“Golden Time” is decision-time!

In this final season of our favorite show, we once again find an episode that reunites us happily with a character and even a few ‘familiar faces.’ In addition, we see Sam, Dean and Cas dig into their ‘destinies’ with a bit more bite by the time this episode ends. It starts with a girl breaking into (with magic) and searching Rowena’s apartment for something. All she finds is a spell which makes her bleed from everywhere and die before she can get back out: trip unsuccessful.

Cas has long left the bunker and is somewhere around Idaho fishing and blending in. He stumbles onto a missing person’s case where the sheriff seems quite indifferent to the fact that a child is missing, shrugging it off to teenage drunkenness! Cas goes full ‘fake FBI’ mode and is doing all he can to be a Winchester and save this person- if he can.

Dean meanwhile, is just slouching around, devouring cereal and watching “Scooby-Doo” reruns! Jensen Ackles (Dean) also has another physically comedic bit as he takes in a mouthful of very stale cereal. He has all but given up figuring out a strategy because god/Chuck seems to be creating every move our heroes make from here on in; or is he? Sam, ever hopeful that they can beat god, senses a presence around him…and on his morning run, our ‘greatest hits’ continues with the ghost of Eileen appearing! Like Kevin before her, she escaped hell, but can’t go to heaven because god/Chuck has paused the game and once a soul is downstairs, it’s not allowed up without the ‘big fella’s’ permission. So she can go back to hell or go crazy like ghosts to when they remain on this plane too long!

Sam and Dean decide to get Eileen inside one of the crystals used in trapping souls in the past, but they have to search Rowena’s house to see if she had one. Dean is glad to let Sam go this one alone and sit at the bunker and veg! Cas is ever dutiful as a “hunter.” He is combing evidence and meets the mother of the missing teen (also a face from a past episode)…Cas even pulls the fake FBI routine with Dean acting as the supervisor when the sheriff called to verify. It was his first time speaking to Cas since their blow up! We got the sense of a kind of an apology, when he tells Cas that Chuck is back and adds, “Answer your phone!” As Sam has made every effort to contact him.

Cas eventually tracks an area where a number of people have gone missing! Turns out the culprit is the sheriff, who happens to be a Jhen. The missing boy witnessed him up to no good and hid to save his own life! Cas determines who he is (at least while he still has powers) as he overpowers and eventually goes ‘Manson’ on the monster with an angel blade! He weakens himself after repairing the boy’s broken ankle and repelling a few bullets to the chest from the sheriff, but determines he will stay away no longer!  He has to “Get back in the game!” Meaning to me that he is heading back to the bunker to help his best friends any way he can, no matter what Dean thinks of him. It’s the first time in quite a while that Cas is definitive…and RIGHT! Actually, he was definitive and right in killing Balfagor, but Dean made him feel all wrong!

Sam and Eileen run into a bad witch, who is staking out Rowena’s apartment because she knows there’s some top-notch witch ingredients inside. Upon searching and finding with the help of his ghost-friend Eileen, Sam decides to try the same spell that Rowena was unsuccessful using to revive Mary after Jack killed her! The Scottish witch, (A character actress from a few past episodes), was determined to get all the goodies and kill Sam in the process. The witch has an assistant that Sam connects with, but she peeps his game and uses a magic straw Sam doll to inflict some pain. The showdown sees Sam and Eileen in trouble, as he’s being killed by the spell of the evil witch and Eileen is being strangled by the ghost of the witch who died at the top of the episode! (Evil witch has decided to revive her.) Dean to the rescue, armed with witch-killing bullets!

Sam forces a hex bag down the throat of Ms. Evil and she is toast! Dean finally got off his ass to take some provocative action! Sam is determined to remain as sensitive as ever, and eventually uses Rowena’s old spell to bring Eileen back from the dead! It was very touching and almost romantic as she exited the tub nude and Sam turns away, only to receive a big, tender hug after Eileen wraps herself in a towel. The episode ends with some powerful points between the brothers. Dean is still doubtful, because the enemy is god/Chuck! How do you beat god? But Sam makes some good points! Perhaps choice can alter any story! He believes he and Dean can win if they continue to break the rules and defy the odds. Dean is skeptical, but he can get with him and his little brother against the world! Having Cas back in the fold, if he is indeed coming back, will certainly help! I would send some prayers up to Amara if I were Dean…Just saying!

Eric “FeelingSupernatural” Clemons

Photos: The CW. All rights reserved.

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