Supernatural Season Review

Okay, I know I haven’t been reviewing very much this season. I don’t usually decide that I really like, or dislike a season until  after the season is over, and I’ve gone over the emotional effects of the finale, let it sink in, and tried to give it some thought.

Well some of you are going to be disappointed to learn that although I liked a lot of episodes just fine this season, overall, I was disappointed, and somewhat let down by the finale (although not by the final scene.) I’m trying to examine why I didn’t like this season very much, and came up with at least a couple of reasons.

  1. Too much Lucifer: I feel like Lucifer is at his absolute best in small doses. That he took up so many episodes, and the plot centered around him so much, did a lot to make me very tired of seeing him. I still like the actor, and I don’t HATE the character, but really, this season just had too much of him.
  2. Too Much Jack: Again, I don’t dislike Jack. He’s an okay kid, but too much of him goes a long way towards making you very tired of him, and much as I think that, I really didn’t connect, or identify, with Jack very much, so it was hard to get into his storyline, or understand his motivations, for doing anything, especially  towards the end of the season. I don’t know if it’s the actor, or the writing, but I’m not feeling him.
  3. Not Enough Stand Out Episodes: I remember liking most of the episodes earlier in the season, but none of the episodes of this season really WOWED me. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes individual episodes are great, but I may not have liked the season overall, (like with seasons two and three.) That’s not the case here. A handful of truly standout episodes might have changed my feelings about the season overall, but in my mind, most of them  were all just okay.
  4. Portals: I’m just not a fan of portal stories, in general. Lots of people running back and forth through portals, or trying get the ingredients to open one, or getting trapped behind them, or untrapped from them. All that backing and  forthing between doorways mostly just bored me.
  5. I’m kinda pissed off that we won’t be getting that women’s spinoff series,  Wayward Sisters, and I’m gonna stay mad about that for a while.


What I Liked:

Episode 3: Patience: This is the episode that introduced to the idea of a spinoff series of Jodi, Donna, and Missouri Mosely’s daughter. Although this was not a great episode, it was interesting for its connection to Missouri, who has always been one of my favorite characters.

Episode 6: Tombstone: I liked this because it was a chance for Dean to get his Western on, and I always like that.

 Asmodeus: The series has gotten into the annoyingly predictable habit of the “villain bait and switch”. I liked Asmodeus as a villain, and I really wish they’d kept him, rather than giving us more Lucifer, and I wish the seasons would finish with the villains we started with. Asmodeus was certainly worthy of having the Winchester Nuclear Option used on him, and I believe he  was a worthy successor to Crowley.

Episode 8: The Scorpion and the Frog: I just thought this episode was fun.

There are a couple of other moments, but towards the end of the season, I started to get a bit bored with all the Michael stuff, and the portals, and can barely remember the plots of the episodes, which started to blend together. It was really  nice seeing Bobby again, and I’m glad there’s a new version of him back in the world, and of course,  I never get tired of seeing Rowena, and watching whatever relationship seems to be developing between her and Sam.

And I did love that final scene, of a resurgent Michael, finally reunited with his Host, Dean, striding through the streets of the city.

Overall: Not a bad season, but I wasn’t really feeling it towards the end.


So yeah, there were a few good  episodes, and some mostly okay episodes, and I enjoyed specific moments in a few of the later ones, but I was kinda bored with the  overall plot of the season. With Lucifer, and most of the angel’s gone, that frees us up to focus our attention on the demons, since the death of Asmodeus.

I’m still gonna keep watching the show, though, no matter how long it stays on, because I’m totally invested in these three characters, and I’m in it to the end. (I mean The Simpsons has been on the air for twenty years, and people are still looking at it, so why not Supernatural?)

Interestingly, Supernatural is one of the longest running, scripted, shows on TV, at 13 years, coming in at number 19 on the list. Next year it will beat a couple of the fourteen year old episodes that no longer air, such as, Dallas, Knot’s’ Landing, and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet!

Guys, we helped make this how the success it is. Showing up, to love this show and its characters, every season, did the thing! That’s something to be proud of, (no matter how many journalists like to make fun of how long this show has aired.)

Y’all did that!

Give yourselves several  hands!

2 thoughts on “Supernatural Season Review

  1. You’ve certainly made me think about where I rank the season and several other points, but I find it incredible that the writers and producers can even keep story lines fresh and even hold our interest after this long! Ghosts and nasty demons are kinda like background fodder for our heroes now! I always loved and loathed Lucifer as played by Mark Pellegrino, but Jack was a bit of a puzzle. You can’t keep a powerful character like him in the forefront, simply for the fact that nothing on earth can defeat him…I guess. I began to feel like the alt-universe was a way to bring back anyone they wanted. I felt many of our favorites should never have been taken in the first place! I would also have loved to see Wayward Sisters make it as a spinoff!

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  2. Not my favorite season but not my least favorite. You are right-there wasn’t that 1 or 2 episodes that make you remember the season-like Baby or Regarding Dean… I must admit I liked Jack and didn’t mind how much he was in it-but I have been over Lucifer for years. Im hoping they take the Dean!Micheal story and do something great with it.

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