The correct ‘box’ for Jack is…”Dangerous!”

Jack in the box opens with the somber scene of quiet, reflective, hunters gathered in the MOL bunker to have an ‘official’ memorial service for Mary Winchester. Again, in my humble view, the writers did an excellent job, as well as actor Samantha Smith who played Mary, at keeping her at arm’s length from the audience. While we felt saddened for the boys who had miraculously gotten their mom back from the dead, and now they were saying ‘goodbye’ too soon,  I wasn’t as shocked and devastated as I was over other beloved characters who went away suddenly, like Bobby, Charlie, Kevin Tran, and even John Winchester!  I also felt extremely sad for Cas, who accepts the lion’s share of responsibility for Mary’s death at the unwitting hand of the Nephilim he had so much faith in.

Mary Winchester: Gone too soon!
AU-Bobby is out to ‘kill!’

Of course, Dean is cool, calm and reflective until he goes off by himself and cries as hard as I have ever seen him in 14 years of this show! That was a touching display. Of course, AU-Bobby returns by throwing a hatchet into the head of a Wraith who was posing at Mary’s memorial service. Bobby (formerly very sweet on Mary…YUCK) wants to put together a crew and hunt Jack down. Bobby also makes a good point about a powerful being that doesn’t know right from wrong ‘needing’ to be put down. Jack certainly does fit the bill. I love the way this episode weaved into its fabric how we all take life situations and fit them into a ‘box,’ for whatever reasons. Bobby is going to hunt the most powerful being on Earth (He can’t kill Jack!) because he kills things that need to be killed. His box is absolute! Cas argues that Jack, who is soulless, (and became so protecting them) might not even realize he did anything wrong when he wished Mary away, winding up killing her! Cas’ box is responsibility and redemption for Jack!

Despite the emotions over the loss of their beloved mother, the boys’ ultimate box (in addition to Dean wanting to kill Jack with every ounce of his being) is keeping the world from harm, meaning neutralizing Jack by any means necessary! And let’s not forget our religious boxes! Duma learns from Cas that Jack is missing and finds and manipulates Jack into doing heaven’s (really hers) bidding and smiting persons who ‘offend heaven.’ She is able to do this because Jack’s box for Sam and Dean is that he wants their continued approval and to remain a part of their family. The offense to heaven part is an obvious poke at old testament lore, where God and heaven were unyielding to all wrong-doers, turning a person into a pillar of salt, and striking down other offenders in any number of ways.

I thought one of the most important points here was the conversation between Sam and Dean regarding Jack, and their mother’s death. Sam, always the more outwardly sensitive thinker, takes solace in KNOWING that their mother is with their dad in heaven and at peace! He knows of God, heaven and angels. Dean takes no comfort here. God let his mother be taken, because he’s not around. Angels are ‘dicks’ and Jack has to be stopped. The boys design a plan to pray to Jack, who is in heaven converting worthy participants snatched from a church congregation into angels. I also took note that Duma points out that only God can create angels out of then air, but Jack is the next best thing, doing it for Sam and Dean’s approval.

Duma proves Dean right! She’s a dick, seeking power to rule heaven with Jack as her muscle. She even indicated earlier that Naomi might be imprisoned because of the damage Shadow did in heaven when Jack came there after he died several weeks back! Cas eventually does her in after calling her out on her plot! Here we learn without a doubt that Jack really has no clue. He’s such an innocent being! He speaks of killing Mary as if he’s explaining how he wet the bed or stole out of the cookie jar! Sam seems to realize how naïve Jack is, while Dean seems to get madder as Jack casually refers to what happened to Mary as ‘an accident.’ Jack has no idea how much mothers mean to their children, or how much human lives mean anymore! Still, he feels some commitment and connection to the Winchesters. He responds to Sam’s prayer so the boys can convince (trick) him to climb into the Malok box to be trapped for eternity! Jack would do anything for them! Cas returns with the news of Duma’s plan only to learn that Jack has returned to the bunker and is inside the box; news over which he vehemently protests! Inside the box, Lucifer shows up inside Jack’s head and mocks him for getting ‘played’ by the Winchesters. The box is made to hold an arc-angel! Jack dusted an arc-angel like we’d squash an ant. They couldn’t have believed the Malok box would hold him…right???

Anyway, at the urging of Lucifer, Jack gets a little angry and easily destroys his ‘prison’ from the inside! “Uh ohhhhhhh!” Like times past, the boys better do some honest explaining or we might not have a final season 15! We end with Jack’s eyes on “full yellow” and that ain’t ever good for the object of his anger, no matter how brief.

Eric “FeelingSupernatural” Clemons

Photos: The CW. All rights reserved.

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