Some observations about, “The Scorpion and the Frog”

Sorry folks, some travel and other personal stuff didn’t allow me to really delve into this episode until days after it had aired. You already know the plot, so I will spare any recap and cut right to the chase:

THE DOOR SEEMS TO BE OPEN FOR A ‘POSSIBLE’ RETURN OF CROWLEY!  Bart was dressed in a similar style, and had a similar body type, even a similar sharp wit and ruthlessness! He wasn’t British, but he was proper! Speaking for myself, I JUST DIDN’T LIKE HIM! Perhaps the writers didn’t want us to, but I remember liking something about sneaky little Crowley! No worries about Bart (THE crossroads demon) replacing our Fergus McCloud! Bart burned up real good!


Smash or “Alice,” the name Bart called her shortly before his demise, certainly had a chemistry with Dean. Not romantic, but a little sister type thing. Their chemistry was similar to that which he shared with our dearly departed Charlie! By the end, it was apparent that there was deep sibling love between those two. I sensed the same thing with Alice! Dean went out of his way to say stuff to her that only a big brother would say! Like, “Hey! The 90’s called. They want their shoes back!” Dean’s nearly 40! I don’t think we’ve seen the last of our safe-cracker, now freed from her ties to Bart…cuz he burned up real good! They even put her on a bus, just like with Charlie!


Hey! I thought he was immortal while he was on the property! Bart may have cut off his head, but did he eventually grab it and put it back on? Luther was still on his property, right? He was immortal as long as he was on the property, right? Did I miss something obvious? (It’s happened before)


He’s been great this season: Snarky and cynical, with the voice even more gravel-like than ever before. He always sounds like he’s got a hangover and just doesn’t have the time for anything or anyone! (That’s probably true!) His character flip when he has to stick his hand inside the gargoyle’s mouth is reminiscent of his “Ghost Sickness” episode!  He also has a mix of Indiana Jones in his swag and that,  “I’m gonna do this, no matter what” demeanor. At least by the end of the episode, he talks about winning and saving someone, and being good with that. There’s our boy coming back to life. I do like the Grumpy Old Man though!


A good light-hearted episode with no real stress, finally. Outside of Dean’s hard time being the key needed to open the safe room! But back to the knitty gritty! How will they find Jack? They only have half of that summoning spell because the other page burned up with Bart! (You’d figure he made a copy! In fact, he admitted such to our boys!) Jack is a big trump card in this coming war with Michael? Just how powerful is he? As powerful as Chuck and Amara? Time will tell. What will Asmodeus do with Cas and Lucifer? Will he try to send word to Sam and Dean of their torture to draw them out? How might Lucifer get his full strength back? I’d say a return to the alt-universe is eminent! Well, they’ve gotta go back and get Mary, once they learn she’s alive…Finding Bart’s copy of the 2nd half of the spell and getting that plan in motion is the best bet. Can’t wait to see what they do in this week’s mid-season finale’. I’ll have a more timely review then. What do you fans think? Let me know in the comments. Until then.


Eric “YankerNatural” Clemons (

(Photos: The CW and Supernatural: All rights reserved)


One thought on “Some observations about, “The Scorpion and the Frog”

  1. he came off the property in his car. In an earlier scene, headlights are shown when Sam lets Dean and Alice out of the car, but the car does not move. When the “immortal” confronts Bart, he had to use his car and leave his property. Bart even says you shouldnot have left your house.Snap! It was a quick line .


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