The Road So Far…Saving, Hunting, The Family Business. “Angels”

I've been asked by Bella to do a Family Tree kind of thing. I actually thought of doing that anyway, but I want to hopscotch around and go wherever my thoughts lead. I noticed lkeke35 requested anyone, someone to do a piece on Cas. ¬†OMG did that get my attention. I thought great balls of... Continue Reading →


The Road So Far…Saving, Hunting, The Family Biz: Funtime Pop Quiz

SUPERNATURAL POP QUIZ I thought it would be fun to have a quiz, let's see how well you remember the show. As a starter I'll start the quiz, but this is the fun part.. If you think of good one, Feel Free to comment and play along. RULES All Questions can be in any category,... Continue Reading →

The Road So Far; Saving People, Hunting Thing’s, The Family Business… “Daddy Issues”

While delving in SPNLand to write my first blog, I wanted to start at the very beginning, not with the guys but the man, the legend, the Father, John Eric Winchester. After some research, I was left with more questions than answers. The man is a mystery, a enigma, he's just shrouded in deep, dark... Continue Reading →

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