Lady Toni B. to be Winchestered . She has it coming.
      The hour is paced quickly and the direction is spot on-thank you DSjr.
      Overall, witch episodes are not my favs, but this one works because it is about family-the heart of Supernatural.

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