Mark Sheppard not returning.

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I still feel raw after knowing about this from I cannot believe the way in which Crowley went. How he orchestrated the demise of Lucifer by trapping him inside the rift for eternity. Then put the blade into himself. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a suicide on this show, but it still hurts to watch one of your favorite characters die. Crowley has been amazing during his 8 years on this show, and many have grown to love the King of Hell even though we all know he’s the bad guy maybe even turning good underneath it. Hope we see you again soon Crowley…. I am also bitter that we also lost Rowena and that her death was a bit of a cop out. Lucifer killing her off screen in such a way again was gut wrenching. Fans were a bit divided about her but I saw potential in her early on, and that she added something different to the show that we might not see again.

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I just wonder why Mark wanted to leave, and have heard it wasn’t all hunky dory either. Misha’s exit was apparently the same. But Jared let slip at JibCon that Cas would be back in the Scooby-Doo episode or, had he filmed the voice over before he left? We shall wait and see? On the girls have said that Misha new 6 weeks before he was going to be killed off.

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During the finale, I was expecting one of the Brothers to go. Not either Cas nor Crowley. I am still angry in the way in which Crowley went out. He survives death in the previous episode escaping via a mouse, coming back to life like Dean in S4 Lazarus Rising. Only to be killed off in the finale.

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I just wanted to try and get a picture of how you ALL feel about M2 going, and if it’s a permanent exit. Do we know anymore? Was it a shock for you in how many death’s we went through, and how brutal some of those deaths were. I was surprised in seeing Bobby make a return, wishing it could have been John Winchester. Would have been special. Had I thought perhaps more past guests might have come back. The rift being one occasion where they could bring a number back?

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I still have mixed feelings about S12, and many do on I think it will settle down once we hit S13. Some are also hinting that Dabb might be running the show down and that S13 will be it’s last. Does anyone have any doubts this might be true or just a rumor?

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Another big thank you to all my writers for all your hard work this season. I love what you all bring to this space and have loved watching you all grow. You all have your own style and input. I have been busy with personal stuff but hopefully will now have more time to write the odd page. I am still so very upset about Mark going, but at least we have comic-con to look forward to, that might shed more light on it.

Here’s to the Hiatus, how will you spend your time??

Love Bella xxx

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6 thoughts on “Mark Sheppard not returning.

  1. I would be stunned if Misha actually left the show. I do think there is at least the possibility that OUR Cas is gone, but that we will see Cas in the Apocaverse, or maybe even Jimmy Novak., giving Misha a new character to play. Since I have felt that the writers have not found a way to use our Cas well in quite a while, I would like to see Misha stretch his wings (so to speak) in a new part, possibly one where he doesn’t have to injure his vocal chords by deepening his voice for every line.

    I’m really sad to see Mark gone and I’m not happy that there appears to be more going on behind the scenes of his departure. I doubt we will ever really know the whole story, but the wheels do seem to have come off the cart here.

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    1. Thanks for the comment Percy always good to hear from you. I think more went on than most of us realize after the tweet and that is sad to learn. I hate the thought of Mark going because he’s not happy with his story or how the show is going. I think the show might suffer, as many will miss him, and he’s very popular at cons too. Very sad time for the show, with so many gone. What will October bring?

      B xx


      1. Mark is going back to his roots as a musician and will tour with his former band mates. However, his tweet to the producer about not teasing the fans with his return possibilities sounded angry and definite. He also stated that he would no longer attend conventions that are run by Creation(the company that runs them here in the states). The other actors have been totally mum on the subject-not even bringing up his name or the character, so me thinks some acrimony may be afoot. His comment of even when”I lose, I win”- talking about Crowley or himself? It was a noble and full circle for the character who perhaps has truly run its course. “Bye boys.” Sounds permanent.Now, Cas’ death is bound to hit the boys hard, but especially Dean. Again, the current Cas had run out of story line a bit so perhaps a re-boot of the character to a more mission based angel with just as much to learn about humanity as the original Castiel. I can see some play here from a writer’s point of view. Rowena’s off stage death-not what anyone expected but with that character who knows if she will return in some other incarnation. Again, not much interplay if Fergus is not around.
        Overall, the first finale re-set the boys as brother/hunters who act alone. The finale finale, sets up the show to reincarnate again. I am sure that we have not seen the last of Mark Pelligrino, but it may take some time. As far as hiatus plans, well there are always re-runs for a while which outweigh silly summer shows. I do enjoy watching the season over once the pieces have fallen into place for the season. Much of the Mary action makes much sense now.


        1. I’m not a big social media person and I’m constitutionally incapable of thinking in 140 characters or less, so I really don’t do Twitter, but on Tumblr they are saying that Mark just unfriended Misha on Twitter. I quickly ran through his following list and Misha isn’t on it although other SPN people are, so maybe? Certainly whatever is gong on seems to have cut deep with Mark.


          1. Oh dear, that is really sad to hear. Maybe it’s something that will blow over and hope it’s not a fight and they haven’t made up. I really feel for him and hope he’s okay.


        2. I had forgotten about his music side, and he loves that side of life. Good on Mark. We know Cas is coming back as Jared let out the goof at JibCon, so there is that pleasure to look forward to. Yes, the boys will be unnerved about his death and emotions will be running HIGH. But I still think the child will help there. Lucifer’s spawn has a connection with Cas and seems the most likely route in which to resurect him. It does surprise me though that God never made another appearance to help the the Nephilim considering how he created the rift, and has already caused a lot of disruption.

          As much as I love MP, I think his story is tired, and if he is left in the AU, how will he return? If they are thinking of bringing him back. Then who is gonna run HELL> now Crowley is dead and Lucifer in AU out of the way? What next??


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