The old premise of Star Wars enrobed throughout Supernatural?

Creator Eric Kripke based his own creation Supernatural on Star Wars where he roughly drafted out characters who resembled those famous characters from that Movie. Sam and Dean jump off the page at us in 2005 and Eric begin to build and carve chapters around their lives. Fast forward to season 5 we learn about Chuck who is a writer of the Supernatural novels by Carver Edlund. Two writers who once worked on the series. Chuck has one serious problem, that he can’t stop writing about Sam and Dean. But, we later learn that what he writes actually comes true. This infuriates Sam and Dean and want him to stop, but he can’t. Once the vision comes on, he has to carry on writing.

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After reading a lot this week mainly on I love how fans are mulling over all their theories, and coming up with some really strong, detailed possible plots, that could eventually come true…..

We now know God is a writer masquerading around as ‘Chuck’ which took us a few seasons to get there, but eventually we did. Thinking back to that first paragraph that God cannot stop writing, we know he’s created all these different universes purely for entertainment value. Which angers Sam. At first I began to wonder if even Sam and Dean were actually real, as God had said you are my favourites. Now any parent knows you never let onto your children out loud you have a favourite. Yes, I know they are fictional characters you cry. I am aware, not lost my marbles quite yet! But if and a big if Sam and Dean are imaginary has all this story telling been so? If would seem to fit the plot, if Sam and Dean don’t even exist. It wasn’t until Dean held up his fake badge which for years we all know have been fakes, and Jack’s lying plot kicks in, and we see Dean actually telling us the truth? Alarm bells begin to nag in my head? Anyone else??

This is just one theory around in my head. Another I begin to wonder about God making up stories as without any entertainment in his life, he has to sort of make up his own. When we over exaggerate we might actually be getting close to maybe what God is really up to. Some are saying its not the real God as he feels out of character which I can relate as out side that night club with Cas it didn’t feel right. This sort of reminds me of S8 when we had the Amelia and Sam saga and the picnic scenes when fans were saying it was out of character for Sam, the lighting, and tv trickery and perceptions were woven in to trick us. Like the portal moments fading in and out, were not consistent. Some are saying, what if Chuck was The Empty/Entity that black thing posing as God for his own thrills and entertainment. The Empty is foreshadowing a lot, and Billie is hovering in the back ground wanting to leap on Chuck is she trying to get Jack onside to end God. These three characters seem to have a deep purpose with how the whole series will end and knowing we will have an established arc going into S15 why is the Empty being re-introduced? Some are even saying that Fan Fiction was fake, did God really come back just for that performance? To see his own creation pan, out for real?

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My final thought bubbling around is that I created that first paragraph above thinking back to Eric being huge fan of the Star Wars trilogies creating Sam and Dean around Luke and Han. What if this huge twist like The empire strikes back where it reveals that Darth Vader was in-fact Luke Skywalker’s father. What if Chuck writes that Sam and Dean are in fact his own sons. Two extremely powerful, arch-angels with the power to stop him and bring the world back to peace again. Many on have mentioned that the brothers feel more than what we see on screen. They have been created as a greater power. They are protectors of God’s creations after all, which would make sound sense when you think deep? Sam also was created by Chuck/Eric to lead an army of demons lead by Azazel in series 2. This is what I feel might end up happening that Sam and Dean rebel and turn the table on God and fight him. Keep on the good fight, and get rid of the big biblical man himself and rule earth their way?

Writing a novel and creating characters with a plot, and over hanging story arch must be hell for some to write, particularly if you are the lead man in the production/crew. God must have a place somewhere with the family he created on his own planet. When you think back over the seasons the episodes which spring to mind are those meta episodes and they begin to sink into place when you realise they are written by an author posing as the over arching big bad ever. Thrusting his characters into unimaginable plots posing as different people, killing monsters and saving people. The family business also has a purpose when you think that the main man God has written his sons life stories. But alas with may not such a happy ending that even he’d hope for. One day in the future we might be looking back on this series as one of God’s best ever stories.

I love to write, and sometimes get carried away but admire those who come up with amazing theories that make yourself think even harder. What if’s are out there as being the best forms of entertainment for us as readers, wondering could that thought even happen, and sometimes it even does. Did any of us ever think that God had written Supernatural and Chuck was posing as him. How a plot can twist and turn when you least expect it too. My head hurts!

So what thoughts have you got up your sleeves. Hope you can shed light on other fans theories if you think they might come into fruition. The ending is nigh, even though we all hate to think about it.  But, we all love to pass the time entertaining ourselves just like the old man himself. If you were the big man, how would you end the series? Would it be a big huge battle, or something less scary and foreboding?

Written and Published by: Bella

Photographs: Courtesy and Property of ‘The CW’

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