Favorite Supernatural Episodes

Every season of Supernatural I have at least one favorite episode. At least! Although, to be fair most of the episodes, even the filler ones, aren’t too bad. I have a lot of favorites each season actually, but these are my absolutes.

My criteria for picking an absolute, is that I must be compelled to watch that particular episode every time it airs. The TNT network airs back to back episodes every weekday, so I have plenty of opportunities to re-watch. Also, I can pick and choose my favorites on Netflix, and these are the episodes I gravitate to:

Season One:


Image result for supernatural gifs/ season one

Well of course I’m gong to choose the episode that started this  whole meshuggah.

The first time I’d heard of Supernatural was in a horror magazine. It was in an article about new Fall shows, and showed a picture of Ackles and Padalecki, with a  brief description of its main theme. I promised myself I’s watch it, and when Fall came around, I had my butt in the seat. It was the cinematography that impressed me, and I found the idea of two military-trained monster hunters, intriguing.

Plus, the show really hit me in the feels when Jessica died the same way their mother was shown in the opening sequence. The show has been hitting those feels consistently for 12 years.

My favorite moment was the fight scene between Dean and Sam in a half darkened room. The acting from Padalecki was a little dodgy, the  first and second seasons, but he has greatly improved over the years. Jensen has  always been  perfect, though.

Skin –

Image result for supernatural gifs/ skin

There were a couple of other episodes this season that really scared the bejeezus out of me (Bloody Mary, Scarecrow, Hook Man), but Skin really got to me. Most especially the acting, the camerawork, and the novelty of not knowing what type of monster  it was. I’ve watched this episode about a million times, and it works on me every single time.


Season Two:

Image result for supernatural gifs/season 2

Croatoan –

Image result for supernatural gifs/ croatoan

I never get tired of watching this one. I think this is the episode where I really started to like and understand Sam a lot more, and the dynamic of his relationship with Dean. It’s not that the previous episodes didn’t give a good outline, but their relationship in this one is the most compelling.


Born Under a Bad Sign – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/bad sign

I think this one is the most disturbing episodes of season two. At this point, the viewer thinks they’ve got a really good bead on Sam, so to see him acting in such a bizarre manner is kinda terrifying. Some of Padalecki’s best acting of the season was done in this episode. My favorite scene is when Dean and Bobby try to exorcise the demon in Sam, and realize what demon they’re dealing with.


Season Three:

Image result for supernatural gifs/season 3

Very Supernatural Xmas – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/xmas

I was initially dubious about a Special Xmas episode because usually when shows do this, its really, really cheesy, but this is one of the funniest Xmas Specials ever. Funny and touching. This episode was so well done,  I think this is when I grew to love the comedy episodes, more than the dramatic ones. This episode also has tow of my favorite villains.

Mystery Spot –

 Image result for supernatural gifs/mystery

This, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, are the only two shows that can have you laughing your ass off, and crying like a baby,  in one episode. Mystery Spot just works for me. Once again, I have to commend Padalecki’s acting skills. Ackles requires no praise. He been good since day one.


Season Four:

Image result for supernatural gifs/season 4

Yellow Fever – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/fever

I love  this episode. From the opening scene of Dean, running crazily through the streets, to Bobby’s final joke, (and the revelation that he speaks Japanese), this is just one of the best 45 minutes of the season. I love Dean’s growing levels of fear and panic, but my favorite scene is of course, the scream. The episode was perfectly capped with Dean air guitaring to Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger.

Wishful Thinking – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/kneel before todd

The above episode is only rivaled in its humor by this one with the classic line:  KNEEL BEFORE TODD!!!

Over the years,though, I’ve found it more difficult to watch because  of the “rapey” overtones of the wish. You can tell this episode was written by a man because one of the female characters, Hope, has her agency entirely removed by the wish-maker, Wes, and no one remarks about how creepy or awful Wes is for holding her in thrall to him.

On the other hand, the drinking, depressed, porn reading teddy bear is absolutely priceless.


