About me

About me, is always a tough one to write. So, I thought a New Year a NEW about ME!

2018 sees me going into my 9th year as a fan watching this American TV show. The longest show in my history as a viewer that I have ever watched. Sam and Dean have become a huge part of my little life. The show has engaged me, and most importantly kept me on my toes and entertained. Over the years the show has seen a number of show-runners, and writers and they all amaze me how they bring a story to life, and allow the characters to be their characters. It takes me on a roller-coaster with humps and bumps, but the brothers always manage to come out on top.

Their chemistry was what attracted me in the beginning and nine years later that has never wavered. They know each other’s lines, and what each other is virtually thinking. Do they have special powers? I often wondered!! So those two factors have always been important to me, the brother’s relationship, and how they are written and directed.

This blog is my little space on the net, its where I can let my creative juices run away with me, and let my mind wonder and yes, ponder! I am a fan who tends to literally run with my thoughts and sometimes make notes in the middle of the night because I forget. My idea’s sometimes come true on screen which does allow my jaw to drop on occasion because I just can’t believe it’s happened and I was right. No other show has ever really let me do that!

I am not the only AUTHOR on this blog, and this blog is now six years old. I used to be a co-author on another blog called Supernaturally Devoted where my old friend asked me to join her on an idea she had. Sadly, my friend doesn’t watch the show any more and the blog came to its natural end. During this time, I found myself thinking what about all the other writers, I can’t let them go with the talent they have. I asked them to come and write for me. Debbab is the only writer who remains with me from that blog, and since those days I invited more authors to come and join me, who also adore this show. A few of my authors were actually people who posted on this blog and are dedicated followers. Some have come and gone, but I have some originals here with me still today. Some of those Authors have gone on to create their own space and blog every day and am very proud of them!

If you feel you have something to say about Supernatural come on this road trip with us, and experience what being an author is like. It’s fun, dedicated and at the same time very rewarding. And of course, we all have one thing in common our passion for a US TV Show Supernatural and Sam and Dean Winchester.

Drop me a line, I love engaging with readers

Love Bella xxx