Rupture: Not just a title but a state of being

The third episode of season 15, Rupture,permits Jared, Misha, and Ruth to shine as actors. Not to say that Jensen and Alex do not continue to perform at top levels, but these three aforementioned performances nearly rupture our eye ducts by the end of the episode.

Episode three picks up with the same stubborn problem of a gaping rupture between Earth and Hell. After several attempts to contain the problem, including Rowena’s purple crystal bomb in episode two, the situation worsens as the spirits and demons are coming faster and with more determination to pierce the Belfagor containment spell. Dean is determined to continue the battle and he gears up Rambo style with a Dean speech on not giving up. Rowena has another spell. With the help of a back up hunter, who resembles the hunter from the Magnificent Seven episode of years ago, the materials are collected for that purple bomb. Only problem is that Dean has to stand by the rupture  to be ready to toss it into the rupture, which does not lend itself for much dialogue from Dean. Sam is elected to help Rowena cast the spell as she deems him an honorary witch of sorts.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ketch is on the mend in hospital and is ready to return to the Winchesters to fight another day. His employer, a demon,Ardet, who hired him to kill Belfagor, attempts to extract the location of the Winchesters. The brothers have earned his loyalty and his refusal is truly heart wrenching. Tidbit is that he is called Mr. Blackmore as in Lady Toni of the BMof Letters so, there is that reference for fans.

Despite a magnificent purple glow in Rowena’s eyes, which match her elegant dress, the spell wanes. The last resort is to retrieve a Shofar/crook(horn) from Lilith’s chamber in Hell. Belfagor reveals this fact only because nothing else is working and Alex plays his snark so balanced it is eerie. Belfagor says he needs protection in Hell so, he takes along Castiel who looking at Jack as the vessel sees Belfagor as an affront. Castiel pushes Belfagor into the rupture in disgust only to join him in Hell. Without Crowley, Hell looks like a three star hotel complete with chambers, stairways,-not quite as boring as Crowley’s version.

There has been some looting going on in Lilith’s chambers and Castiel disposes of the current looter after Belfagor covets a looted ring. Not to fear, the horn has not been looted but contained in a magic box.

Of course, Belfagor has a hidden agenda which is true of demons, and he reveals that he needs Castiel to open the container which houses the horn.  Castiel must sing the Enochian but,we only get a few seconds of the chant. This scene could have been humorous, but the director cuts away to maintain the seriousness of the situation. Hoping there is some singing on a gag real somewhere down the line.- nod to Misha’s resume with his talent for chanting.

Castiel is not in a compromising mood. A confrontation ensues with Ardet, the demon who hired Ketch. She reveals Belfagor’s agenda which is to rule all once he gathers all the souls and demons through the horn. Castiel cannot muster the strength to gank her, but eventually she gets his “point”. Castiel then somehow, with blue eyes aglow and from an earlier and stronger version of Castiel, smites Belfagor but not before Castiel is reminded of how the Winchesters “use up” people(remember Crowley’s warning to Kevin?). The vessel is seemingly destroyed. So is the horn.

In a sacrificial move, Rowena wants Sam to fulfill the prophecy of her death and with her last breathe she will catch all of the evil things that sprang from the rupture and go to Hell.(She is truly related to Crowley). She doesn’t have faith in much else but magic and prophecy and to this she is true. She self removes her last reanimation token by knife point. She is strong in her belief in magic and prophecy and helps Sam stab her but she twists the knife herself. Rowena has been a strong female character who decides to save the world. She sees the bigger picture now. She has grown from a self centered witch to a fully dimensional character. Well done character arc, writers.

It is here, that Jared and Ruth have scenes that are heart touching. The emotion is raw. She has been closer to him in a way than Mary, as they have a shared trauma in Lucifer’s torture. Hard to call it love, but it is the closest Rowena has come to it. Sam resists. Jared wears Sam’s pain on his face and body language. Ruthie plays Rowena’s belief in prophecy and magic with honesty and not in a parodied way. There is such synergy between the actors. Finally, the show gives us that emotional moment, although by now, Rowena has become an ally and we are sad to lose her. As she stumbles to the rupture, all the evil comes into her wound. It is the character’s Swan Song as she jumps into the Ruptured Earth. The Apocalyptic crises has been averted. She saves the world. My eyes erupt in wetness.

We finally get to leave Harmon Kansas. Back at the bunker, Jared’s portrayal of Sam’s grief is quiet and strong. Not even Dean can console him. Dean’s anger about everything is palpable as Jensen finally gets strong dialogue. He lets his anger out on Castiel who always seems to be the cause of things going bad in Dean’s viewpoint. Castiel then realizes that their relationship has suffered a rupture as Dean holds him responsible for his mother’s death. Castiel decides his time with the Winchesters has ended and he needs to move on. He does admit that his powers are waning.(How did he must the power to smite Belfagor?) (Do angels get power from emotions-Lucifer did. Jack did)This is the final rupture of the episode as Dean does nothing to stop him as Castiel ascends the stairs. The betrayal is complete.

So yes, we finally get out of the ghost/demon apocalypse. There is sacrifice and sadness. Betrayal and grief. Anger and abandonment. All the tics that make us love this show. An perhaps we needed the first two episodes to set this all in motion. In retrospect, the first two episodes although not stellar needed to be stagnant for this Rupture to be so profound. Viewed together the three make up a movie so I get the pacing in hindsight- okay.

Do I believe Castiel will return. Yes. Is it foreshadowing of his demise if he gets happy to return to the fold? Careful. Do I think Jack will return? If so, will Castiel be happy? Careful. Not sure since Billy animated him in the Empty. Do I think some of the demons and ghosts and souls remain on Earth? Yes. Do the Winchesters have work to do? Yes. Dean and Sam remind us early on that if they win then they win. Is this a great episode- in totality yes. It starts slowly and builds to emotional ruptures.  Are we back on track?

Monster of the week next episode?



2 thoughts on “Rupture: Not just a title but a state of being

  1. After thoughts :And Dean’s anger is on the edge as he is acting as the fulcrum. It also ruptures.
    Cas can’t look at Belfagor nor can Dean at Castiel. Both suffer betrayal. Rupture.
    Sam’s look at Dean when he won’t own up to having a alcohol on him for Rowena to drink -all non verbal.
    How Sam puts his hand between Dean’s frustration and Rowena’s when the spell fails.
    Berens’ script is really well played.


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