Who would think the final ‘enemy’ would be God himself?

“Atomic Monsters” featured the usual ‘hits’ that have been presented to us in this 15th and final season of Supernatural. We got all-star visits from ‘Benny the no-longer-a-vampire’ and Becky Rosen, formerly Sam Winchester’s and Chuck’s number one fan! And we got our obligatory ‘monster of the week,’ a teenage vampire who happened to strike at a high school in Beaverdale, Iowa! This final season has been full of appearances from goodies and baddies of the past, and this one was not an exception.

The episode began ominously enough, as we open on a ‘code red’ sequence at the MOL bunker. Dean (all bearded up) is stalking the red-lit bunker, being a total bad ass, killing demons as if he was in one of those dark super-hero movies. The MOL bunker had somehow been infiltrated and we even saw “Benny” the likable Dean soul-mate vamp,” but this time as a wounded warrior who dies in front of Dean as a result of injuries suffered during this battle. Dean has had enough and wants to face down the leader of these demons once and for all. He finally confronts Sam! (Who is very Lucifer-like in his demeanor). Dean says Sam has done away with Bobby, Sheriff Mills, Cas and others. Sam also adds, “…They tried to stop me…I will not be stopped.” After Dean tells Sam it’s the demon blood making him behave like this and urges him to fight it!  Sam, with eyes full demon black, snaps the neck of a hunter sneaking up from behind and then does the same to his big brother! Dean is dead in a heap! We then see Sam wake up from this nightmare! (This is the second time we see Sam have this flash…Only the first time, I didn’t clearly see the body falling to the floor as Dean.)

After coming to join Dean for breakfast, we learn that Sam is doing that Winchester thing; feeling very responsible for the deaths of Jack and Rowena…and this adventure proved a clear example of things not necessarily being as they appear; from names to monsters! Dean convinces Sam to join him on a hunt where a body was found ripped to shreds at a ‘Beaverdale, Iowa.’ Yes! As crass as that might sound after we find out the murder victim was a cheerleader,  we saw Dean trick Sam into eating real, not vegetarian bacon and proclaim himself, “The Meat Man,” which Sam earlier tells him means something different today than Dean means when he proclaims the title! “Beaverdale” is a school full of cute cheerleaders, which included the 2nd victim, who had been kidnapped! A couple of parents seemingly concerned about their son trying to get a Lacrosse scholarship are actually protecting him because he is the monster Sam and Dean seek; a vampire! Sam and Dean initially thought it was the father of the family doing the dirty deeds, but Billy (the teenage lacrosse star) actually killed his girlfriend, unable to resist the vampire urge and knows he can’t stop killing! The parents complicated things by kidnapping another girl and feeding him her blood. Anyway, it was kinda ‘monster of the week’ that we’ve become so immune to over the past 3-4 seasons. Billy actually volunteered to be beheaded by Dean to save hardship for his parents. Nice and neat wrap to that hunt!

The real reveal was the return of Becky. Now married to a nice geeky guy with 2 kids between them, she is sending the clan off on a fishing trip to get some alone time to catch up, and who is there, but Chuck! The wounded ‘creator of all things,’ has come to have his fragile ego stroked by his former number one fan and girlfriend! Becky wants no parts of him, but Chuck draws her sympathy and comes inside her nice suburban home to talk and catch up. Chuck admits that he has fallen out with Sam and Dean and is really lost. Becky, who has undergone extensive therapy and become a strong independent person, encourages Chuck (not knowing that he is God) to keep writing about his favorite subject; The Winchesters, whom she has written some fan fiction about and has made some money designing “Supernatural Toys and Figures.”  

It appears that God is writing the very episode we’re watching. (So our boys are pawns in God’s sick game again! Or is that me overthinking?) Becky thinks the story doesn’t have enough bite and adds that the villains are kind of weak. Chuck did not take kindly to this blow to his ego, and when inspired to write again, he alters the story, creating an ending that didn’t sit well with his former superfan! Becky demands that he not do this to Sam and Dean and exclaims that the story is way too ‘dark.’ Then, the real evil comes out. Chuck, looking like “The Grinch who stole Christmas” tells her that he can do ‘anything’ because he is “God!” Up to now, she thinks he’s only a prophet who lost his ability to see the future! This is just when her husband returns home and God makes him disappear. He does the same to her children and eventually, to Becky herself! At least Chuck exclaims that they aren’t dead, just gone away! Can he explain how much of a DICK he is? Is there a single person in the fandom of this show that likes him now? Doubt it! Did I say, GOD IS A DICK???

I don’t know SPN fans. How do you battle the creator of all things? Even in a weakened state, stranded here on Earth, he (God/Chuck) can command anything to happen and make it so. I’m sure there is much discomfort among those who may be more religious to see God be such an ego-maniacal prick! But there it is. At least he is not at full strength. I am wondering if Sam and Dean can have a happy ending when it’s all said and done! Will we have any trips ‘down memory lane’ next week? What is God up to? Don’t forget, we haven’t seen Jack, Shadow, Lucifer or Billy so far and Amara; perhaps the only one in the universe who can handle her brother, is off into a trip amongst the casinos of Lake Tahoe! Where does it all go from here? What show makes God the enemy of man? Our show! Do you like this story arc? I am anxious to find out where it goes. What do you think? Let me know.

Eric “FeelingSupernatural” Clemons

Photos: The CW. All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “Who would think the final ‘enemy’ would be God himself?

  1. Hope our ghost-with-new-body will be a regular. Her soft, feminine wisdom is welcome to off set Dean’s hot dog pajamas and raw cereal consumption.


  2. Anybody who is offended by this depiction of God obviously has not read the Bible, because God is a total jerk in there, too, only for bigger and more mysterious reasons, I guess!


    1. I think it’s brilliant. It stretches our imaginations a bit based on what we’ve been taught through religious dogma, God is. How many times have we heard, “God is a jealous God!” But why would he need to be? How about making us suffer so we can be better? This God is a brat and if he decides to wipe stuff out, he can and usually does! Sam and Dean’s only hope here is something comes along to make Chuck see how much of a duck he really Is!

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  3. Any episode that has blood ,beard ,and bacon ,is classic. Nice to see Becky is redeemed and not so campy fun at fandom pokes. Billy knows he cannot stop himself from evil ties into Sam’s always present self concern about his demon blood status. The opening sequence bathed in red lighting is superb choice by director Ackles. The fight sequence huge. The meat man and beaver jokes gave balance. Jared playing tortured and demon Dam superb. Sounds of someday great tune. Slow mo of beheading while Sam watches. The a story is really the b story as Chuck is the main story. He is going to make the boys not so special. I have hopes for a finale that will work.


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