Season Five:

Image result for supernatural gifs/season 5

Free To Be You And Me – 

Castiel and Dean go on a road trip? Count me in. but what I find most interesting is Sam having to answer for starting the apocalypse. This episode doesn’t get a resounding Yay though, because its almost ruined by the hideous acting of one of the female extras, at a strip club.

Changing Channels – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/channels

This episode was ridiculously funny, from its opening ripoff of the comedy show Perfect Strangers, to its parody of Knight Rider.  In the original Perfect Strangers, an American everyman is visited by his cousin from abroad, who won’t leave, Cousin Balki. This is a reference to Sam returning to work with Dean ,but Dean is still upset about how Sam behaved when Dean was in Hell, and feels like he doesn’t know Sam anymore. Perfect Strangers!

Dean does a passably good imitation of a David Caruso-like, Law & Order detective, and fangirls over a drama show called Dr. Sexy. Did anyone else notice that all of Sam’s  punishments, from the STD ad, to the Japanese game show, consist of references to his genitals? He spends the entire episode being punished for sleeping with Ruby.

My favorite moment, however, is when Sam gets turned into a car, and Dean is holding open the trunk, which Sam finds deeply unsettling. In a blink and you’ll miss it moment, when Dean slams the trunk, Sam yells “ouch!”

And this isn’t even the most surreal episode of this show.


Season Six:

Weekend At Bobby’s – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/weekend bobbys

I have to admit I’d never really wondered what Bobby got up to when he wasn’t with the Winchesters, but I love this episode. Bobby is just not  having a good time of it, as he tries desperately to win his soul back from Crowley. We get some Bobby/Rufus action, some Crowley snark, his pretty blond neighbor is trying to hit that, he’s got bodies all over the place, and the Winchesters managed to work his last d**n nerve.

And of course, there’s Bobby’s greatest rant, ever!

Live Free or Twi-Hard – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/twi hard

Episodes where something supernatural happens to Dean are rare, so I really enjoyed this one. If Dean is a BAMF! when he’s human, I just know he’d be f**king unstoppable, as a military-trained vampire. Ackles is great at action scenes while Sam is better with the emotional stuff. Padalecki is so good at getting us to give him the side-eye at his odd behavior, because we know something is wrong with him, but don’t know what that could possibly be. Ackles shines in the action scenes , where we get to see him kick some serious vampire a**.


 Season Seven

Hello Cruel World – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/a weapons discharge

I love the little details in these episodes. When Sam is hallucinating that he’s with Dean, they go to a business with a little sign on the door that reads Morningstar Industries. One of Lucifer’s  many names is The Morningstar.

Its  heartbreaking watching Sam hang onto his sanity by such a short thread, and Dean trying to hold it in for both of them with the now  classic phrase: ” You gotta make that stone number one!”

And the line, “Sam! This discussion does not require a weapon’s discharge!” is probably the funniest thing Dean has ever said in the entire show! I both am, and am not, looking forward to using that line in conversation some day.


Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/pennywhistle

I have no idea why I love this episode so much. Its not spectacularly funny and has little to no pathos. I think its just the concept of children’s nightmares coming to life. C’mon, would any adult survive seeing that Vamptopus come out of their closet some night? Naturally the unicorn has a rainbow coming out of its butt, and Dean’s Landshark reference is priceless.


 Season Eight

Everybody Hates Hitler – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/nazi burning

I just love Aaron and his Golem. He’s so cute! This episode has some unexpectedly hilarious moments, from Dean muttering about his spleen, to Aaron having smoked his Golem instructions, to a shot of Sam warming his hands over  a burning Nazi.


 Season Nine

Dog Dean Afternoon – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/dog dean

Its not that I don’t like the dramatic episodes, its just that my preference is almost always for the funny ones. From Dean inadvertently playing fetch with Sam, to the throwaway lines of the kennel dogs, to the tiny Yorkie that won’t give it up any information, until he gets a scratch from “That Big One”, this is one of the funniest episodes ever!

First Born – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/cain

From the funniest to the grimmest, this has one of the best fight scenes in a show full of great fight scenes. Tim Omundson is wonderful as a weary Cain, who has seen Dean’s name scrawled on demon bathroom walls. Yeah, that’s not terrifying, at all.


