Supernatural Season 12: There’s Something About Mary

Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to write a review of this episode, and that I was going to wait until the finale to post something. Well ,the finale is next week (so soon) and I can’t wait, because I had a lot of thinky-thoughts about this episode, and there was a lot of yelling at my TV.

A lot!

So we open with Mary being questioned and tortured by Lady (Extreme Makeover) Bevell, Lucifer is working with a demon to go after his son, who has disappeared with Castiel and Kelly, and Sam and Dean are thumb twiddling, or something, while Eileen, is getting killed by a Hellhound. I truly felt for Sam because the two of them had a real connection.

Mary is being brainwashed to hunt the other hunters. Now I’ve mentioned before that that sort of thing is very inefficient. Killing  a huge group of people, and there are plenty of hunters Mary and the Winchesters do not know about, despite their network, is not going to fix America’s hunter problem. I think the BMOL, and Lady (Extreme Effects) Bevell are just stupid. I mean I know that the BMOL are arrogant, but seriously, they had me screaming at my TV. How they just gonna walk all up in somebody else’s house, and start rearranging the furniture? They need to stay in their lane,  on their side of the pond and take care of their own shiznickle ‘stead of worrying about what the Americans are doing… okay, I’m getting mad again. 

I don’t think i’ve ever been so incredibly frustrated at this singularly most obtuse group of human beings,  and quite frankly I’m rooting for Lucifer to just kill all of them at this point, including Mary, because I am just tahhhd of her. So tahhhd!

Well  the BMOL want to turn the American hunting system into a replica of the English version, which ain’t gonna work because …’Murica! No seriously, it’s not gonna work because trying to get Americans to behave is like herding several hundred thousand cats. We are singularly uncooperative, when even in the best of moods, We’re certainly going to be less cooperative after you’ve killed all our friends. Which points to a specific lack of vision, and the short-sightedness, of the BMOL, who  have  failed to take American psychology into account, and  mistakenly believe that what works for an  Englishman would work in America.

It wouldn’t.

Although, if the BMOL are in league with Crowley then this is probably Crowley’s bid to not just get rid of the Winchesters, but to so severely damage the hunting community, that the  demons would have free reign to do whatever they please.

Anyway, Mary’ s been brainwashed to turn against her boys, and at first, not knowing exactly what happened, I was screaming at her about how she keeps f***ing up, and making one bad decision after another, but I can see she’s not entirely at fault, here. Nevertheless, I have now reached  Peak-Mary Winchester. She has worn out every one of her welcomes with me. It’s time for Mary to go somewhere. She needs to die and take Ketch with her. Hell, take everybody with her. Ketch, Lady (Doritos Extreme) Bevell, Hess, the whole lot of them need to go.

Speaking of Lady (Extremely Batshit) Bevell, I don’t think I can express how much I hate, loathe, and hate this character. I can see why she does what she does. I mean people don’t expect her to do what she does, and it throws them off kilter, but still…At every opportunity she chooses the most extreme possible path to take. That b**** is always set to eleven! From torturing Sam straight out of the gate, to mocking somebody about their mother f***ing their enemy, she always, always goes too damn far, and what she said was the crassest, nastiest,  thing  she could say to someone. And yes, I was rooting for Dean to punch her in her throat, just  to make her shutup. You just don’t say that kind of sh** to people. See! Just thinking about this woman has got me cussin’ like a sailor!

The great revelation in this episode, I guess, is that the head of the BMOL, Dr. Hess, is actually working with Crowley, which is where the hellhound came from. Well, that’s all over now because Lucifer is on walkabout, and Crowley is now in the body of a rat. I kinda, but didn’t, see that actually coming, but it’s the finale so I should have expected it. How is The Crow gonna get himself out of this one, and what is the fallout gonna be? And Hess needs to go because I do not believe that the production of psychopaths was anywhere in the MOL mandate, which is pretty much what she’s been doing, for the past several decades.

And while the BMOL are busy killing the very people they are going to need to hunt down the Hell Lucifer is about to unleash, they have completely ignored Lucy’s boy, and we don’t know how that’s going to play out. Instead of wasting time trying to herd America’s hunting community, they need to be paying attention to the very real threat of Lucifer and his demons. Oh, hey! Guess who has experience with that kind of  thing? That’s right! The Winchesters!

Speaking of the Winchesters, I love it when the brothers go to work. Their hunting skills have been on point this season, at least when they’ve been hunting humans, which they have had a lot of practice with lately. Did you see that headshot Dean made in the Bunker?!!! Normally I’m not quite this bloodthirsty (oh, who am I kidding, of course I am!) but that sh** was Awesooome! 

(Can you tell that I have had waay too much caffeine this morning?)

So for the finale, we got the BMOL killing off hunters, Mary’s been brainboggled, Sam ,Dean and Lady (Extremely Tight Pantyhose)) Bevell are trapped in the bunker, and running out of oxygen in three days, Crowley is a rat, Lucifer has gone to the mountaintop, and Baby Lucy is in the wind, with Castiel.

That’s a lot to unpack for the finale. I just know I’m gonna be screaming at my TV again. I better have my throat lozenges ready!

Now,  I need a nap, though.





7 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 12: There’s Something About Mary

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      1. Find it interesting that the finale is two finales. One for each story line, so one must be an end and one and end and a beginning. Shot as 2 separate episodes. Go Team Free Will- which Mary has lost at the moment. Isn’t family that brings a Winchester to its cognizant reality? Who the hell is being ressurected for season 13?

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  1. Loved your recap! You had some great names for Lady Tonibaloney 🙂 I am done with Mary as well. Crowley is always 10 steps ahead LOL Cant wait for this weeks double header-2 boxes of tissues?


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