“Back and Forth to the Future” raises questions as we kick off ‘The Final Season’

So…the day all us Supernatural fans knew was inevitable, yet still dreaded, finally arrived. Our heroes kicked off their 15th and final season with an episode that really has me in ‘wait and see’ mode! First of all, I love the way the episode kicks off with the pertinent music as Chuck/God has gotten frustrated and left Jack in a smoldering heap, while Sam, Dean and Cass to fight every ghost-possessed corpse in the Harlan, Kansas graveyard! While fighting their way inside a mausoleum, Jack’s dead corpse returns to life and gives us his signature, “Hello” with right hand held upright. But this wasn’t Jack anymore. A demon named Balfagar; a smooth-talking desk-suit type of guy who knows the right things to say and how to say it to convince our boys to keep him around just because he can deliver the desired result!  He was a tormentor in Hell…and just jumped into Jack because it was most convenient.

Alexander Calvert gives us a much different side of himself playing this role. He is instantly likeable, in a very “Crowley-Like” way…and though Cas doesn’t like that he has taken up residence inside Jack’s meat-suit. Anyway, Balfy pulls a spell that expels all the ghosts from the rotting corpses they’d inhabited after God released them from hell. I also enjoyed that for once, the ghosts weren’t easy-peasy for our heroes! The woman in white, Bloody Mary and Gacy-clown all wreaked havoc and got their share of licks in on our heroes before Balfy finally pulled off another spell which put a mile circumference barrier around the town so no ghosts could get in…or out!

Calvert is inquisitive and clever in the time we see him, and can see, even without Jack’s eyes! He admits having admiration for Dean while Dean served as Allistare’s apprentice in Hell. He also promises to leave Jack when he finds a better body. His stated motive is just wanting hell to return to what it was: nice and simple filleting souls for eternity! We’ll see! I don’t quite buy it! 2-3 billion ghosts have been released from the pit, and perhaps ‘our universe’ Michael from the cage! How much love will he have for Sam and Dean?

What was that flash Cas saw when he tried to heal Sam’s wound from the God-gun? His face had a red light on it and someone was falling dead to the floor! Dean? Why is no one talking? Dean won’t talk to Cas about what he saw when he tried to help Sam. Sam won’t admit that the ‘special wound’ is different and not getting a lot better…Cas won’t talk to the demon Balfy at all! Sam and Dean determine that God is gone for good, and if they win this untenable battle, they’ll be free! Free to go their own way and live a life as they see fit! Of course, last week’s ending delivered the real punch line in a episode full of them: “We got work to do!” With Sam on the left and Dean on the right closing the trunk of Baby, just like we saw at the end of the very first episode 15 years ago!

I’ve got questions and few answers. I say, it’s the last season! Sit back and enjoy what has been one of the most entertaining rides in TV history! What do you think?

Eric “Feeling Supernatural” Clemons

5 thoughts on ““Back and Forth to the Future” raises questions as we kick off ‘The Final Season’

    1. Hey! Very Nice…A raw, rocky, country feel! Very well done. I think it’s worthy of all the attention that can be mustered. A very nice tribute!


    1. I really enjoyed seeing Jack as a totally different entity! Frankly, he annoyed the crap out of me playing the 2 year old! I think this guy in this persona could have been a nice replacement for Crowley! Okay…maybe I’ve gone a bit too far! LOL


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