Time to pick a side! (Reviewing “War of the Worlds.”)

I guess the men and women who make Supernatural the magical show that it is, have kicked it into high gear. This episode moved with lightening speed from one story line to the next, and even introduced us to a “Bizarro” version of some characters we’ve come to know and love, hate and fear!

We begin with alt-Michael reading the thoughts of Lucifer, who is now his prisoner. Here you get an idea (with those shots of our galaxy, etc.), of Lucifer’s love and narcissism and how it affected his relationship with his father. Like many of our own offspring, he has figured out why he could and would have done it all better than God/Chuck! We come back to find that powerful and evil Michael through reading the mind of Lucifer, has seen and fallen in love with ‘our version’ of an alternate universe! He feels that what God created is ‘beautiful’ and that he wants to rule it! So Michael needs to torture Lucifer a bit to get all the information he can, and ultimately, get some grace from this version of the arc-angel to complete a spell that will open another tear between worlds, courtesy of meth-head acting Kevin Tran! Yes! Alive and well and still a prophet of the Lord in this alternate universe.

Simultaneously, Asmodeus supposedly created by Lucifer, (appears almost equally powerful) certainly seems more willing to exhibit everything in his arsenal to get to his goal: Finding Jack! Our “Colonel Sanders” as Dean called him, tries his old Jedi mind meld trick to find our Nephilim, but it appears that after he rendered his mentors defenseless to escape the MOL bunker at the end of the previous episode, Jack has cloaked himself so that ‘nobody’ can zero in on where he is: not his biological father, his Godfather Cas, or Asmodeus can hone in on his powerful beacon. That doesn’t stop Asmodeus from torturing and killing the hotel clerk that housed Sam, Dean and Jack back in episode 1.

As we wrap these factors around our brains, the boys, who are powerless, dig up a case of torture-murders. Our ‘unsub’ is targeting witches trying to find the locations of a special witch (albeit a dead one?) named Rowena McCloud. When Sam and Dean blow up a video shot of a suspect, he looks a lot like Ketch (Now, he’s got a beard.),  the psychopathic, obsessed- with-Mary Winchester- killing machine that almost took our heroes out last season. Sam and Dean get help from a witch who had gotten away from Ketch’s clutches and catch the killer who is coming back to finish the job. They take their prisoner back to the MOL bunker, and question this guy, who looks and sounds like Ketch, but claims to be Arthur’s twin brother, Alexander! But how could it be Ketch? We saw him get shot in the head and killed by Mary! This, my friends is SUPERNATURAL, where people die and come back more times than perennial flowers we plant in our yards!  Honestly, he almost had me believing the ‘evil twin’ thing, but Dean didn’t buy it for a single second.

Rocket back to alt-universe, where Michael slits Lucifer’s throat to borrow some grace (from an arc-angel) needed to complete the spell Kevin has never attempted. Voila! It works! The tear is in the air, but Lucifer gets away and jumps through, back to present-day earth. Apparently, the spell works for only 1 entity at a time…and to get it to work again, it appears Michael will have to use his own arc-angel juice, (because there are none left in his world.) Lucifer finds out over several funny moments, which Mark Peligrino delivers fabulously, that he doesn’t have the same ‘juice’ any more here on earth. He can make those eyes glow red, but that’s about it! Cas meanwhile, wants to know if heaven has Jack or if the angels have any information. The angels want Cas to help them corral Jack for their team. Cas refuses, prompting the angels (who are near extinction and need Jack to create more of them) to go into ‘kill mode’ and the devil saves Cas by flashing at the angels, who flea in fear. Now, Lucifer is weakened and somewhat shocked, because he certainly killed Cas when he last saw him, but now, he needs to recruit Cas to try to link up with his son.

The exchanges between Misha Collins and Mark Peligrino are of classic stuff, especially the way Lucifer accepts no responsibility for any of his actions, bangs his head on the table at the thought of including the Winchesters on the hunt for Jack, and is totally unimpressed with the name of his son! He also takes Cas’ cell phone when he makes a call to Dean. Dean senses something is wrong, and Sam uses GPS to track Cas’ cell phone to the bar. I wish Cas would have beaten Lucifer down, just a little, but I’m not sure if he could. He did approach Luci with the blade in the playground and the devil said, “Hey! Woa Cowboy! I’m weak, but not that weak!” Just how strong is he? Asmodeus has sensed his presence and goes to find Lucifer, but the smile on his face when he sensed the devil indicates that he might have the upper hand. Surely, Asmodeus shows up and is ordered to ‘Stand down’ by his boss! (A total bluff which Asmodeus calls!) He wants to take Lucifer and Cas, with him back to the hell he is now perfectly content to run! Asmodeus flings Luci and Cas into and over the bar like a couple of small pebbles.

By the time Sam and Dean arrive, they’re met by demons, and fight for their lives, only to have their asses saved by Ketch, who admits he got out of his chains at the MOL bunker, stole a motor cycle out of the garage and joined them. And YES, he’s THAT Ketch, brought back to life by a spell he traded with Rowena in exchange for sparing her life!  Dean is gonna end him, but he uses a smoke screen to get away. We end with Lucifer and Cas prisoners in Asmodeus’ “Make Hell Great Again.” Ketch has sided with this last Prince in the hunt for Jack, and in his personal case, Mary! Sam and Dean are alone, apparently with NO TEAM.

So here we are:

Team Sam and Dean: Lucifer! He wants to find Jack and needs Cas’ help to do so. He also knows he stands no chance against alt-Michael! If Cas is on his team, he has to take Sam and Dean and he’s not strong enough to end them with a snap of his finger. Cas. He promised to protect Jack! It’s about a sense of duty. Mary: She’s a prisoner in the alt universe!  Billie: Death let Dean come back because, “There’s some work to do.” Jodi Mills: She can help with info gathering on the ground.

Team Asmodeus: Ketch: Obsessed with Mary and the knowledge that Sam and Dean want him dead for good, he is siding with the obvious front runner! Demons: At the command of the new Prince! (But Lucifer referred to him as ‘runt of the litter,’ as if he was the weakest of the four Prince’s of Hell. What’s that about? He seems pretty bad ass to me!)

Team Alt-Michael: Kevin Tran. He knows the spell to open the tear back to our earth, but if Michael has to use his own grace, he won’t be as powerful either. He won’t be able to rule here without recruiting…Right???

WILDCARD: Jack: The Nephilim with limitless power and potential.  But where is he hiding? Did he go to the empty? Will he set things right not with this world, but the alternate universe? How will he be influenced if Lucifer, or Asmodeus finds him first? How will Sam and Dean learn that alt-Michael is coming for their world?

BIG FINISH: Have GOD and AMARA intervened and taken Jack? Hmmmmmm!

What say you?

Eric YankerNatural Clemons

(Photos The CW and “Supernatural” All rights reserved)


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