A Most Holy Man was most interesting!

So once again, the creators of scripts for our favorite show have thought up another way to tell a story and advance the story line. This episode was something out of one of those classic Mickey Spillane type movies. Our two heroes were often in their “fake fed” threads and the episode had darker and... Continue Reading →


“Devils Bargain” gives us a few ‘new’ chips!

We pick up our episode before the brief Olympics hiatus with a wounded Cass stumbling through the woods after Lucifer has stabbed him. Remember, Luci might be hurt twice as bad, because Cass really got him in the gut with an angel blade. Looking back, perhaps that was done to establish the fact that this... Continue Reading →

“Various and Sundry Villains” easily becomes, “Evil Empathy!”

After a couple of weeks of learning more about women who might become a part of “Team Sam and Dean” in the much-anticipated “Battle Royale” to come, we get back to the meat of this season: sort of! Once again, the writers weaved into and out of three different sets of characters facing similar emotional... Continue Reading →


We “Breakdown” a new side of Donna!

Supernatural has shown that it can get down right creepy and very dark when the writers want it to. That was a portion of this episode: an episode in which we didn’t see sheriff Donna Hanscum be annoyingly ‘perky!’ Not even once! Boy has she moved along the evolutionary ladder since we first met her!... Continue Reading →


We’re Back!!! And “Wayward Sisters” is a solid premise!

Well! We finally got our Supernatural spin off that seems to work! “Wayward Sisters” introduces us to the Supernatural “All-female Avengers,” if you will. This episode starts off the 2nd half of season 13 as we meet Claire (Cas’ daughter), who shows us right away how much she has matured as a hunter. She goes... Continue Reading →


Jack is back…But nothing’s any clearer!

Just when you thought that Sam and Dean would have a hard time finding the copy of second half of the Nephilim tracking spell that Bart offered them in our last episode, we were given a totally different scenario to ‘finding Jack!’ Jack simply shows up, ultimately to prove to himself that he can do... Continue Reading →


Some observations about, “The Scorpion and the Frog”

Sorry folks, some travel and other personal stuff didn’t allow me to really delve into this episode until days after it had aired. You already know the plot, so I will spare any recap and cut right to the chase: THE DOOR SEEMS TO BE OPEN FOR A ‘POSSIBLE’ RETURN OF CROWLEY!  Bart was dressed... Continue Reading →


Time to pick a side! (Reviewing “War of the Worlds.”)

I guess the men and women who make Supernatural the magical show that it is, have kicked it into high gear. This episode moved with lightening speed from one story line to the next, and even introduced us to a “Bizarro” version of some characters we’ve come to know and love, hate and fear! We... Continue Reading →



Once again, Supernatural starts us off making us think we might be taking a little “mindless” break from the major story line, but I guess they couldn’t really. We last left our heroes as they pull up in an ally and see Cas, trench coat and all, standing next to America’s last phone booth after... Continue Reading →



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