Supernatural Season 12 Finale

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Who We Are

This has been an adequate season in my opinion. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t
screaming goodness either. Just some nice solid storytelling. I am going to say that I liked this season better than last season. I don’t know why. From a technical and plot standpoint there’s not a huge amount of difference between the two seasons, I just liked this one better.

Or maybe I’m happy because we got a lot of Smart!Sam this season. I love Smart!Sam, although he sometimes gets paired too often with Dumb!Dean, who is just annoying. Anyway, we got a couple of really good episodes out of this season, that I really enjoyed, and about five or six that were okay episodes, and not too bad, and at least ten episodes I was  “meh” about. The standout episodes for me were: First Blood, Regarding Dean, The Raid, and Who We Are. We got some great brother-feels out of this episode when Sam and Dean said their goodbyes right before the big showdown with the BMOL, and Sam apologised for following them in the first place.

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I’m not crying, you’re crying!

I enjoyed this part of the finale much more than the second part  titled All ALong the Watchtower, which wasn’t a bad episode, it just didn’t capture me. Maybe I was burnt out from Who We Are. I don’t know. In Who we Are the fallout between the Winchesters and the BMOL finally reaches a head and I got all I wished for there.  I was hoping they would all die, and it was a helluva lot of fun listening to Sam’s speech, and watching him take charge and kick some ass. Sam Winchester tracking a body, with a gun in his hand, is my aesthetic, is all I’m saying..

So, trapped in the bunker, for some reason, it doesn’t occur to the two of them to blast their way out with the grenade launcher, because that would’ve been my first go-to. In the meantime, Mary is taking out all of the hunters the brothers know, and at that moment she’s hunting Jody. I know right! I was screaming at my TV to please  protect my precious cinnamon buns, Jody and Donna because I totally want a spinoff show.

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After the brothers alert  Jody , she subdues the BMOL Sockpuppet Mary, and  the brothers arrive to sort things out. (How did I know Mary was going to say something snarky and hurtful to Jody when she saw her sons hugging her?) Sam has a plan to go pro-active and take down the BMOL from a position of strength, so he contacts all the other hunters left alive that they know, including the two guys who once shot them over what Sam did in Born Under a Bad Sign, when he was possessed by a demon.

I really thought some more words would be said about that event. I know Dean probably wanted to fight, but he may have just been tired from his injuries, from using the grenade launcher earlier that day. Sam is always more forgiving than Dean. That doesn’t mean he’s better than him,  or anything, it’s just that Sam is the classic introvert. His priorities are just very different. he doesn’t have time for what he thinks of as petty pursuits, whereas Dean has mastered that particular skill. (Sam can be petty. It’s just not his go-to move.)

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While Sam and the other hunters are off to kick some BMOL ass, with Dean’s blessing, Dean prepares to go get his momma, and tell her to cut that mess out. I did appreciate those scenes with Mary. Dean got to express some long-held truths and resentments and I gained a deeper understanding of Mary. I knew that she’d just been running from her issues, rather than dealing with her sons. Dean was right to put her in her place on that. I don’t think that scene would have worked with Sam, who is not a master of small interpersonal moments, and tends to tackle his emotional problems head on, and choke them out.  I understand people running away from issues they don’t want to deal with because; Hey! pain!, but it’s still  frustrating to watch. Dean manages to reach Mary, but is interrupted by Ketch, who storms into the bunker to kill them both. Lady (In Death We All Have Names) Bevell, gets taken out by Ketch offscreen, which I found a little disappointing. I expected a little more than that, really.

It’s fitting that Ketch gets killed by Mary, though. That was a long time coming, was very satisfying, and conveniently kept Dean’s hands free of human blood. Sam gets the same treatment at the BMOL Headquarters, when Jody shoots Ms. Hess, who was trying to cajole Sam back into the fold by throwing Lucifer’s escape at him. Was anyone else confused for a moment about Hess and her ability to snap a man’s neck with one quick motion? I thought maybe she wasn’t human, or she was possessed or something because that seemed pretty extraordinary for a woman her age, but okay!

The Winchesters are reunited at the bunker and finally come together in a group hug. This bliss doesn’t last for long because Sam has Lucifer’s news.


All Along the Watchtower

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I really wasn’t all that invested in this part of the finale because the whole Lucifer thing makes me tired. Well, Lucifer is after his son, and Kelly and Castiel are holed up in a cabin in the woods. It’s really cute how Castiel was working hard to prepare himself for the child’s birth, and I started to like his relationship with Kelly. And I had to admire Kelly’s reaction to her own imminent demise.

