Is Lucifer still ALIVE?

Okay, am I gonna state the obvious here? Does anyone else sense this, or is it just me?

I don’t buy that Nick is really Nick? Whether its residue in him or some other force within that is still controlling Nick? When the story about Nick starts to unravel itself and Nick goes off on his own little jaunt, we notice a different side to him. Obviously the writers are leading us up a path, but where is that path leading us? Nick wasn’t aware of snapping his fingers, something that Lucifer would so naturally do, almost like a copycat reaction. He raises his fist in front of his  previous neighbour to find evidence about his wife and child’s murder and ends up murdering him? But WHY?

14.2 0266 Distraught Nick2

When Gadreel left Sam it took Cas quite a while to remove Gadreel from Sam. The healing process was quite a painful ordeal for Sam who it appears still remembers it. Nick appears to have come out the other side with not that much pain to show for his experience. We never saw Cas around Nick that much to notice if he even attempted to try the healing process. So who’s to say what is still left inside Nick?

Whether Lucifer is still ALIVE in Nick remains to be seen. But if so, what is controlling Nick. I can’t see it really being Nick, as Nick finds Lucifer’s violence too much for him to bear. He almost can’t control his feelings/emotions? I often think back to Sam when he was soulless and remember how it changed him, the deals he wanted to make and how violent he was with Dean and Bobby in that Cellar with Bobby freaked me out a bit if I am totally honest. Sam’s acting then was just mind blowingly good. I also think about Gadreel/Sam murdering Kevin, and his friend. All under the influence of something Supernatural?  The Supernatural influences can interfere with our characters make-up and we know the signs, when they are not quite whom, they really are?

Dean also admits that Michael has left the building? Has he really? Or is it some trick to set a trap in motion? Will some evidence of something Supernatural still be in Dean. According to previous articles Cain/MoC still appears to be inside him and has been laying dormant for a number of years.

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So why do Supernatural beings still remain behind in are human characters, once they are forced to abandon their shell, their home for however long it was. Are they too attached to human skin and body parts that they can’t banish completely? They want to hang on know matter what? So how do you think this is all going to pan out? Is Cas powerful enough to remove all evidence of angel powers in our character? Or does an Archangel have more Juice? Is Gabe going to come back as there are no archangels left anymore?

My thoughts also turn to Jack, and was surprised that if it came to it, they would kill Michael no matter who got in the way of the mission. Regardless if Dean was within or not? Jacks normally soft natured and hates the thought of killing people, and was mortified when he killed that security guard inadvertently and beat himself up about it for a long time afterwards. So I don’t buy this bullish Jack one little bit. So who is really affecting a number of our characters? I wonder if Jack would have repeated his words if he was face to face with Sam? Was he airing his inner thoughts to Cas because he feels closest to him? I also ponder if any other character had been in the way of a mission if Jack would still act the same? He is closer to both Sam and Cas, and it took him a while to warm and gel with Dean. So why did he really have to point out this fact in front of Cas? What also kind of disturbed me, was that Jack went to visit the only family he had and in such a short space of time a close bond could be seen growing. How can Jack be so damned callous to Dean if he got in the way of the mission, he would still kill him? I don’t get what the writers are doing? Jack is a soft natured person which we are bit by bit learning. Yet he can appear so cold of Dean, yet wonder off to see the only FAMILY he feels he’s got left and doesn’t give a by or leave for Dean trapped within Michael? What about Jack’s feelings towards Team free will? Isn’t he including these guys as FAMILY? I love Jack as a character, and don’t want the writers to change his personality?

As a side note: I loved the interactions between Cas and Nick. Their bond appeared quite close, and almost believable. But was it all an act?

Why did Nick resort to Murder? What is his real GOAL>? Is the real Nick capable of that type of murder when we know he crumbles at the thought of violence? Did Dean really end Lucifer when he stabbed him to death? If we really think about it, what is Nick going to do next?


Written and Published by: Bella

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7 thoughts on “Is Lucifer still ALIVE?

  1. Nah, it’s just a reaction. His body had this habit for almost 10 years, so he normally did this.
    Well you can tell me one thing. Crowley was holding Nick for 6 years, so why didn’t he rememberd him, you see Crowley torchured nick more then Lucifer. Tell em?


    1. Hi, Welcome to the group.

      I get what your saying, but it felt so orchestrated like he knew how to play it, like it was him. He was so convincing and menacing just like Lucifer. If its not, then fair play. Maybe because of sometime of Supernatural power that’s stopping him from remembering.

      B x

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  2. When Nick snaps his fingers to destroy Castiel as a reflex, it shows me that there are residual effects from arch angel possession. When Cass checks Nick for Lucifer residue(remember Sam had some of Gadreel’s grace remaining) it shows me that Lucifer’s effect on Nick is very possible. We do not know who Nick was prior to Lucifer’s possession, but the vessel has survived over and over again. Perhaps Nick’s capability of murder draws Michael to his vessel over a person who kills to save people(even if sometimes he is in error). What are the personality traits with which Michael most aligns and feels comfort? Can only a previous possessor of equal angelic strength vessel combat Michael- thus a trip to the Empty where dead angels and archangels sleep?
    Makes me question whether Michael will be the focus for the entire season or be replaced half way? Sam does seem to have taken on the role of leader on Earth for hunter force 101 and of demons in a way as he makes them back down. Is this another set up for Sam v. Dean? I hope not.
    Since there is residue from possession in the canon , is there residue in Dean of Cain? Clearly, Dean is impacted by the latest possession. I often wonder where that dude played by Aaron Wade(?) is and if he is hunting as well-clearly he was effected by Supernatural.
    The acting again in 14.2 is top notch as is the script, but kudos to director Speight Jr. He really makes it pop .


    1. I do remember Cas and Sam. And how it messed with Sam. It was those scenes that bought it back to me about these sequences of events. I did wonder about the residue and how it hit Sam and they used it as a tracking spell later and didn’t have enough juice from Sam to be able to finish the project to find Gadreel.

      I don’t get it when Nick murders since he finds it all so overwhelming evil. Which makes me think its all a front? Mark plays Nick so well, and who’s to know what’s ahead. But, I think he is up to something. They don’t seem to be pitting the brothers against each other like they did, so I think we are okay there.

      I loved Cole Trent, and not so many did. I remember agro on IMDb and wasn’t full of joy for the actor. He had something about him, and a connection with Sam and Dean. I am intrigued why you thought of Cole, he’s not been mentioned much since? And what role he might have if he came back now?

      Yes I thought that Richard did a really strong job directing and he’s getting better each time. I love some of the angles in which he focused the actors. The lighting was also very interesting in that church too. Was that the same Church they built for the S8 finale? Looks similar?

      B x


  3. I think Nick killed his family and doesn’t remember it.

    I don’t understand what happened with Dean and Micheal. Why would he just leave? Dean would know if he was still inside him right?


    1. It still might be a trick Barb? He might just be play acting to get the boys on side for a bit then surprise them? Its been known villains have done this before. I think its way too early for Michael to have left just after two episodes? Especially when he said to Dean he owned him. Why would he have said that if he wasn’t staying around for the long haul?

      B xx


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