The Alternate World Community?

Michael abandoned Dean and walked, we don’t know where, we don’t know how? Dean is still suffering mostly in silence, and comes home to a room full of people he doesn’t even know? Let alone be able to make a descent conversation with. Some however, are pleased to see him home, including Jack. In the past, we have seen what Dean has suffered, and what he’s personally endured. Has this been his worst experience to date? He often refers to hell being his worst experience and has come back alive. Being underwater, was this being any worse than being strapped … Continue reading The Alternate World Community?

Is Lucifer still ALIVE?

Okay, am I gonna state the obvious here? Does anyone else sense this, or is it just me? I don’t buy that Nick is really Nick? Whether its residue in him or some other force within that is still controlling Nick? When the story about Nick starts to unravel itself and Nick goes off on his own little jaunt, we notice a different side to him. Obviously the writers are leading us up a path, but where is that path leading us? Nick wasn’t aware of snapping his fingers, something that Lucifer would so naturally do, almost like a copycat … Continue reading Is Lucifer still ALIVE?

Supernatural writer hints at another Dean “twist” after season 14’s Michael arc “There is a little bit of a surprise.” Remember I said Dean might be affected after. Remember a certain person? Think back to season 10? This is rather cool. Thought this might interest to many of you Dean girls! B x Published by: Bella Citing Source: Digital Spy Photographs: Courtesy and Property of ‘The CW’          Continue reading Supernatural writer hints at another Dean “twist” after season 14’s Michael arc

Could this NEWS be TRUE?

I keep thinking about the Empty, Could Mark be the Empty? #realmarksheppardGetting ready to start a brand new adventure tomorrow! Still super-secret, but looking forward to reuniting with some old friends! A brand new character to play, hope you will embrace him like you have the others. #spnfamily Written and published by: Bella Photographs: Courtesy and Property of ‘The CW’   Continue reading Could this NEWS be TRUE?

Mental blocks, dare I admit this to myself?

Yesterday I treated myself to a beginners course on How to plot a novel. I’ve known I’ve always had one in me and for ages now have been writing down ideas that have come into my head for inspiration. I had a private talk with the author yesterday Jane O’ Reilly who is a local Sci-Fi author who seems to have put me on the right path. I owe her a lot! The course was free in my local library and it was a good sized group and looking around the room I noticed that persons present, where of mature … Continue reading Mental blocks, dare I admit this to myself?

Happy 6th Birthday Blog….

I can’t believe its been that long! Walking into Season 14 with soft; light, over cautious feet I want to sing some praises. It’s that time folks of saying thanks to my writing team for staying here and penning with me. Couldn’t have done it without you. We have become a small nit family here and just wish the blog could gain more comments and likes, as we all work so hard with our thinky thoughts. So on this Supernatural night hope you raise a glass to US! And you enjoy our long awaited Premier. Of course, write back to … Continue reading Happy 6th Birthday Blog….

Saving Dean?

Since the finale back in May, I have racked my brains wondering how Michael will be ejected from Dean? After looking at a You-Tube video these thoughts came flooding back. I remembered the harrowing time that Sam went through in ejecting Gadreel and the pins in his head, Crowley entering him via red smoke and some how getting through to Sam’s brain that he had to force Gadreel out, and ask him to leave. A tough scene leading to a fight between the pair and Sam hitting Gadreel over the head with a candlestick holder dazed the angel momentarily for … Continue reading Saving Dean?