Supernatural Season 12

Just a reminder: Season 12 is already available on Netflix.


2 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 12

  1. Poll on site Winchester Family Business reminded me of some great moments during season 12. Yes, there are some really touching ones, sad ones, funny ones,kick ass ones, and even gratuitous ones. Nice throw backs to older episodes-some subtle-some in your face. Nice direction by R.S.jr. Sometimes the arc of season 12 with Mary is hard to like, but it was really about what Dean needed the most and what Amara gave to him-that ability to garbage out his entire life and his feelings- he needed to get those spoken to Mary. It also demonstrated Mary wanting to protect her boys still…from the hunting life and bad stuff… even at her own peril. Her motivation came clear towards the end of the season. Also shows how genetic some of the Campbell traits are. It is in there blood as opposed to the nurturing or lack thereof of John, the legacy of MOL. We did get the initials carved into the table. the grenade launcher, Sam’s leadership and Dean letting him go it alone to BMOL hide out, the bull ride as the closer-but it was really about the song lyrics and Dean becoming fully actualized. Oh, yes. there was that gratuitous shirtless scene at the beginning with Sam and Lady Toni, and the tortured foot scene -both cringe worthy. Jodi Mills still kicks ass. Crispy Rowena. Shout out to the past- alpha vamp, “their mom’s gone on a hunting trip…” Mystery spot billboard through which Castiel flies, the colt. And many others. Of course, the riveting scene where Castiel professes his love of the Winchesters as his family- to then survive- then in the finale to be so quickly “killed”. Bobby in full commando clothing in the alt universe. Lucifer trapped. Mary trapped. Dean ‘s reaction to Cas’ death(which I am sure will be played out more as season 13 begins)-it just to juicy to pass up, writers! The birth and growth of Jack-season 13 set up. And of course the final sacrifice of Crowley. “Bye bye, boys”. Yes, the character had run its arc, but who will provide those quips? Will Moose and squirrel ever be heard again? Like the rest of us, the Winchesters rubbed off on Crowley.
    Comicon San Diego end of July. Maybe there will be some information about season 13. At least there will be a gag reel.

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