Jack is back…But nothing’s any clearer!

Jack.jpegJust when you thought that Sam and Dean would have a hard time finding the copy of second half of the Nephilim tracking spell that Bart offered them in our last episode, we were given a totally different scenario to ‘finding Jack!’ Jack simply shows up, ultimately to prove to himself that he can do a good deed to impress his family, Sam and Dean, by finding their mother, Mary, who is held prisoner in the alternate universe by Alt-Michael! I guess this means Jack, like God, simply can’t be tracked if he doesn’t want to be!

Anyway, Jack has been making his way across the states to find people who are dream walkers: folks who can leave their bodies and go to other places in the spiritual realm. The first one he meets is an art dealer, Derek, whom Jack uses a wad of money to convince to dream walk and get close to Mary. He mind melds with the artist, but they can’t quite reach Mary because Derek isn’t strong enough. We leave with Derek screaming a ‘death curdling’ scream…so we don’t know what happens to him. (We all think Jack may have gone too far!)

We also reconnect with Patience, Missouri’s granddaughter, who has inherited the ‘gift’ of foresight and psychic clairvoyance. Patience keeps seeing visions of sheriff Jodi Mills dying, though she has told her father that her visions have stopped. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean, desperate to find Jack, investigate the murder of Derek, who is discovered with his eyes burned out. Dean is calling Patience to see if she can use her gift to help them locate Jack. Patience, moved by all of it, decides to go help her friends, especially Jodi! (Her father, who wants no part of this monster hunting, psychic lifestyle, uses the oft repeated line in this series, “If you walk out that door, don’t come back!”) When our duo arrives at the crime scene, they learn that Derek was a dream walker, and that many of his paintings came from his visits to places, including the alt-universe! They also learn from Derek’s girlfriend that Jack paid him a visit shortly before his untimely death.

Jack needs to find a stronger ‘walker” and does so by locating through Derek, a rebellious girl named Kia. He easily locates her and breaks her out of the court-appointed group counseling home that she was a part of, while Sam and Dean track Kia to this location as well. They actually run into each other as Jack is helping Kia escape. Kia gets away, only to be kidnapped by angels, whom we learn later, were the evil S-O-B’S that killed Derek trying to get information about Jack! The angels are determined to get Jack to help them replenish their depleted numbers, and are willing to kill to get the Nephilim on their side…

Kia is used as bait to draw Sam, Dean and Jack, who hears angel communication to help our heroes find her! They use a warding symbol to buy time against a hoard of angels descending upon them once they find Kia. Jack, who seems to be able to focus his powers a lot better, saves the day! He mind melds with Kia, who usually goes to “The Bad Place” when she dream walks. supernatural1.jpgBut Jack shows her better spots, I guess, and convinces her to mind meld with him to get closer to Mary, all while angels are breathing down their necks. Jack easily disposes of the final two angels, only after the screams of Kia turn the rest of the hoard into burn marks on the walls! (What was THAT about?)

Meanwhile, Patience shows up at Jodi’s house and tells her of her eminent danger. And by the time the big fire explosion is done, Kia is unconscious in a wooded area, while Sam and Dean seem to be in another part of the same area. I’m guessing this is “The Bad Place,” because our heroes are down inside a footprint that belongs to something as big as Godzilla! Jack meanwhile, is at the feet of Mary, who is suspended in a cage. Apparently, the same cage Michael had Lucifer trapped in!



Team Sam and Dean may have increased by one. Kia is apparently a powerful dream-walker, but then again, everybody is better with Jack’s power surging through them!

I don’t recall ever seeing Sam and Dean so honest. (Age will do that to you, I guess!) They are quick to tell everyone what the truth is, even if it’s awkward. They tell Jack they thought HE might have killed Derek, to which Jack is appalled! They beg Kia for her help finding their mother, to which she agrees after Dean draws a gun on her! (Dean is a grumpy old man!) Dean immediately says he should have had more faith, like Sam, in believing his mother was alive in the alt-universe. Dean even tells Jack he did really good work in finding Kia and helping the cause…(and admits he likes Jack.)

But where in heaven’s name are they? Not purgatory again! Are they on Godzilla’s island? That footprint is REALLY BIG! Is Jack savvy enough to hold off alt-Michael and his angels while he saves Mary, or will Michael use some of Jack’s grace to make the jump and begin using present earth as his own playground?

Who’s better, Angels or Demons? Don’t notice much difference between them lately. Angels actually have become first class DICKS!

What’s the next traumatic event could tip Jack either direction?

What danger is lying in wait for Jodi and why is Patience seeing it in visions?

I’m not guessing much anymore. As soon as I do, they throw me a curve ball. Look at all the stuff going on SIMULTANEOUSLY! Asmodeus has Lucifer and Cas as prisoners in hell. Crazy Ketch has sold himself to the last remaining prince of hell after coming back to life thanks to a Rowena spell! (Sam and Dean are unaware.) Mary is a prisoner in an alt-universe, where Michael is an angry psychopathic servant of God who wants to come and rule present earth. Sam, Dean and Kia have been blown into an alt universe with Godzilla lurking about! Patience is trying to protect Jodi, FROM WHAT? Jack certainly has the power to do anything. Right now, he’s looking up at Mary in a cage. Is Bart dead? Is Luther dead? Is Rowena dead? Is Crowley gone forever?

A lot to digest over the next month or so before we continue with this 13th and crazy season! What do you think friends? Let me know in the comments below!


Eric “Yankernatural” Clemons

(photos: The CW and “Supernatural”: All rights reserved)


2 thoughts on “Jack is back…But nothing’s any clearer!

    1. I have sort of any idea where it’s going, but nothing concrete yet. Not sure where the Alternate Universe is going and if that will survive until the end of the season. I think Jack will close the door on that one for good.

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