Who is coming out of the grave?

Speculation as to who is emerging have been wide spread. Some folks think it is Dean emerging from the bunker after being locked in with Sam and Ladi Toni. A few speculate it is John or Bobby or even Adam. But these poor cusses where all given hunter’s funerals and went up in smoke. Remember, Sam never did so for Dean as he truly believed he,(Sam) would find a way to bring Dean back. Well, that was true but Castiel did the retrieving from perdition. So maybe it is an American hunter who was killed off by the Bmol who do not seem to build a pyre and burn their dead. Or could it be Mick? But the one character who is seemingly not burned is……..Crowley.

The demons ask Lucifer what to do with the corpse of Crowley. Luci says to dispose of it but not with specific instructions. And Crowley is a demon so the rules do not apply. Besides we all saw the rat next to the corpse and how it closely followed the corpse as it was dragged away. Now, Crowley has been 10 steps ahead of Luci and has been known to hide in others while being killed(remember Cas killing him under Rowena’s bestialis spell?). He does communicate well with rodents,(head witch of the coven). So….any thoughts folks?  Only a few days to wait and see.

Two finales. One for the BMOL arc and one for Lucifer. I am guessing one will truly end and one will carry on the family business.


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