 Season Ten

Image result for supernatural gifs/season 10

Fan Fiction – 

This show makes you cry.

A lot.

I hate this show!


Hibbing 911 – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/hibbing 911

I am ready for the Jodi and Donna spin-off show, I didn’t know I needed until I saw this episode. I love how the two women are written here. I said in my review, that this is just the kinds of things women talk about, when men aren’t around. Jodi coming to Donna’s aid, to protect her from a bully, was all kinds of goodness. I love that the women forged a friendship despite Jodi’s initial reluctance. Of course Donna has now joined my roster of precious cinnamon rolls becasue I know she’s a direct shout out to Frances McDormand’s pregnant sheriff, from the movie Fargo, one of my favorite movies.


Season Eleven

Baby – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/baby

Only shows dealing with  the supernatural can get away with some truly wild storytelling.

Honestly, I didn’t think any show could approach the levels of weirdness that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but this show did its best. An episode done entirely from the Impala’s viewpoint, is a hilarious idea that actually works. Dean really needs to take Baby out for some donuts in an empty field sometime. She’d probably really enjoy that.


Just My Imagination – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/sully

My favorite moment is when Sam’s old imaginary friend, Sully, affirms what the audience has always known, that Sam really is a good man, and that he’s proud of him.

Yeah, the wetness of water has been confirmed and wind is, indeed, windy.


 Season Twelve

Image result for supernatural gifs/season 12

Regarding Dean – 

This was one of my top favorites this season, as it was a callback to a movie, in which a prominent lawyer, played by Harrison Ford, loses his memory, and has to try to make a new life for him and his family. Even losing his memory didn’t stop Dean from trying to come to his brother’s aid. And the addition of Rowena is just icing on the cake.


First Blood – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/first blood

I love episodes where the Winchesters get to show off their military training and this episode is a real gem, and very fun to watch.

The Raid – 

Image result for supernatural gifs/the raid

This was less fun than First Blood, but we did get to see the brothers kicking booty, and that’s always to the good. The really stand out moment was getting to see the Alpha Vampire, and the Colt, one last time.



And a shout out to Mark Sheppard. I’m really gonna miss him this coming  season.

Any episode that heavily featured lots of Crowley automatically got an Honorable Mention, that includes, Two Minutes to Midnight, The Devil You Know, Caged Heat, and giving one of the best speeches by a demonic entity in a TV show, Sacrifice.

Image result for supernatural gifs/sacrifice/crowley


Image result for supernatural gifs/crowley quotes

Image result for supernatural gifs/crowley quotes

Image result for supernatural gifs/crowley quotes

Image result for supernatural gifs/crowley quotes

Image result for supernatural gifs/crowley quotes


38 thoughts on “Favorite Supernatural Episodes

  1. I love all of these episodes. I think my favorite is Bad Day at Black Rock because Bella is in it and she makes Dean real mad haha.


  2. Great choices Ikeke It so very hard to pick out episodes as there are so many in the show’s history and will have to really think about it and come back. Most of them that you’ve listed are my own favourites for similar reasons. I loved Skin, it was so full of action from the boys the way they did those fight scenes so early on in the seasons was amazing and credit to them.

    It’s probably easier for me to list the ones from your list I don’t agree with. Not that I don’t like them but are not my personal favourites. You may or may not agree with me, but reasons jump around in my head saying, didn’t enjoy that one. Fan Fiction is probably the one I really dislike off that list the most, I just really, really didn’t get the love for it, and what fans saw in it. But that’s just me. Hibbing 911 just where did that one spring from? Another least favourite. Never a big Donna fan, although she is growing on me. That episode was a yawn, yawn all the way through. Same with Just my Imagination that I couldn’t get that, that was Sam’s imaginary friend. But adore those which you have raised that are not on my dislike list.

    Yellow Fever
    Wishful Thinking
    Everybody hates Hitler
    Dog Dean Afternoon
    Fan Fiction
    Hibbing 911
    Just my Imagination
    The Raid

    Good post-Ikeke liked reading it.

