Last Call

Last Call is about the last call for Lee Webb, a retired hunter, from Dean’s past as well as the last call for Sam to be at risk as his connection to Chuck is called into play. However, the episode hit me as a last call for fans to experience the elements that make this show our addiction. And they are all going away in just a few more episodes. Erriclemons689 posted a review that gives the plot details. This entry is a list of the items I saw, heard, and felt as the road down memory lane begins and the metamorphosis of our actors  away from Sam and Dean commences.

Last Call gives us an oft seen Dean- in a funk and feeling depressed. His remedy, as always, is to find a job to do. His boredom is getting the best of him until he sees an internet item about an attractive woman who has gone missing in a Rapture. Okay, so I thought back to the Jimy Novack episode “rapture”.  This may be the last call for us to see Dean this low. Sam is our typical Sam doing research into the lore but with Eileen’s help, but of course their chemistry has to be interrupted by Castiel’s poor timing as he returns to the bunker.  Sam has always been attracted to females who have a supernatural past, save that awful(imho) relationship with Amelia. This is the last season, the last call, last big battle for our characters and for fandom.

Lines such as Dean saying to his buddy Lee, “taking names and kicking ass’ is an oft used phrase in this series and pays homage to Kim Manners’ time with the show.  As Dean and Lee review parts of their shared time we find out it dates back to when Sam was still in college and Dean had Lee as a partner in Arizona. Anyone thinking of Bobby and Rufus and that thing in Arizona that broke them up? Remembering Sam in college takes us back 15 years and reminds us we have been with the boys for a long run and we are at our last call. As Dean says,”It’s been a tough decade” as he remembers John Winchester.

The tribute to Swayze and the Roadhouse movie permeates the entire Dean section of the episode even to the choreography in the fight scenes (which has been an oft referred to scenario). And that Lee and Dean shared triplets evenly is so like our vision of Dean catting around when he was younger.The scene in the car scrap yard when Dean is searching for the missing girl brings me back to the days of Bobby Singer’s scrap yard. Dean looks so lost among the endless cars and yet he finds that one car he sought. The directorial decision to use a long shot emphasizes the mood. And those bow legs.

Sam going the extra effort to sacrifice his own well being to find another way to take on Chuck is archetype Sam. Sam motionless in bed is so reminiscent of the many times Sam has been knocked out- his poor brain- or unconscious- think season 9 premiere. Sam’s soul is once again at risk- think season 6. We also get a Castiel that is more like the original bad ass angel we met in season 4 Lazarus Rising. He is more “Russian” in his deception and nobody’s fool. Yes, we now have the nexus to Chuck thanks to Cass’ probing and perhaps a possible way to carry on and defeat Chuck, but every step of the episode is nostalgic.

Then there are parts of the episode that open a portal to the actors’ reality and moving on. The roadhouse is full of Family Beer items. Dean singing as agent Dukes is really Dean singing Dukes of Hazard song with his real life buddy Christian Kane. It is more of Jensen singing than Dean because he rocks the song and stays in tune. So are we to believe that the times Dean sang off key it was just to annoy Sam? No. It is Jensen re-emerging and leaving parts of Dean behind. The comment about lipsyncing “Eye of the Tiger” when nobody is watching, well now everyone is listening to Jensen’s music: Plug Radio Company Vol 1.The conversation about whether there are regrets about walking away from hunting shadows the actors leaving their characters. Even the town’s sheriff says Dean has “the look” made for Hollywood. He still has “it” as the bar keep slaps Dean’s rear and almost throws herself at this good looking dude.Super hero? Romantic comedy? Moving on.

Yes, the episode refocuses on getting back to the main arc of defeating Chuck but not without taking us out for a recall of favorite items. Our last call.

Initially, I felt like the episode is engineered to get Christian Kane onto the show, as any guest star could have acted the part, but once again the real life relationship with Jensen creeps in as part of the change over. So even if it is nepotism, it works well in that duet, but it is obvious that Lee is the bad guy. The arc gets Dean to get back in the game and admit that someone has to “look out for the little guy” and that he cares.  His shout out to Texas  is a mix of Jensen and his character’s feelings toward a state that has been good to them. Dean is pulled back into the game much like Sam’s soul is yanked back on its elastic,( Elastic Waistband- Bob Benedict and company)? Is this a stretch in my mind? So Dean is back in character and Sam now understands his connection to Chuck as a way to combat the big bad-God and yet Sam’s physical being is not heeled. Ominous.

The complaint about this episode is that the monster that Lee feeds to keep his “normal” life is a bit cheesy. It reminds me of the monster in the basement of the meat factory owners who keep the monster to be successful and yet in that episode there is another way. Lee made a bad choice. Hunting will do that to a person I guess. It is Lee’s last call as Dean plunges the cue stick a la Swayze to finish off his friend turned monster.Sergei’s crystal to help Sam regain his soul looks like one of Rowena’s, but all magic crystals look the same at this point. Dean’s escape is well thought out as the strategist he is, but the scene is cut-probably a time issue- and unless you know the escape routines, it might be hard to understand how he does it. Of course Eileen’s line about how some of Sam is in Chuck is a throw back to Meg’s possession of Sam and Dean’s comment about her being in Sam for a week. Not subtle but so Supernatural. (Eileen and Sam need to work out their sexual tension-maybe as a Texas ranger)? Don’t see Sam and Eileen crossing the friend zone anytime soon. Too much work to do.

I admit I had to watch the episode a second time to appreciate the Easter eggs of days gone by and days ahead. Last Call goes from a commercial advertisement of Jensen’s music and blatant nepotism, to a better place. What else did you catch as Easter eggs?



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