Something about Mary

Definitely a bridge episode to lead us into the finale. Samantha Smith brings a raw emotion to Mary that is notable. I appreciate “Sam’s tear” as he views a fellow hunter who dies at the hands of a Hell Hound, borrowed from Crowley. (She was strong, smart, and liked Sam. He liked her. So fits pattern, she must die).Not surprising that Crowley is mingling with the BMOL. He is taken aback by the suggestion that he distance himself from Sam and Dean. Cas is labeled a Winchester love slave slave. Back and forth about who is whose slave regarding Lucifer and Crowley. Weird twist of DNA and power transference. What Shepard said about Crowley for episode 21 is true, however the character has an affinity for rodents. The rat seen following him is not subtle as we have seen Crowley transfer himself just before a coup de grace previously to save himself. Again, much focus on Mary Winchester and what it means to lose what makes you human and fallible. The air being sucked out of the bunker and entombing the Winchesters with Lady Toni, well we know it is not the end of the Winchesters since there are 2 episode in the finale which bring us the Winchesters to fight Luci. Yet, somehow the air has been sucked out of this show this year. Some episodes are terrific. Some meh. Is it a transition  year where the show is totally changing focus? The duo writing team of this episode usually disappoints and this episode is no exception. When Sam and Dean are not sharp or even present, one wonders what is show doing? Not sure Dabb takes us to a good place. Maybe next year is the end….unless a revitalization can take place for season 13. Not sure I can re-watch this episode. Again Samantha Smith is terrific and acting is spot on, just well….hoping it just that set up prior to finale which is always an iffy position on the season isn’t the downward slide into oblivion. Mark Pelligrino makes Luci interesting, the arc with baby Luci-still debating,although that final shot scenery is spectacular.   Sam and Dean have to escape to save the world and can Mary be redeemed or has she turned into a monster who needs a spell in Purgatory?Any thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Something about Mary

  1. I hated the death of Eileen as I really, really liked her. I liked the shootout in the Bunker but disliked the episode overall, mostly for plot reasons. This is not going to be a favorite, (even though my review might lead people to think I liked it. I did not) It was exciting, which I guess is what the writers aim for, but I still spent far too much of my time screaming at my TV.

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    1. Are the BMOL just eliminating the emotions an using the raw talent of killing? Natural born killer as Mary Campbell- the one she tried not to be- but her emotions took over and yet she was willing to make a deal with Azazel-killer or emotions? Easy to see where Dean gets his instinct from. Like his behavior under the MOC, brought out his natural instinct, so have the BMOL with Mary. And we will never know if Eileen and Sam had more than a flirtatious relationship, but even that with Sam appears deadly.

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  2. I guess I liked it better than you on first watch- I am looking forward to watching tonight w/o commercials with my husband (omg he will freak if he thinks Crowley is dead!) I loved that fight scene in the bunker-I HATED that they killed off Eileen. I was really hoping that she and SAm could ride of into the sunset together someday? Did she die because of-you know- the “peen of death” LOL

    I hate what they did to Mary-I actually liked her when she wanted to kill herself to not hurt anyone else. Was this brain washing what theyw anted to do to all the us hunters? Was that the big plan?


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