    B xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wishing Well story…. only the Winchesters take note that the woman and Wes are mismatched. Sam first with a look and then Dean.
    Noticed that Cas episodes do not show up as favorites. He does have some spectacular moments from time to time as he evolves but never really hung my had on stand alone Cas episodes. I watch because of that chemistry of J2.
    And we saying good bye to Moose and Squirrel tags now that Crowley is gone? Also liked Crowley’s comment about drama wrapped in flannel… of course I para phase. Do like Jensen’s direction of episode when he is a demon and getting cured by Sam. The outtake is hysterical as well. “Nailed it.{

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are quite a few Castiel episodes I love, but since I limited myself to only one, two, episodes per season, his episodes didn’t make it. But thanks for reminding me because I now have an idea to list my favorite Castiel, and Crowley, episodes.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. “Jensen has always been perfect, though.”

    Couldn’t agree more! 😉

    “Skin” is the episode that turned me into an SPN stan, a Jensen stan, a Dean stan, and a fanfic writer. It’s extremely dear to my heart.

    Also love “Croatoan” for the brother bond. Those kinds of episodes are like crack to me.

    Great acting from Jared in “Born Under…”. I also loved the brother stuff as always,
    and how easy it was for Dean to handwave all the horrible things Sam had supposedly done. Meg was getting impatient and she was downright bewildered that she couldn’t scare Dean into taking action against his brother.

    Love the Xmas stuff from start to finish + amulet!

    “Mystery Spot” will forever be in my Top 5 of best episodes.
    Again, the brother stuff with Sam going dark, ordering a burger for Dean when he wasn’t there, the trickster telling him everybody was using their codependency against them. Sam not caring.

    “Yellow Fever”. Scared Dean was adorable and I love a Sam in charge, although he was a bit too cold for my taste, but that’s season 4 Sam for you.

    “Changing Channels” sits next to Mystery Spot” in the Walk of Fame of Best Eps ever. Interestingly enough, I didn’t like Jensen’s Caruso imitation. I found Jared’s amazing however. I noticed the genital punishment. I seem to recall Jared commenting on it. As for the trunk moment, Dean had a lot of fun mentioning that he pulled the holy oil outta Sam’s @ss. Jared also had an uncomfortable walk for like a second after he was turned back into a human. Smh, this show 😀

    “Weekend at Bobby’s” was the first I enjoyed from season 6.
    It was marvelous, and a welcome break from the painful Replicant storyline + Rufus Turner remains flawless. “I’m swallowing it, Bobby!” lmao.

    “Live Free and Twi-Hard”. I liked the Vampire!Dean parts, especially the scene where he slayed an entire nest and was pictured with his foot on the rapey vamp’s head. The moment Dean is turned into a vamp was very much played like a sexual assault. Jesus, it was uncomfortable and the way he looked at the Replicant afterward KILLED me.

    “Hello Cruel World”. Also one of my favorite. “Breakfast in bed.” ‘This is real”.
    “The only one who can legitimately kick your ass in real time.” “Make it Stone 1”.
    I could go on… Jared was so, so, so, so very good at playing a Sam who was losing his sanity. Ugh. So much love for season 7 Sam. Jared slayed Soulless in season 6 too but I just hate the bastartd lol. I started warming up to him when he started to emote and got jealous of that Real Sam Dean was hell-bent on replacing him with. Aww, too late, Soulless.

    “Plucky’s”. Love it for Sam confronting his coulrophobia, that slinky moment,
    the childhood references, etc.

    “Dog Dean”. Love it. Another one where Dean’s super cute and Sam’s in charge.
    Jared’s face as he was scratching the dog was hilarious. I have a special kind
    of love for that scene where Dean snatches the potion and tells Sam, ” you have a delicate stomach” and Sam makes this adorable little face in response + protective!Dean for the win!

    “First Born”. I call this one a masterpiece. Omundson, Ackles, Sheppard. The dream team. The quality of acting, the mythology, Dean spanking all those demons in the kitchen like a boss, “you’re good, but I’m Crowley”. The only episode with Sam and Dean separated that still manages to be a 10.

    “Fan Fiction”. Loved it from start to finish. So cute. “John and Mary, husband and wife…”

    “Baby”. Iconic.

