Kudos, Complaints, Concerns

The networks are deciding which series to renew. Viewer input does effect the PTB. Here is the e mail address for the CW. feedback@cwtv.com  Season 14 is not a lock as of this writing. Usually there is an early renewal of Supernatural, so far, no whispers. Meanwhile Jared and Jensen are appearing on talk shows... Continue Reading →


A Most Holy Man

Is it a western? Is it an ode to all the Mafia type movies? Is it an homage to Casablanca  and  the Maltese Falcon? (two great films by the way). It is Supernatural veteran writers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb attempt to present a different type of episode reminiscent of the episode Monster Movie where... Continue Reading →

Good Intentions

This installment of Supernatural does have good intentions to pull the story together a bit and it bridges several parts of the seasonal arc. It succeeds in  furtherance of  the character development of  Jack, Mary, Castiel, the Winchester legacy, and Donnatello. The highlight is the return of Bobby Singer, who is all the Apocalyptic Universe... Continue Reading →


Let’s eat some pie!

I could not decide which picture to post on this entry, so scan your files and pick one. Include it with  your comments, if you can. Look, Jensen Ackles turns 40 years old today. He jokes about not being able to make that rock star jump anymore once he reaches this age, but in all... Continue Reading →


Devil’s Bargain

I usually write my thoughts without looking at the reaction of fans to an episode. I could not avoid the fandom last night as there are so many reactions on social media to the surprises and the final shot or the button as it is called in the industry. So much is revealed so if... Continue Reading →


Various and Sundry Villains

Various and Sundry Villains is an appropriate title for this episode of Supernatural. We meet the Plum sister- witches, watch Lucifer outsmart a demon, and have Rowena reappear in a triple cross. So many villains in one episode and so many reminders of existing villains that have yet to be dealt with, Michael, Asmodeus, as... Continue Reading →



Breakdown is an episode that gives the character of sheriff Donna something more than the opportunity to be a ray of sunshine for other characters. Ms.B. plays the emotional highs and lows of Donna so nuanced that at last one sees a fleshed out character rather than a foil. The plot drives home the point... Continue Reading →


Hiatus observations: Sam and Dean

The first half of season 13 introduces new characters, as well as allowing previous characters to re-emerge either in their original meat suit or in a bevy of new actors assuming roles. The season also introduces alternative universes to the lore of the Winchesters. And while Mary languishes in Apocalyptic universe with Archangel Michael, Cas... Continue Reading →


The Frog and the Scorpion or is it scorpion and the frog?

The Frog and the Scorpion has a one-off feeling however, the episode is tied into the essence of the characters of Sam and Dean as they chase their current need to find Jack. I believe Meredith Glynn penned this script. She is good at catching the essence of central characters but also shows her knowledge... Continue Reading →



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