Bio: This blog is dedicated to the US award winning TV show Supernatural. About two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester who are on an ever ending road trip traveling the back roads of America fighting monsters and saving people and looking after the family business. This blog is owned by a fan (-Bella) and written for fans. Also on this blog are other like minded authors who are dedicated fans , who have accepted to come and write for me here. The team is growing each week, and is getting to a wider audience and gaining in knowledge of the show. If you would like to write for me, let me know.

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    1. Hi Rona, the said episode I believe was during the Season 5 finale ‘Swan Song’ Episode 22. Sam’s idea, Dean wasn’t happy about it at all, but went along with it and ends up being nearly beaten to death for trying to save Sam from Lucifer.

      Bella x


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