    “Regarding Dean”. My 10/10 for season 12. Sam, Dean, Rowena. That’s another dream team and their second 10 after the utterly perfect “The Werther Project”.
    I missed Dean in season 12 and “Regarding Dean” was all about him, and it was the best episode of the season as far as I’m concerned.

    Yes to this Crowley tribute!!! My King! 😥

    Great write-up! I really enjoyed it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Skin hooked me too! Every minute of it! I am surprised no Jus In Belo (sp?)? Always wanted Henrickson to join them on a hunt. Great lines-“thats right cherry pie” “No ones killing any virgins!” and no Lazarus Rising? I think thats the best episode of the series. Yo have a little of everything-hugs,castiel, Pamela, Ruby, more hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, Barb!

        “Skin hooked me too! Every minute of it!”

        Yep. My second article on the blog was about my favorite monsters and Shifter!Dean was number 1, aka my perfect 10 😉

        “I am surprised no Jus In Belo (sp?)?”

        The episodes in my comment aren’t my personal list of favorites. I was just commenting on lkeke’s list and I picked the episodes that I also liked.

        “Always wanted Henrickson to join them on a hunt.”

        Me too. I’m a huge fan of Victor’s and I would have loved to see a whole lot more of him. He could have been their inside man in law enforcement and he had a great dynamic with Dean.

        “and no Lazarus Rising? I think thats the best episode of the series. Yo have a little of everything-hugs,castiel, Pamela, Ruby, more hugs!É

        Well, I don’t know how lkeke feel about Lazarus Rising but it wouldn’t have made my favorite list either. We talked about it on IMDb you and I 🙂
        I know you love the episode. I didn’t because it set up many of the things I don’t enjoy about this series, namely my most hated character Ruby 2.0, Castiel, the uncomfortable sensation of disliking Sam even as I love him which ruins entire seasons for me (season 4, first half of season 8, parts of season 9) and the cruel and methodical destruction of the brotherly bond.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I didnt forget! I went through every season and wrote down all my favorites-hoping for top ten-well I have 25! I am working on getting it down to 10. This may take a while LOL

          Liked by 2 people

          1. See how hard it is? You probably gonna leave out at least two favorites but I’m really interested to see it. It’s fascinating to see how other people think of specific episodes.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Oh no I can’t do by season. 🙂 I have a few seasons that have multiple top 10s in them LOL Also there are some seasons that my favorite episode doesn’t make my top 10! I tried! I should never have made a list-now they’re all like my children and I can’t get rid of any. sigh

              Liked by 1 person

                1. In NO particular order.
                  What Is and Should Never Be
                  The Kids are Alright
                  Bad Day At Black Rock
                  Jus In Bello
                  LAZARUS RISING #1
                  Yellow Fever
                  Monster Movie
                  Heaven and Hell
                  Its a Terrible Life
                  Monster at the End of This Book
                  The End
                  Swan Song
                  French Mistake
                  Who We Are
                  Regarding Dean
                  Time After Time
                  Soul Survivor
                  Fan Fiction
                  Inside Man
                  Werther Project-This is my LATER YEARS favorite
                  Into the Mystic
                  Safe House
                  Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

                  So??? 🙂

                  Liked by 2 people

                  1. Good choices! Good choices! All of these are faves except Into the Mystic, but only because it wasn’t memorable for me. Outside of the ones I picked, these all get Honorable Mentions for sure.

                    I especially liked Bad Day at Black Rock and Time after Time. I’m from Eliot Ness’ neck of the woods, so it’s always fun to see any versions of him in movies and TV.

                    Liked by 1 person

                  2. Hey Barb! 🙂
                    I’ve been going through my mailbox (ask lkeke, I’ve been bombarding her with replies lately lol) and I realized I missed your comment!!! So sorry.

                    First, congrats for doing the list. I know it wasn’t easy (I should really try to finish mine).

                    I also love the following episodes.

                    – Skin: shapeshifter!Dean is my jam.

                    – What Is and Should Never Be: masterpiece really, a fantastic Dean-centric episode, the return of Jessica, Mary when she still acted like a mother, scaredy cat Sam.

