The Alternate World Community?

Michael abandoned Dean and walked, we don’t know where, we don’t know how? Dean is still suffering mostly in silence, and comes home to a room full of people he doesn’t even know? Let alone be able to make a descent conversation with. Some however, are pleased to see him home, including Jack.

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In the past, we have seen what Dean has suffered, and what he’s personally endured. Has this been his worst experience to date? He often refers to hell being his worst experience and has come back alive. Being underwater, was this being any worse than being strapped to those wires screaming out for Sam covered in blood and scares. What do you guys think? Is Dean holding something back, that he’s not revealing the whole truth yet, as he does have a habit of this until Sam tries to drag it out of him. I am still not convinced that Michael has departed. I still think its an act, and we will be surprised down the line. Dean doesn’t feel like Dean yet even though he has been through this traumatic experience. I may be proved wrong. I just can’t believe that Michael would have left that early when Dean is his only secure vessel on Earth to carry him around?

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We see that Dean is unsettled by the amount of people sitting around his home on his return and is bothered and overwhelmed slightly by his home being disturbed. He vacates to his room for over a week, until Sam steps in to find out why his brother won’t come out… Sam is a quick thinker pushing Dean to go out on a case with him, hoping it may get him to open up about his experiences. In true Sammy style this happens, and more layers unfold.

Reversing back to the amount of people which came through the rift and settled into the bunker. We know the bunker can house them easily, and the bunker appears to be bursting at the seams with all the hustle and bustle. If Michael has deserted Dean and isn’t a real threat to the Alternate world people, why can’t they help them return. Sam laid down the deal end of last season, and now they have appeared to be given roles to perform under Sam’s supervision and guidance. One of the girls got into trouble who wasn’t ready to go on a hunt and being caught by the Djinn. Putting others to search for her at risk. Is this going to become a permanent feature in weeks, months god for bid, seasons to come. Because, I just don’t feel it fits. Is it time for the AU Community to go home? There is only one real case each week that the boys can work on, even though Michael has unleashed a whole new strain of monsters around earth for our hunters to chase and kill. Yes, the office team in the bunker have a role, but is it long term? But then they need blood from an archangel to open the rift to get them back, so how well they get around this one, because there are no archangels left, they are all dead! …. Does Rowena have an idea up her sleeve to help?

Please don’t get me started on Mary and AU/Bobby. Its just Yuck! Bobby has the where with all to remember saying the word idjot, that he wouldn’t have even known that the other real Bobby would have said it. It feels fake. Is it fake? Just a fan service throw out comment? Mary and Bobby don’t feel a couple, maybe companionship but not a full blown couple. I don’t think its a relationship that will last knowing the AU community at some point will have to return to their own world. (If they can get back) I don’t think that the writing team have thought this one through and given them a supporting service, a place to feel or that feels like family. Families take time to grow, and mature but its not moulding and blending easily with me.

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So what real service do you think the Alternate World community offer Sam and Dean? Are they integral to the future of the story telling in the future? What is their real purpose in being bought into the Bunker when we feel it was only originally for a short period of time. Do you feel its time for them to go home, or are they worth keeping around?

Written and published by: Bella

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6 thoughts on “The Alternate World Community?

  1. I just think it should be a lot more awkward for Sam and Dean having their father/grandfather figure potentially ‘doing’ their mom! Ketch was icky too, but it seemed in line with the way things were. (Age-wise) I felt funny when my older sister had a crush on one of my friends! Our boys are all for it! I also believe the AU folks are there strictly for the purpose of serving on the front lines when Michael begins his assault. I think Michael is just laying back inside Dean and waiting. (Remember how the Djinn recoiled when he touched Dean’s head?) I think Michael’s in control…still. You’re right. We could be proven wrong! But if Michael left, where would he go?

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    1. Good call Eric about the AU folks for serving on the front lines and be pawns in Michael’s up and coming battle his soldiers. Remember when Azazel wanted to use Sam as the lead for his demon army doesn’t this ring similar and have similar parallels.

      I am pleased I am not the only one who thinks that Michael hasn’t totally left the building. I can’t put my finger on Dean, he still seems off its more than just what he’s experienced and reminds me of when Sam came back from hell soulless. The only place I thought Michael might go back to is where he came from, but then the rift is shut and out of bounds, so where is he and more importantly what’s he doing?

      B xx

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  2. I know it’s bad. But I hate Bobby and Mary together. Please tell Erick kripke to stop this. I loved our world Bobby , hell I even cried when dick killed him. These stories are getting grose, but I still love supernatural by my heart.

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    1. I know what you mean Anubhav Supernatural has a habit of this killing of good characters and bringing them back more than once. But still adore it.

      I was just thinking, do you fancy writing for me on this blog, we would love to have you.

      Bella x

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