“Absence” left no doubts about Jack!

Well, we all dreaded the worst…and we got it in this episode. Jack, in efforts to do the right thing, gets emotional and winds up killing Mary in a split-second, by just thinking she should “go away and leave him alone.” The episode, and even the previous episode gave us an idea, with Mary almost appearing to be on her “final farewell” tour, but now, we definitively know that Jack has smitten Mary. We just don’t know where she went. Part of me wanted to believe he sent her back into the alt-universe he opened shortly after his birth. Part wanted to believe he sent her to the other side of the planet, but when the big waste spot was at the area he and she stood ending last week, I knew this could not be good.

We Said an official ‘Good Bye’ to Mary!

Jack is totally distraught and wants to do anything he can to reverse the terrible thing he has done. In my view, at least this means he has a piece of his soul. A soulless person/Nephilim would not feel so bad about it, right? Well, everyone realizes Mary is missing, and Sam and Dean are trying to nail down Jack’s location, they learn that he is jumping continents trying to find some answers. Jack finally tracks down Rowena, making her first appearance since Michael was zapped out of her. Jack and Rowena try some necromancy out of the book of the damned to get Mary back, which Rowena has doubts about performing successfully.

Cas knew something was up with Jack!

Meanwhile, Cas confesses that he suspected something bad about Jack a few weeks back when he witnessed Jack “mercy kill” the pet snake they took off a slain baddy! Cas beautifully explains why he didn’t tell anyone. Jack was ‘family.’ And his faith in the kid never wavered. He thought it was still his responsibility to care for Jack as he had promised he’d do. He thought he could resolve Jack’s issues alone. Dean proclaims that if anything happened to his mother as a result of this oversight by Cas, he would cut Cas out of the ‘Friend and Family’ zone forever! I truly love the way that the guys have shown such maturity this season. Sam later tells Dean that it’s also his own fault for deciding to bring Jack back from the dead. He tells Dean that he was the only one who had the proper perspective on the kid! Dean tells Cas to go to heaven or find out if their mother is indeed dead!

Cas calls Naiomi, but gets Duma instead, who confirms what we all feared. Mary is in a “special heaven” with her beloved John. “She is at peace. She is complete.” A little solace for fans of how our boys would feel having to say goodbye to their mother! Jack meanwhile, wants Rowena to do her thing and bring Mary back, but it’s hard to do without a body. Jack gets angry, pushes Rowena back to her house and performs the ritual himself, only to bring back what we learn was a shell of Mary: a body incapable of holding human life.

All along, somehow the DNA of Lucifer comes alive in the mind of Jack, similarly to how it did in the mind of Sam when he came back from his time in the pit! Lucifer is feeding Jack’s impressionable mind all the kind of information a growing boy doesn’t need to become a productive force for good. Lucifer is piling onto Jack with even more guilt, and finally tells Jack that he can never regain the trust of Sam, Dean and Cas; HIS FAMILY, ever again! The bigger issue is he says that Jack can never trust them either! That is not a good look for the most powerful being on this planet.

More solace; the guys give their mom’s shell a hunter’s funeral. Dean has to say goodbye for a second time! Cas feels terrible. Jack is trying to reconcile his anger, guilt, power and trust issues. So where do we go from here over the final two episodes? 

Personally, I was more saddened for our boys than I was about the prospect of losing Mary again! She was brought back from the dead anyway, and I felt she was presented to us in a way where she was always at a distance. She never really quite fit into this world. I am so glad they didn’t expand the concept of she and alt-Bobby having a relationship! At least we know she’s with John and complete, which really makes me feel better.

Is Jack Becoming the new Enemy?

Jack is beginning to meet the horrible expectations the lore says about Nephilims! He is powerful, impetuous, immature and is quick to anger! Plus, nobody here can stop him! Has he fulfilled his destiny and saved the world? Or does he still have that to do with Shadow looming. Will he “turn to the dark side” and become the most powerful evil ever? If so, how would Sam, Dean and company stop him? Wouldn’t Amara and God need to come back just to have a shot at beating him as he head toward the final season? Nick is burned up, but is he dead? We know Lucifer is alive in the empty. We are heading with meteoric speed into the season’s final 2 episodes. What do you think will happen? Let me know.

Eric “FeelingSupernatural” Clemons

Photos: The CW/ All rights reserved.

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