                    – Its a Terrible Life: one of the best musical intro ever and out Dean as an executive on a juice cleanse lol! Plus that fantastic scene between Dean and Zachariah, one of my favorite angels. “You should see my decoupage…”

                    – Monster at the End of This Book: “is this a misery thing?” Nice to meet you, Krioke. I mean God. I mean Chuck…

                    – The End: right after it aired, I rewatched it twice in a row. Futre!Dean was betwitching, and white suit Sammifer will NEVER be topped.

                    – Swan Song: ugh, I was crying 2 minutes in, plus the Power of Brotherly Love montage!!!

                    – Regarding Dean: my only 10 for season 12. Fantastic.

                    – Soul Survivor: ah, growly lush-haired Dean chasing Sam around the bunker with a hammer. I LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

                    – Fan Fiction: cuteness, mostly.

                    – Werther Project: also my later years favorite. A flawless episode from start to finish.

                    – Baby: great episode, didn’t enjoy the Samless parts much but overall, great brother stuf.

                    – Into the Mystic: ugh, season 11 was glorious.

                    – Safe House: ugh, season 11 was glorious x2 lol.


                    These aren’t my favorites but I enjoyed them.

                    – The Kids are Alright: I liked the MOTW and that scene where the ladies are lusting after Dean, “best night of my life Dean” lol. I also loved Lisa.

                    – Jus In Bello: love, love, love Victor Henricksen.

                    – Monster Movie: I didn’t like this one at all the first time I saw it but on rewatch the humor won me over.

                    – Inside Man: loved the face off between Dean and Rowena, and my favorite demonic pair, Crown, sharing a drink with an umbrella in Crowley’s tropical delight of course. Dean needs to be spanked for what he did to Sam’s toothbrush though. Grab the hammer, Sammy! 😀

                    Liked by 2 people

                    1. The alternative world!
                      I don’t like Missouri, I do like the idea of the Wayward spinoff, The devils spawn could be scary if they do it right -don’t care about Mary really or Lucifer himself.
                      Is there a new Micheal? I assume in the AU?

                      Liked by 2 people

      2. Okay, well I see my list is horribly incomplete! I actually do like the episodes you guys listed, for those reasons. So in addition to doing favorite Castiel, and Crowley, I need to do favorite demon episodes. I don’t particularly care too much for angels so they probably won’t get a list of their own.
        I should probably retitle this one favorite Winchester episodes, or something.

        Oh, and sometimes something didn’t make the list because of one moment. I loved Jus in Bello, but everybody died at the end, and I was mad about that, so in limiting my list to just a couple of episodes,that one got bumped to the second tier list.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanx!
      Well, I am obviously going to have to re-watch The Werther Project. I remember Rowena and Sam teamed up in that one, but everyone seems to love it and I don’t remember exactly why. So that’s my homework this weekend.

      I remember promising to do mini-reviews of past episodes, but so I thought this would be a good sub until I got started on those.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, it,s all about what you’re into. The episode is chock full of broments, brotherly love goodness and Sam doing terrible things to save his brother, all of which are the air that I breathe.

        It has Dean tied up, Jensen looking sexy as hell, Jensen having an amazingly well-acted scene with Ty Olson, Dean saving Sam, Dean telling Sam the universe is trying to tell them they’re better together.

        It has Rowena looking like a goddess (no seriously, that blue dress is the GOAT), and Rowena being Rowena, which is always solid gold to me. It has MOL mythology, my beloved and irreverent Cuthbert Sinclair of “Blade Runners” fame, a victim-of-the-week who can act and who makes herself the mouthpiece of the codependency is bad slogan (which doesn’t have any impact on Sam because he is ready to accept some collateral damage if it means Dean gets to live). It has funny moments : the interaction between the boys and the victim-of-the-week.

        It has magic. It has a powerful enchantment that can only be broken by the combined blood of 2 brothers who are also legacies. “Wether” is the episode I would have written if I worked for the show. If I can OD on Sam an Dean, without being annoyed once, and on top of it, have side characters who are rock, it’s a 10 to me.

        Liked by 1 person

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