Damaged Goods

A first glance at Damaged Goods, one thinks “ah, here is Nick’s story arc”. He is so damaged by the brutal loss of his family in season  5 and his possession by Lucifer. Nick’s damaged psyche takes him to Hibbing to avenge his family, but not before he pushes up the body count and the demon-Abraxis , the doer of such brutality is  revealed as having done the deed on Lucifer’s command.  Lucifer needed a  vulnerable vessel who would say yes in season 5, but a bit of convenient recon by writers. Coincidently, Mary Winchester has Abraxis locked up in an Enochiam puzzle box in her storage  unit. The time line somehow is never explained as Mary was already dead in season 5 so how did she catch Abraxis unless it is a recent catch? Hmm.Writer, Writer, you got sum “splaining to do”. Maybe I just know the show to well, so let it slip by. Of course, Pelligrino stuns as this version of Nick so much so that is is hard to forgive this character’s malfeasance. Find yourself liking Lucifer better than Nick?

Sam cannot forgive Nick either. He knows he misjudged just how  badly damaged Nick is from his ordeal and Sam is willing to own it, but he puts the brutality right on Nick in a scene towards the end of the episode. Jared plays Sam with such honesty of emotions in this scene with Mark/Nick that one is swept into Sam’s emotions and there is no saving Nick. Sam’s words pierce and one can be Sam. Padalecki owns the scene.

Of course, Hibbing takes us to Sheriff Donna’s territory and her interactions with Nick are , to quote Donna “Ufta” in all the good ways, as she  finally captures a human serial murderer. It just happens that Mary is using Donna’s cabin and so the story nicely unfolds to involve, Donna, Mary, and Nick . Here, Writer weaves beautifully. And here is where one truly sees the damage Michael is inflicting on Dean.

Billie’s book gives Dean an option to  forever keep Michael from breaking out of his mind and bringing on the Apocalypse. The manner in which to do this is not revealed for most of the episode, but as Dean sets out to spend some quality time with Mary, he gives Sam a hug from behind. Both the audience and Sam know Dean is in trouble. He has a messy cheeseburger with Donna and then tells Mary he is ‘hangry’ and she should go to town to get supplies to cook a “Winchester Surprise and get a pie”. This is a farewell tour and the audience knows it. Dean takes up welding and creates something in secret while Mary is out. Dean  eats his dinner with gusto and falls asleep on the couch—snoring. Mary goes to see what Dean has been up to in the barn and is taken by Nick. And the story of Enochian puzzle box and Abraxis unfolds. Sam saves Mary with expert marksmanship and then the comparison between the box  used to hold Abraxis and Dean’s construction project reveals itself.

Dean has contructed a Malick box- sort of a steel coffin with Enochian markings- a box for a cursed object. He is the damaged goods of the episode. He knows it is only a matter of time until Michael breaks free and  to self sacrifice, to be forever locked up and thrown into the deepest ocean, is the only way to save the world and the people he loves. At first, Sam is against the idea, but Dean’s rationale wins out and this is something only Sam can do for his brother.  Close episode.

Ackles continues to do fantastic work in this episode but, it is Padalecki who shines as he takes the audience on an emotional trip as Sam to realize just as there is no saving Nick, there is no other way for Dean. The scenes with Sam and Dean continue to drive Supernatural. While Nihilism evokes a squee, excitement, and hope, Damaged goods produces the need for tissues.  Quoting the Winchesters,”There must be another way.”

Two amazing episodes. Overlook the recon and the time discrepancy and breathe.

Things we learn from Samantha Smith,(Mary)  and Jensen and others:

Winchester surprise: 3lbs ground beef, 3lbs ground pork, 3lbs cheese, topped with fritos and baked.  In reality, Ackles likes it with hot sauce. Follow with pie.It also puts the consumer into a dead sleep.

Jensen had to learn how to weld for this episode. He is actually using the blow torch.

While other players are necessary, the lightening in the bottle is still the chemistry between the brothers.

No time Left by the Guess Who is worth the money spent by the producers(I think that is the music used??)

Dean yelling ” Sam. Sammy” while locked in the box in the coming attractions. evokes the end of season 3.

Onward season 14.







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