What a blood bath?

How to bring in a whole community from an Alternate world and to have them whipped out in two seconds by an arch angel, inside a Witches vessel! Did we see that one coming? Was it worth creating that whole community, just to destroy that whole community? I often find myself asking this question how many characters over the years have been slaughtered for a blood bath show down that doesn’t really merit it, as that community were helping saving more people which could only be a good thing, yes? I felt with this community they as the writers often do didn’t expand on these characters to their full potential. It greaves me to say I was sort of becoming fond of some of the ones we got to know. Even Sam felt Maggie’s loss and was possibly one of the main characters who she’d worked along side. It could be a possibility that Cas and Jack might have power within them to bring some back? But then what will they do with all those hunters bodies laying around the bunker floors? Have a mass funeral hunter pyre? How do they pick themselves up from this slaughter? Mass murder on a huge scale is tough, but this family became a big part of the bunkers daily life. Even though perhaps we didn’t see them all in the bunker. As it appears, many were out on the road searching for clues?

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I also keep thinking about was it worth bringing them back through the tear into our world? For only Michael to end their living days with just one killing mad spree? Having so many characters to remember, was it to many characters to bring into the series? Would fans have had trouble remembering who was who? Would the writers have enough time to develop stories around them in order to make them feel more apart of Sam and Dean’s world now? Were they in your eyes working out, or were they a waste of writers time and direction in finding them something to do and be a part of?  I could see them taking over the bunker, and it looking like a call centre with loads of humans sitting behind isolated desks, beavering away researching for information about current hunts/cases. Would there be too many characters working on just one case? Or would it have worked out with just our four main characters, do we or not include Mary in this mix? We could maybe have two stories running along side one another? Which I think has happened in the past, Dean and Jack have gone off on a trip and Sam and Cas have gone off for clues on another case, which might have been connected. So are we sad to say goodbye to the Alternate world community, or do you think there was a place for them to stay and become a firmer fixture in the series? Fundamentally, do you feel that there would have been enough work for them to keep the Winchester office afloat with cases?

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I also wonder if this was Michael’s plan all along to kill off this community. That, that’s why he wanted to follow them into the rift. But, then he also needed an army to build, change and control humans to fight for him. So for that reason, it feels strange that the writers have killed them ALL off? Had this community become redundant, without a future plan ahead of them? I often find myself remembering when Eric Kripke developed the storyline back in Season 2 about the bar that Ellen used to run where the bar was full of hunters, Harvelle’s Roadhouse. Many back in the day thought that could have been developed in a similar way, in having a community of hunters working along side each other to fight evil. But for some reason Eric ditched that story and used YED to have the building burnt down to a crisp. Which was sad as it could have developed further. This Alternate community plot reminds me of that time, that a large number of people could work along side Sam and Dean and become a bigger business in saving much more people, which often Sam feels depressed about that maybe they are not saving as many people as they could do?

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This episode was particularly violent and have noticed in more recent episodes with a change of writers its becoming much more noticeable. I have hated Snakes for years, and found this episode really hard to watch. Jack having one as a pet in the bunker made me feel yucky, please don’t keep it JACK! Dean having his head thumped against the wall has numbed a lot of fans reading what people are saying. But then that worked in setting Michael free, a hard thump to Dean’s head did the trick, was that what was needed to open that door? So no burial at sea now, so phew! Another way had bounced into action. But then where does this leave Jack and Rowena? Still a lot of questions to think about with only 6 episodes of the season left.

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Why do you feel that the alternate community was created, was it a way for the writers to bring back old fan favourites? Or for a way in which to plot an arc so Michael could be bought back and Dean be his authentic vessel, so Jensen could play Michael as originally planned? Do you feel the community was a waste of our writers time, or a help in the family business in making it stronger and more viable in surviving? Was this Michael’s plan all along to kill the human community, but then he needed soldiers to fight his army on earth, so does that plan really fit? What is Michael really up to in capturing Rowena and now Jack? Is Jack still healthy? What are your thoughts on this community were you getting use to them and feel they were playing a part or just a waste of screen space?

With only a handful of episodes left of this season, where do we see it heading? Will all loose ends tie up, or flood over into next season? Thoughts …………

Written and published by: Bella

Photographs: Courtesy and property of The ‘CW’


6 thoughts on “What a blood bath?