One of the signs of the child’s imminent birth is that a weird portal opens in the cabin’s backyard and when Castiel touches it, he’s transported to an alternate dimension where the Winchesters had never been born, and meets Bobby, which was a pleasant surprise. The Winchesters track Castiel to the cabin and they formulate a plan to stop Lucifer, since Kelly can’t be moved because she’s in labor. I kinda did like Kelly even though it’s obvious that she and Castiel had been roofied by Lucifer’s son.

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Lucy shows up and everyone’s plan is to trap Lucy in the other dimension after pushing him through the portal. They can only do this with the return of Crowley, who has managed to reconstitute after having lived in the body of a rat for several days. The most interesting moment for me was Crowley sacrificing himself to help the Winchesters. I’ve thought for a long time now that Sam’s blood in Sacrifice,  had a profound effect on him, and he’s been dissatisfied with his purpose and place ever since. I still feel like this is not the end of Crowley, although Mark Sheppard says he’s done with the show. Still he went out much like I expected he would.

Like a Boss!

And I’m gonna miss his salty, snarky ass! Crowley was one of the best characters on the show.

Actually this was one of those episodes where everybody dies but the Winchesters. Rowena gets killed by Lucy, offscreen, Crowley sacrifices himself to trap Lucifer, Mary gets trapped in Lucifer’s new prison and Castiel gets stabbed with an Angel blade. I’m very deliberately NOT THINKING about my precious cinnamon roll, Castiel, being gone. (Also why hadn’t it occur to anyone that they could make bullets from Angel blades? And why haven’t we seen anymore of those demon killing bullets they used on Abaddon in season 8?)

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Anyway, the plan sort of works, although it was rather clumsily written, with a lot of backing and forthing between the two dimensions, until finally Mary and Lucy get trapped on the other side. I’ve got no clue how the writers are going to solve this one, as they’ve sort of written themselves into a corner here.

We have no idea what the fallout will be for killing that Reaper.

Just how evil is Lucifer’s son, and will we see a comeback of that demon-powered child (now an adult at this point) from I Believe the Children Are Our Future?

Is the alternate dimension we saw what Lucifer’s son is actually trying to bring about?

And is Sam about to get roofied by the Child of Satan?

Actually I have a lot more questions than that but I’m getting tired and this post can only be so long.

I’m certainly looking forward to next season and how these issues are going to get solved. My wish for next season is throw in some brand new supernatural creatures, show the brothers actually taking the time to mourn their losses, add  throw in more Jody mills because the Winchesters are gonna need her.

Hopefully this Summer I can actually contribute some more posts to this blog., and hope to have that post up about my favorite Supernatural episodes per season.












2 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 12 Finale

  1. “It’s really cute how Castiel was working hard to prepare himself for the child’s birth, and I started to like his relationship with Kelly.”

    Me too. She couldn’t have picked a better Lamaze companion and a better guardian for her son. Castiel was fully committed to the process.

    “And I had to admire Kelly’s reaction to her own imminent demise.”

    I expected her to be at peace with it. Since she survived her suicide attempt, she’s been 100% ready for what was coming and she had found her purpose. Make sure the child was born with his full powers, and make sure he was protected from those who would try to use his powers for evil.

    “I still feel like this is not the end of Crowley”
    … How do you figure? I believe he was completely gone even before Mark’s borderline salty comments to Jim Michaels.

    “I’ve got no clue how the writers are going to solve this one, as they’ve sort of written themselves into a corner here’

    I was thinking that the boys might mount an expedition to get Mary out? They’re stupid like that lmao. Love them though.

    “Is the alternate dimension we saw what Lucifer’s son is actually trying to bring about?’

    I got the feeling that it was and that Castiel realized it. That’s when he started acting super shifty with Kelly and I believe he was lying to her about paradise because he wanted her to die in peace.


  2. “Rowena gets killed by Lucy, offscreen, ”
    Maybe Lucifer was lying? He is the King of Lies!

    I will deeply miss Crowley. I was happy he went out helping the Winchesters.

    I don’t believe Cas is gone for good-maybe AU Cas?

    I loved the scene with Dean and Mary when he says he hates her but he loves her. Who hasn’t felt that about their parents at one time or other? Jensen knocks it out of the park!

    I liked that Sam did the raid and Dean trusted him to handle it himself and Dean stayed for Mary.

    I must have screamed “No not Jodi! 3 or 4 times.

    I dont know how I feel about this AU universe and I want real Bobby back not fake!Bobby LOL.

    Bitch Jerk moment was great. As was the Mother and sons hug.

    Jackifer certainly looks evil!

    I liked both episodes for different reasons.,but I was happy with both and this season.

    Thanks for your thoughts Ikeke!


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