I thought SAM was the SMART one?

I could really see why Dean was mighty pissed when he came back from the Alternate Universe, that Gabriel had walked out with his Grace intact. Why had Sam and Cass been so damned stupid, and let the mission down. Dean couldn’t get back into the AU to save Mary and Jack now because Gabe had walked away with the prize they so desperately needed to get hold of in the beginning. Didn’t this even cross Sam’s mind that his Grace was still required for their mission. Now the hunt appears back on to trace Gabe and get him back to the bunker toot sweet!!

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I get drama is the order of writing these days, but this feels so far damned stretched that being smart seems to disappear out of the window. I have seen Dean pissed but never quite so as in this episode. I thought at one point Dean was gonna punch Sam for being so irresponsible, that the mission had failed once again!! Most know by now I am a Sam  fanatic, and in his tenure he’s done some dumb things but this has taken the biscuit to an all NEW HIGH! Sam is the one 80% of the time gets them out of their scrapes because he is on top of his research. The one who sits behind his laptop and digs for clues, the proper fake detective at work in all his glory? Not on this occasion??? Why was Sam so far off the ball and not thinking outside of his damned box? At times I think the writers really don’t look behind them at the characters history of what was before. Sam would normally be on top of this and not fail such an important mission. Its damaged what could have been a final attempt of getting through the rift and allow another day to search for Mary and Jack.  Lucifer is their only other option to get that rift back open. As Raphael and Michael are both dead.  How long will it be before they find Gabe? Will it be so easy to find him a second time?

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As the season is coming to a close with a handful of episodes to go, tension is high and minds distraught about getting that grace and going through that rift again. Will Lucifer’s grace even cross Sam and Dean’s minds as an option? We know one death will happen, and wonder if Lucifer’s day’s are really numbered, that I have a suspicion he won’t make it. Crowley died last season, is it Lucifer’s demise this year?

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I did enjoy Gabe’s wings looming over Asmodeus and clapped at his death scene, knowing what he’d put Gabe through and Gabe had his day in bringing him down. But I wonder if Lucifer will create another prince of hell to serve him, since this is what Lucifer truly wants, overall power and people to obey him.

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What are your thoughts on both Sam and Cass giving Gabe back his grace. Do you think it was an irresponsible act knowing how it could possibly damage this mission? Could they have perhaps kept some back just in case? Give Gabe his rightful powers back yes, their his, their his angel rights? Asmodeus shouldn’t have taken them in the first place, and Gabe was lucky that Ketch had retrieved them and had the sense to take the tube to the bunker with him. Then Sam and Cas were so flippant in just giving it back to its rightful owner. Thinking they were doing the right thing on his part?

So who’s grace do you think they will use a second time, to be able to open the rift now?

Written and Published by: Bella

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2 thoughts on “I thought SAM was the SMART one?

  1. I didn’t see Sam’s restoring Gabriel’s grace to him as a mistake at all. At the time he did it, he thought Dean and Ketch would return with Mary and Jack. That was their mission and Dean typically succeeds in these types of missions that are close to his heart.

    On the other hand, Sam is familiar with how the loss of grace affected Castiel… It turned him human, powerless. Cas nearly died from it. And after their encounter with Lucifer, Sam would know that unless he feeds on another angel’s grace, Luci is left pathetically weak since AU Michael stole his grace for the rift spell. Ketch told Sam and Dean that Asmodeus had been stealing Gabriel’s grace repeatedly, so as far as Sam knew, Gabriel had been reduced to a similar state to what Cas had suffered when Metatron stole his grace.

    The fact that such a small dose of grace is enough to restore Gabriel to all his fighting glory leads me to believe he’s much stronger than any of the other angels and archangels that have appeared on the show so far. Gabriel is not just “God’s Messenger.” He’s also the Angel of Judgement. I think the writers may be hinting at this finally. Sam had no way to keep Gabriel from running off; he’s only human afterall. And I don’t think Gabriel’s a coward or being selfish for running off. If he’s so poweful as to be defying the rules of reality that the writers have established in the past, then I think Gabriel might not enjoy using his powers in the way the Winchesters would ask him to. Gabriel doesn’t just smite; he obliterates. For a fun-loving guy, that’s gotta be something of a burden.

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  2. Calm yourself a bit. What makes Sam-Sam, is his emotional tie to those he saves. His input to Gabriel to pull himself out of a dark place is from a place Sam has been emotionally and physically. Dean has pulled him back,so now Sam does the same for Gabriel who he believes will be an ally. His compassion is what makes Sam- well, Sam. He showed this compassion with Amy Pond, and the vampire who did not want to hurt humans, and Kate-the werewolf who sacrificed her own sister rather than hurt a human. He truly believes Gabriel will join with them and it is his core belief in doing the right thing that usually undoes him. So he continues to lack some foresight into his choices-that’s Sam. It is not lack of intelligence, but emotional response that guides Sam. We need Sam to have that sensitivity and still maintain his strength and dedication as a hunter. It is a nice balance in his character and does make Sam- Sam.
    Castiel trusts his brother angel and is a bit taken back by the choice Gabriel makes. Call it misplaced trust, but trust is needed in a true relationship.Castiel draws on his own experience with the Winchesters to have established this trust between brothers and misjudges his own brother.
    I trust that the writers will bring Gabriel back as an ally much the same way Dean brought him back to face off Lucifer in season 5. It is not clear to me if Sam gave back the ampules of grace or Gabriel took them or if all were consumed by Gabriel so he could heal, but they are gone. His necessary restoration may have used all of the grace and thus a choice was made- for the greater good overall, perhaps, in Sam’s thinking.
    Mr. Padalecki’s deliverance of the pull yourself together speech to Gabriel is a magnificent piece of acting. When Gabriel rejects this notion, Sam’s eyes glisten with tears. Jared’s connection to Sam comes through as it also shows in his speech about understanding his own worth in this world and not fighting against it as he did for so many years. His facial expression of how he once again disappoints Dean when Dean gives one of the best S.O.B. shouts of the series, affects this fan. Often Mr. Ackles is noted for his “single man tear” and expressiveness, and richly deserves the kudos, but Mr. Padalecki’s acting is subtle, affective, and worthy of notice in this episode. There has been obvious growth in both Jared and Sam . Again, if Gabriel is written as before, he will return to give aide. Have faith. Grace continues to be central to season 13.

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