“The Rupture” leaves me with a dreadful feeling of the inevitable

From the play on the words of the ultimate finale of the bible, “The Rapture,” where all souls are called to judgement, this episode crams in a lot of loss, and even more ‘callings to judgement’; so much so that I didn’t have time to process it all as I was watching! I guess, with this being the final season, the entirety of it couldn’t rest on trying to get demented souls back to hell!  While I enjoyed it, some of it felt kind of crammed. Ultimately, favorites are returned, and even created only to leave us with a feeling of loss because they are taken away in an instant! I was painfully reminded; “This is the final season!”

Already we’ve learned that Kevin Tran was tortured and sent to hell by Chuck/god himself, then released to the world (to eventually go crazy) because he’s not allowed in heaven! (Bye, poor tortured Kevin!) In this episode, we add a few more (favorites???) to that list. Even though I never trusted Balfagor, I personally liked his shady-dealing, Crowley-like character and seeing ‘Jack’ (at least his meat suit) in a very different light than that of the innocent 4-year-old who struggled with social acceptance and nuance. It turns out, newfound helper demon ‘Balfy’ wanted the ultimate hell power; to use Lillith’s crook to call all those escaped souls back to hell and right inside of him! His mistake was demanding that Cas accompany him on this mission. He only needed Cas to sing Enochian to open Lilith’s box to get the horn.

In the meantime, Ardat, a powerful demon, has hired the money-hungry Ketch, to find Balfagor and let her know of his whereabouts. Ketch, recovering from Dean’s iron bullet gunshot wounds in a nearby hospital, is found by Ardat and refuses to give up his frenemies, whom he has been helping battle all of hell’s released souls; he pays the price by having his beating heart ripped right out of his chest! Another (favorite) one we love to hate and hate to love, gone in an instant! Our only potential saving grace is, “Does anyone ever really die in Supernatural?” Ardat after getting intel from Dean posing as Ketch via text, interrupts Balfagor’s attempt to gain hell-power. (Perhaps she wants it for herself!) After she does some serious punching and kicking to both Cas and Balfy, she is finally killed by the latter, who would be eventually overpowered and fried by Cas, who never liked his occupation of Jack’s dead body in the first place. (Balfy was going to be a big problem with all that power.)

For the serious heart-wrenching stuff, we have Rowena! In all her extreme selfishness and evil, saddling up to anyone who can do her bidding, her fear of Lucifer helped her to lock empathetic souls with Sam! She had failed earlier while trying to cast a spell to disperse the hell-souls, saying they were too hateful, plentiful and powerful for any magic to work. But she could do one last thing; sacrifice herself in a spell similar to the one Dean used as the ultimate ‘soul-bomb’ in an effort to destroy Amara…and as prophecy stated, Sam had to be the one to kill Rowena. Most of us had come to like Rowena, who in light of the abuse at the hands of Lucifer, and most everyone in her earthly life, seemed to have a less-selfish side to her when she and Sam admitted their fears and loathing of ‘the devil.’  Now, she and Sam work together like two seasoned witches, and Sam, against every fiber in his body, has to stab her after Rowena had removed her final resurrection hex bag.

Like Sam when he gained mental control over Lucifer in season 4, a dying Rowena says her good-byes and gracefully falls into the pit, where she will die and release the souls where they belong. A dramatic, and sad scene; For me, it wasn’t so much sadness for Rowena, whose free spirit and newfound strength I had grown to like, but for Sam, who once again, is feeling guilt and torment over his hand in the ultimate solution to a major problem created by ‘The Almighty!’

Once again, one of our boys has misplaced anger, but instead of it being levied at his brother, Dean has taken direct aim at Cas! He blames his angel brother for ‘not following the plan!’, even as Cas tries to explain to him that the plan changed because Balfagor was making a power play. Cas admits that there doesn’t seem to be any trust from Dean, who offered him up like fish-bait to join Balfagor in hell when their plan was hatched. Balfagor (in typical demon fashion), planted a seed into Cas’ mind when he suggests there is no longer any love from the Winchesters. Dean is very angry, still ultimately blaming Cas for Mary’s death! So in keeping with Supernatural tradition, all of the moves Sam and Dean make, even the bad ones, are out of love for each other! Sam drinks demon blood to kill Lilith; Sam jumps into the pit; Dean says “Yes” to Michael; Dean becomes a demon out of rage and guilt. And that’s just a few! Now, Cas, who rightfully kills Balfagor, is allowed to walk away because Dean is angry! Here we go again!

Now, I look forward to what direction we’ll be turned to. There are no ghosts or bd souls remaining, right? Cas is in the wind. Amara is in the wind! God is weakened. Sam is weakened. Dean is pissed! And once again, our heroes face the world….ALONE!

Eric “FeelingSupernatural” Clemons

Photos: The CW. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on ““The Rupture” leaves me with a dreadful feeling of the inevitable

  1. Tonight episode had the power of a fight and dread of Sam high on demon blood. However, I am terrified that Chuck, (that blasphemy’s God), and a character I dislike, will closes out the final season on a horrible note.


    1. I am dreading the same thing! Hoping they can find a way, and hoping that if there is a God of this universe, he/she ain’t like this! Whew!


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