This one ain’t got much to do with “Proverbs 17:3!” Or does it?

From the opening comedic sequence of this episode, where Dean looks like something out of a situation comedy episode as he struggles to withstand the heat of “ghost pepper jerky,” to dealing with the ‘monsters of the week,’ a pair of Werewolf brothers, all of it was just background to the major point of the episode; God/Chuck has determined that he wants his ‘favorite boys’ the Winchesters, to kill each other!  The title of the episode, if you read various versions of Proverbs 17:3, means that God wants to know your heart, and that is what you’ll ultimately be judged by; the intent of your heart!

Now, playing ‘Devil’s Advocate,’ if God is writing or has already written your life story, why would he need to judge you at all? He already knows the outcome! He already knows your heart! WE know the heart of the Winchesters lays in hunting monsters and saving innocent lives! So, if Chuck has taken over writing the story again, we find Sam and Dean unable to locate Cas and off on a hunt after the two out of 3 girls on an annual camping trip were attacked and killed, then God knew the ‘hearts’ of Sam and Dean would want to catch and kill the bad guys!

Anywho, we get another dream sequence from Sam. This time, Dean sneaks up behind him as Lucifer (white suite, red eyes, slicked hair and all) and blows his brains out from behind with the Colt, which apparently can kill everything but arc-angels! Sam raises his head off the table, closes the hole in it and says, “Did you really think that would work?” This time Dean catches fire from the feet up, as Satan lights him up! It seems that God really is planting the seed into Sam’s head that he will return to his demon blood days and kill his older brother! Dean used the Colt on Lucifer once before (in this real universe) and it didn’t work!

More comedy lightens the adventure, as Dean decides he and Sam will pose as ‘very young’ fish and wildlife officers. Dean is convinced he looked the same, and everyone who sees the fake I.D. questions whether it’s him. I see Jensen Ackles easily moving into more comedic roles after his SPN days. His facial expressions and physical comedy are priceless! (I’ll always remember the scream with the cat!) Dean and his brother don’t pussy foot around anymore with victims; they tell ‘em all about the monsters out there, as Dean does with, Ashley,  the sole survivor of this horror camping trip. Now, Dean vows to keep her safe, because one of the offending pack tells her that telling anyone will make them return and kill her. (He leaves a scratch on her cheek just for emphasis!)

That really strikes at the heart of the Winchesters! They save people! God knows it…and so does the Ashley, who always seems a heartbeat away from being killed. The wolf brothers find her stashed away at a cabin where Sam and Dean have put her. They take her hostage and have a final showdown with our heroes, whom they are beating in the final battle…however, one of the werewolf brothers has a ‘heart,’ and just before his brother eats Dean’s, shoots him dead with a silver bullet from Dean’s gun, and then turns the gun on himself; the second week in a row that the bad guy gave himself up! Sam was suspicious from the start. He thinks something is hinky about the case; that’s it all fell into place too easily! Everyone watching was right in line with Sam’s thinking.

Turns out, Sam’s intuition is still intact. Ashely is traumatized by the goings on, and falls on some sharp deer antlers while pulling away from Dean, killing herself…but she rises up and reveals that she is indeed another ‘greatest hit’ from the show! Meet Lilith, the powerful demon killed by Sam as the final act in resurrecting the devil years ago. She’s no longer wearing the dental-hygienist, but was sent by god-Chuck to play with the guys’ emotions and earn their trust. (Cuz God knows the Winchesters!)  She has been sent to find and destroy the god-gun. God has ordered her not to kill them, which she can very easily do, but instead, she toys with our boys by tossing them around the area and putting friendly slices on the face and body of Dean as she attempts to get him to give up the weapon’s location.  

We get another Sam dream here whilst he is out cold! This time, Dean has returned to his demon days armed with the Mark of Cain and the ‘First Blade’ and he goes black-eyed and kills Sam! He awakes from the dream like he’d been under water for too long! He chases down Lilith and Dean and shoots the demon with a trap bullet. Lilith eventually spits out the bullet and deduces that the gun is in the glove box of ‘Baby.’ She then melts the only weapon that can hurt God right before their eyes! Sam starts to figure that he and God, because of the God-gun wound they both share, are ‘connected’ like Voldemort and Harry Potter! Sam might be tuned in to God’s thoughts.  He’s seeing all the possible ‘endings’ to God’s favorite story. How do our heroes fight an all-powerful; albeit weakened God? I wanna see how they or anyone else ‘human’ can do that? Like Sam and Dean, we in the audience feel a sense of powerlessness over what our heroes face around the next bend; a bend totally controlled by Chuck-god!

Eric “FeelingSupernatural” Clemons

Photos: The CW. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “This one ain’t got much to do with “Proverbs 17:3!” Or does it?

  1. I never expected to see Lilith and never ever hoped to see that brand on Dean’s arm. What for me was best buried memories, but for a newcomer, mysteries to explore.


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