Bio: This is my little space out there on the net! I love the show Supernatural about Sam and Dean Winchester who hunt monsters and save us humans from them. I started this blog 6 years ago after a friend advised me as she saw a talent in my writing and thought it would be an area to consider. She saw my writing shine, and develop so am grateful to her for encouragement. This blog is run by me and with a team of writers behind the scenes too. The team is growing and each author has a specific talent and an area which they love to write about. If you are interested in becoming an author on this Blog, then please get in touch! Hope you enjoy this space and continue to comeback and see us! Love Bella xx

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2 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Rona, the said episode I believe was during the Season 5 finale ‘Swan Song’ Episode 22. Sam’s idea, Dean wasn’t happy about it at all, but went along with it and ends up being nearly beaten to death for trying to save Sam from Lucifer.

      Bella x


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