Season 12 finales Supernatural

It is so clear why Supernatural had to complete season 12 as two separate episodes. Each deserves to stand alone. Each brings to a conclusion certain threads that have been unraveling all season and give us a  “glowing” look into season 13’s challenges.  Ackles gives an A+ emotional performance and Padalecki shows Sam’s emotion with his eyes so well.Not giving many spoilers away just that…..

  1. Sam is finally fully actuated into an adult, a leader,
  2. Dean is most awesome hunter…ever and finally uses….
  3. Lots of throw backs, almost and homage to the way SPN has been/borrowed lines from “Frontier Land” and other Meta dialogue, meta scenery, meta props-PBJ and pie for two examples, Lazarus rising reprise of sorts, meta reflection into the past.
  4. Self sacrifice, end of certain characters(for the moment, perhaps) or it makes certain that the show is going in a new direction next year-reviving the Winchesters as they once were…alone in a fight against evil
  5. It is Castiel/Misha’s 100th episode and …
  6. Captains Kirk and Picard would be proud- comment if u don’t get the reference
  7.  transfixed on the T.V. for two hours: Berens writes so well. Dabb redeems himself
  8. Yes, show is going there… surprises, tissue, a few fan favorites appear…sort of.
  9. Looks like a new show could emerge from the cinders
  10. Hiatus…..will be difficult but as always, we carry on
  11. As it was in the beginning,so it is at the end….Winchesters, a story of two brothers who always keep fighting.
  12. Supernatural will keep same time slot for season 13 in the U.S. followed by Arrow
  13. Preview Season 13 will have an animated Scooby Doo version in an episode.

Saving the rest of the review once I get it together, if I get it together to write. Hiatus. Maybe you, audience, should write, I will read and comment for a change. Time to shake it up a bit.



6 thoughts on “Season 12 finales Supernatural

  1. The first of the finales re-sets who the family Winchester is. The second finale, I am still processing as so much meta, so much angst, so much a switch in direction perhaps back to the original concept. I can’t even remember what I watched. When I am more composed, I will re-watch both but with more care for the second finale’s details. Both finales are necessary and both accomplish …well, for me redemption of a season. Yes, the writers did go there.


    1. I feel shell-shocked! I actually dreamt about Crowley last night! WHAT??? Going away for the weekend so I wont be able to re watch until sunday booo. I must say these episodes left a lot to talk about. When we got in bed last night we both talked about it for way too long!


  2. I’m still in shock. Going away for the weekend so I cant rewatch till Sunday! Oh Dean! That whole scene where he says he hates her but he loves her (Haven’t we all felt that way about our parents?) If Crowley and Cas are gone for good I will be VERY upset-and Rowena deserved an on screen death. I have so much more to say but I have to get my thoughts together.


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