Happy 6th Birthday Blog….

I can’t believe its been that long! Walking into Season 14 with soft; light, over cautious feet I want to sing some praises. It’s that time folks of saying thanks to my writing team for staying here and penning with me. Couldn’t have done it without you. We have become a small nit family here and just wish the blog could gain more comments and likes, as we all work so hard with our thinky thoughts. So on this Supernatural night hope you raise a glass to US! And you enjoy our long awaited Premier. Of course, write back to me after and give me all!!

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I’ve been watching this show for 10 years now, and is my longest stint watching any TV show in my TV watching history and I still adore it. As my friends call me a Superfan, I think I still live up to that title. (She says calmly nearly pulling her hair out!) One article recently which I read every day when I receive it in my e-mail box asked SPN fans one question. Now how the hell would YOU answer this one?

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If push came to shove and YOU had to choose which brother who would you say you loved the most, Sam or Dean? This particular writer had the notion and was ready for the onslaught and insults to come as they added that loving both brothers DOESN’T count. You have to pick just ONE? I HATE these types of questions, as I still think it fuels opinions in moaning at one another just because of the normal arguments that often follow, like …. Sam this, and Dean that. But these days I often seem to think deep, whether that’s my age thinking outside the box a bit more, not sure?  I remember when I used to post on IMDb that my signature was love both brothers equally and this blog is dedicated to brothers in arms which was also another of my signatures after Bella who I named after Bela Talbot thinking the spelling Bela was taken so added the extra L. Not only this my real name Belinda takes four of those letters which suited me down to the ground.

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In those early days I recall thinking that if ever asked and I had to choose I often remarked ‘Sam’. Now many of you know here I am a dear Sam girl and would stand up for him hook, line and sinker to defend him, and I have done. But after listening to an interview that Jensen gave ages ago it made me think again about my word ‘EQUALLY’. That its true what people say what goes around, comes around. Some in nice ways and others not so nice. But Jensen made me think about what the show really was about which helped me cement those feelings more solidly again in my head. That the Winchester Brothers mean; ‘Family’ and what either would do for the other.

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In my heart I really knew this and now when I think about being asked that question again I would without hesitation say both brothers, I cannot choose. From those early, early days of tuning in those first thoughts have stayed with me even going into Season 14 that J2’s chemistry always as a viewer pulled me in. I still think even now, its something very special when you know that in Hollywood actors don’t get on. Recently thinking about the news on the Lethal Weapon set that one lead has walked and the other has left soon after. You can’t buy or bottle chemistry its not manufactured its special. As a fandom I think we are very blessed that we are adorned with two special men who would do anything for each other. J2 in previous interviews have said we hoped that our chemistry has shown on screen and we still see evidence of this today which I am so very proud of seeing. Family is also another strong word with in this community which many of us believe in, and try and stay true too each passing day. So for those two reasons I stand by my original sayings that I love BOTH Brothers EQUALLY and will never waver from this.

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My fourth devotee answer would be those amazing bro moments, and that theme of Americana wavering in the background which gets me every damned single time. Obviously, there are so many, many moments to choose, but that’s an article for another time maybe. But season finales often come top of the pile for me personally. As those moments often inspire me to want to come back over the summer for another year and beyond. I think I have the writers of this show to thank for that, as they spend hours, upon hours of typing into the night to give us viewers those perfect bro moments for us to treasure years later. I am a sucker for those Winchester hugs, aren’t you??

So what would you answer be to that question, and how would you respond?

Written and Published by: Bella

Citing Source: SPNhunters.com

Photographs: Courtesy and Property of ‘THE CW’



2 thoughts on “Happy 6th Birthday Blog….

  1. Im into the show more for the brothers and the stories, with Sam and Dean a priority. If I had to choose one I’d pick Sam because he’s the one I’m most like as a person. I’d pick Dean because I think I’d have the same push/pull dynamic he has with Sam.

    I read somewhere that men and women approach fandom differently than guys in general. Women focus on togetherness of the characters and emotions. They want to feel good about the characters and don’t focus so much on fighting or conflict in the narratives. They tend to imagine themselves in the story interacting with the characters in a positive manner. Guys tend to focus more on facts and figures and details. They’re more likely to imagine fighting or beating certain characters, and of course certain men have to work a lot less harder to imagind themselves as part of the story because they can simply imagine themselves as simply Sam or Dean.

    I have not been as impressed by the images of America I see in the show, and I think that’s because I live in the Midwest (urban) shown in the show, and I have not taken into account that people overseas watch the show in a different way than I do. For them it’s a glimpse of how Americans live. (For the record, America is huge, and one can drive for days and/or hours to get from one city to another, just around the middle of the country. We do wear a lot of plaid in the Midwest, and tend to be more isolationist, and laidback, but friendly. It’s entirely conceivable that someone like Sam and Dean could operate in the flyover states for several decades without anyone noticing!)

    I’m really looking forward to tonight’s episode.


  2. Dont come here and read post often and another season starting and no imdb forums to go to like I did for years still sucks. Good to see the BOTH Brothers EQUALLY, it was always nice to have that. Was lucky and got to go to the EW event and see the first episode last week its a good one.


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