    1. Thought there was a great connection with Jack and Maggie because of the age as we know Sam appears to no longer have involved relationships. As Dean would say,”Have you met us?” Not really good at domesticated events. THought Jack might lose his V card to Maggie, but that is no longer a possibility. Writers keeping it about evil monsters and not to become a soap opera type plot. Still thinking if Jack is the egg or the snake. He could become the next challenge for his band of brothers.

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      1. Not entirely sure how old Maggie was. Not that age is a barrier these days? But I could see her mix with either Sam or Jack, both appear suitable partners. I just wish they hadn’t killed her off. I think she had potential and could have developed her so much more. Sometimes I could slap the writers as they are too gun ho in killing of characters so damned quickly, without really thinking long term. How many times does this happen, when you want to get to know a character and that’s it their gone!

        We know relationships don’t work out, but then Jack is relatively new and is still finding his feet in the world, and does need to understand about the birds and bees. Maybe that’s one for Castiel to respond too? Either way, both characters could have had a path with Maggie, and would have been interesting to see it possibly blossom?

        B x


  1. While it is difficult to find good hunters, the premise of the show is the brothers against the evil in the world. It just would not make series sense to keep that many hunters around. Besides, Sam has to feel the loss just as Cass’s lecture to Jack indicates as a sign of growing up completely. Notice that Mary and Bobby are not in the bunker. It is a writer’s trick to rid a storyline of unnecessary characters, although I did think Maggie had some possibilities with Jack. Methinks, the writers have much in store for Jack now that he is officially a Winchester and she would have slowed the story. I don’t think it was Michael’s plan to just go after alternative world people. He wanted to tear everyone who is human down. This action in the bunker just shows how he might have been able to do so if Jack had not intervened. So, whilst one might mourn the mass destruction of many hunters,( we too must grieve and grow up), it cleans up the Sam as leader of a group trope and lets him return to being Sam with Dean and company.
    I find the snake a bit disconcerting on some levels. The Ourobos like a snake is also a symbol of rebirth as well as the symbol of Satan in the Garden of Eden. Jack has a kinship with it and adopts it as a pet. One can wonder if he sees it as his renewal or if there is more of a kinship to his parentage. His winged appearance can be interpreted both ways. And no before everyone starts screaming “What about Adam”. Remember he was dead prior to the Winchesters coming across the ghoul case, and he did end up as Michael’s jelly in the Cage, so other than fathering a child, which neither Winchester is likely to do( yes, I know about the Amazon girl) who at least survives- the only way to add to the Winchester legacy is through Jack- and who knows what the writers will do to him as a character. Again, the brothers lose everyone they love sooner or later. I do like how Jack has been developed, but the show really is about the brothers and so include Cass and Jack in the band of brothers who fight evil….for now and Rowena sort of as the den mother from time to time.
    I find the violence less objectionable than the gore factor. There are always fights and deaths, but the gore has been ampped up this season. Perhaps there is more money in the FX and makeup budget. Let’s not forget we are in a horror genre and in past years this aspect was softened. The close ups of the gore remind us what television universe we visit loyally. Meg’s torture by Alistair was intense without showing too much, so perhaps the show has shed its skin as well and has re invigorated itself within the genre. I have yet to turn away as I did when Sam had his fingernail ripped out for Christmas, or his eye almost scooped out in season 3, but then again the post mortem view in this episode is of someone with whom we have not spent time with on a weekly basis. Perhaps, the audience demands more gore. Censors are okay with it.


    1. Just written a post, computer lost it, bum! Its just lately little things you notice, that appear to be in a subtle way becoming darker. Regarding the violence, and the extreme end of the murders which over time when you look back it feels gradual. Maybe its the writers who enjoy writing darker plots, Its a horror genre we get this in spathes. But when over the years you see a change now matter how small, where does this darkness eventually go? Dean being beaten having his head thumped so hard against a wall, you didn’t see the whole scene as it happened so damned fast. It was a wonder his skull was still intact? The man on the kitchen work top with his stomach pulled open. Don’t think I’ve EVER seen that on Supernatural before. May be horror shows need to become darker in order to survive. But where does the darkness eventually go? How far does it go? It’s not enough for me to stop watching this show but its a tough topic to think about, when does the violence become more or less? The Public do seem to be okay with it, on mass. So looks as though it doesn’t appear to bother the fans. Those odd scenes you mention only happened occasionally, once in a while. These violent moments are far more frequent. just an observation…


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