Finding the truth about Jack is no, “Game Night!’

The question after this episode remains, “Did Jack burn off all that remained of his soul dusting off Michael the way he did?” Most of the folks in our favorite show think, “Yes!” I’m not so sure he used it all, but I certainly think there’s a ton of room for concern about a powerful, immature and impetuous Nephilim who can turn “Rambo” at any moment!

The crew still doesn’t know about Jack’s near disastrous adventure with the young folks…but they had a planned family game night interrupted by a distress call from the prophet Donatello, who has been ambushed in his home while cooking dinner. (He seemed happy for a guy with no soul!) Turns out that this is all an elaborate plan by Nick, who has looked up the spell on how to reach Lucifer in “The Empty” and needs a way to get close to Jack to do it! He kidnaps Donatello, tells our boys he has poisoned him and ultimately wants to see Jack up close and personal before he reveals where Donatello is located.

Nick needs Jack’s blood to complete a spell which will conjure Lucifer from the empty and back to him! He hadn’t poisoned Donatello at all but injected him with angel grace to turn him into a radio to the empty, where Lucifer instructed him on exactly what to do! (Where is shadow in all this? Why wasn’t he there to block Lucifer from escaping the “inescapable” Empty?) Nick sees Jack and like an angel, says he can’t see a soul in there for the Nephilim! How could he know that? (He’s still just Nick!)

Cas meanwhile has tracked down the angel Anael, to try to get her to help him find whatever way Joshua contacted God following “the fall” of the angels a few years ago. Always looking to make a buck, Cas offers the greedy Anael a pair of rare ruby earrings in exchange for any information. They actually track down the “old” biblical character, Methuselah, who, after some threats from Cas, agrees to allow them to look for the conduit Joshua used to speak to God in his cavernous shop filled with old trinkets and toys! They find an amulet, just like the one Dean wears. (Joshua fashioned it after the fall). But Cas’ call to God generates no response. Anael gives him a big, “I told you so!” and cuts to the chase! She calls Cas out, saying he’s only there because he knows Jack no longer has a soul! He wants God’s help to get him another one. God is the ONLY one who can create souls! Cas has to really feel ‘inside’ to know whether enough of Jack’s soul is remaining to matter…right?

As our crew gets to the bottom of things and sets out to recover Donatello, we learn just how deep Sam’s dislike of Nick goes and vice versa. First, he was Lucifer’s vessel. (Actually both were!) They have a vast and violent history! Plus, Sam allowed Nick to get away weeks ago and learned that the psycho killed another cop and a few more folks seeking vengeance for his family’s murder. Ultimately, Nick gets loose and is fighting Sam to get free and perform his spell. Sam has a chance to kill Nick but stops short, showing his humanity and that proves to be a mistake! Nick takes a rock and does severe damage to Sam’s head with it, then escapes to perform the ritual to summon Satan back to him.

Jack zero’s in on Nick because his blood was used in the spell. He easily sends the devil back to the empty thwarting Nick’s plan, and proceeds to hurt Nick in sadistic ways, ultimately burning him pretty badly, to the horror of Mary, who now seems afraid of Jack. Jack goes to the rescue of Sam, who is pretty much dead from the head injuries…and he returns to Mary, justifying his barbaric actions with Nick, (Which I agree with!) Ultimately, he wants Mary’s approval, which he doesn’t receive. This sends him into an uncontrollable rage, and apparently, a very bad headache. Although we didn’t see it, something bad may have happened to Mary as a result! Jack calls her name at the very end of the episode! “Mary???”

I’ve said for weeks that Jack is scaring me! Like a little child, he only understands simple math, when the world around him is doing geometry! Everything is simple: Good, Bad, Evil, For or Against! If you’re the latter, Jack’s disappointment can cook you like a microwave! With next season being the last for our beloved show, will Jack become the abomination and the ultimate evil the lore says a Nephilim is doomed to be? Will it take God, Amara and more to come back to contain him? Nobody remains on earth that could last 2 seconds with Jack. In addition, if he is without a soul, he doesn’t really care about anything! And we know how soulless beings have murderous tendencies! Ugggggh!  Let’s ride this out and see where we end up! But I think we’re heading for a Jack that is “Bad to the Bone!” I hope I am wrong!

Eric “FeelingSupernatural”Clemons

Photos: The CW. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Finding the truth about Jack is no, “Game Night!’

  1. The original movie “Game Night” is about a group of friends who get together for a game night and it goes terribly wrong. And so the title befits the episode. Mary is given time to openly share her feelings in separate scenes with Dean, Sam, and Jack. I call these types of scenes, the goodbye tour of a character and with that final scene of Jack calling Mary’s name, well is it suspense and he uses his last bit of soul to save her or has he in a fit of toddler rage, taken her out? Not something the brothers would easily forgive. Winchesters would also hold Castiel responsible for Jack’s souless reactions, because he did not share his knowledge of Jack’s diminishing soul via his restoration of the teenager in a past episode.
    What stands out in this episode is the relationship between Sam and Dean. How Dean holds back Sam. How Sam’s anger toward Nick is on his face. How Sam, seriously injured acknowledges that Dean always put him first. How Dean’s worry for Sam and then his relief(sniffling out of sight range when Jack heals Sam) is so nuanced. So to the critics who have questioned the acting ability of J2, time after time, they pull emotions that feel honest and real. This is not over the top, but top notch understanding of the brothers, once, now and always.
    The Anaeel/Cas story gives backdrop to Anaeel. Cas used the original amulet and never got a response from Chuck, so nothing changes but it does leave the door open for a Chuck return-now that the finish line is painted on the series. We do get a bit more back story on Anaeel, but I am not moved by her, although that is the writing, as the flirtatious chemistry between Cas and Anaeel is almost there.
    The game Dean attempts to play at the beginning is called “Mousetrap” and indeed Nick creates a mousetrap for Jack in an effort to free Luci from his trap in the Empty. Pelligrino delivers another chilling performance as his Nick has taken on most of the characteristics of Lucifer. Chills and yet the snarky humor is funny.
    Special effects of a risen Lucifer, and make up of Sam’s injuries are spot on great. And who can help but enjoy Donatello as the souless- but happy baker of cookies who is as vulnerable as they come.
    And is Jack salvageable or is he the last sacrifice the boys have to make before “there will peace when they are done.”
    These are but a few reasons fandom has stayed and will stay forever appreciative of the team that has been, is , and will forever be Supernatural.


  2. I hope Mary would be safe. And about the next promo, have you seen that Jack is talking to Nick again.

    And I think the boss of Empty would be super angered about the fact that now his place is park for Winchester and family.
    Oh God, where are you clean up this mess🤣


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