“Last Call” means “Clarity” (I think!)

As I reflect on this episode, I wonder if it was presenting us clues as to just how good, or poor, god/chuck’s writing skills are; if he’s actually writing this as part of the final chapters. (We all know, he is…I think!) We begin in Texhoma, Texas, where young friends Sally, who is very drunk, and Angela, who is about to drive them both home from “BB’s Sugar Bar” are joined and exiting this dive. Sally goes off to barf near the trash cans, while Angela goes to the car to wait. Sally has one last heave, and turns to find the car and her friend, have vanished! Very typical kind of beginning to a “monster of the week” type Supernatural show, but this one drove home a lot more about god/Chuck seeming to want to strengthen the resolve of his characters, IF indeed, he is writing all this! (We KNOW he is…I think!) We next see Angela strapped to a chair and an IV tube running from her up to an iron door with a small opening, where a man-lizard-like beast is coming up and drinking her blood as it drips! (Insert SPN weekly victim scream here!)

Dean is bored stiff. He needs some action. He finds the ‘Missing Angela’ story and was attracted mainly because he found Angela, “attractive!” So he heads out to the Texhoma area…and we get a little comedy, as the goofy sheriff says the case is a big nothing burger, because Sally thinks her friend was ‘raptured.’ The sheriff adds that he could have gone to Hollywood and been the next “Denzel” and tells Dean that he has the look that could have made him a movie star! Yes! Dean it seems, is being cast as the “Action Hero!”

The big kicker is the next bar Dean is drawn to as he investigates this missing person case is called “Swayze’s!” We know how Dean feels about that name and the “Roadhouse!” It’s complete with an old ‘hunter-turned-singer’ friend, Lee…(played by country star Christian Kane) Who of course, gets Dean up on stage to belt out a tune! (Jensen Ackles is an accomplished singer himself!) Finally, there’s the attractive, flirtatious staff member! Everything Dean could want! Good or bad writing? Hmmmmm.

Back at the bunker. ‘Sensitive Sam’ and Eileen are bonding. They were always a little flirty with each other, but right now, love seems in the air because the timing is ‘just right!’ Sam has brought Eileen back from the dead. He needs to feel less guilt for all the stuff that has happened and the friends, like Rowena, lost. Eileen feels quite grateful for what he did for her, and now she is ready to have some fun! (Wink, wink!) Just when they are about to give in to natural vulnerabilities and desires, Cas enters the bunker! (God/Chuck can be cruel! If he is writing this…And we KNOW he is…I think!) Cas is looking for Dean but is a little shocked to see Eileen whom he remembers was dead. They catch him up on the re-emergence Eileen, God and Lilith.

Cas is now the determined, absolute, angel we first met in season 4! He thinks he can link Sam’s wound to god/Chuck, but injures Sam gravely when he uses his angel light to probe the wound. Cas, then calls an old friend, the Russian, Sergei, who stiffed him on their last transaction, to help bring Sam out of this life-threatening coma with some magic. Cas is total gangsta with Sergei in convincing him to lend his expertise with the threat of death. Then, never to be burned twice, he makes an additional phone call after hanging up with Sergei. It was “plan B!” We would find out what it was later. Sergei, about as trustworthy as a coiled King Cobra, sees that Sam is grave, and tries to strong arm Cas into allowing him to take possession of some magical books and materials from the MOL Bunker before curing Sam. Cas counters with a phone pic of someone close to Sergei, saying that he could make 1 phone call and have her ended!

Thanks to gangsta Cas, Sergei revives Sam, who recalls seeing some moments from the recent life of god/Chuck while comatose. (They’re connected like Voldemort and Harry Potter!) Anyway, ‘Sensitive Sam’s’ take-away is that because of this “break” they can now beat god/Chuck! (Sam is ever optimistic, and we KNOW god/chuck is writing this…I think!)

The tie off here is that back in Texas, Lee, who is the ex-hunter friend, has kidnapped and killed Angela by sacrificing her blood to a pagan monster, whom he calls, “Mary???” Really? Come on God! (We all KNOW…he’s writing this…I think!) The human sacrifices are made in exchange for Lee’s good fortune! Anyway, Dean gets too close after discovering Angela’s body in the trunk of her own car at the junkyard, drained dry! Dean is jumped from behind by Lee and awakens strapped to the same chair as Angela; same IV dripping blood to his friend. Dean is cool and calm; Eastwood, Arnold and Swayze rolled into one. He tips the chair and somehow gets loose before the now angry monster escapes. His facial expression has no worry at all! We don’t see the battle, only a shot from the other side of the door as the monster’s head rolls out to the room that holds his selfish, back-stabbing, murderous, friend! Their movie-like shoot-fight showdown, complete with “I’m out…and by my count…so are you!” line, ends with Dean killing Lee, pretty much without breaking a sweat!

So Sam is believing his team can beat god/Chuck because he’s in God’s head! He’s also about to get busy with Eileen! Dean is a super action hero who is an emotionless realist and “doesn’t have time to lose to the monsters!” But is he all that? Cas is absolute in his determination to help resolve this matter, yet his power is fading. Chuck seems to be writing his characters into the exact corners that he wants them. If he’s writing this! (And we all KNOW he is…I think!)

Eric “FeelingSupernatural”Clemons

Photos: The CW. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on ““Last Call” means “Clarity” (I think!)

    1. Yes! I agree! But I am wondering if the show’s writer’s are still taking shots at ‘traditional’ religion in showing how ridiculous it is to believe that God is orchestrating every step we take and everything we do? Or do “WE” really choose what we do with opportunities or challenges as they are presented to us? If it’s the former and god/Chuck is a narcissistic tool, who writes 7 billion human stories at once, what chance do our boys have? There’s something more here I think. Really anxious to see how it all turns out!


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