Watch the ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Trailer From HBO READ ABOUT THE MOVIE AT BOOKRIOT.COM. Thank God, this looks GOOD. via Watch the ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Trailer From HBO — Dark Matters I think maybe put this video on the wrong site. Well, enjoy anyway! Its like a horror movie for librarians.


Supernatural Season 13: Break Down

I was pleasantly surprised (and excited) to see this was a Donna-centric episode. I've made no secret that Donna is one of my favorite characters. Initially, it was because she heavily reminded me of another all-time, favorite character, Margie, the Sheriff from the movie Fargo. In fact, I was beginning to think she was too... Continue Reading →

Supernatural Season 13: Wayward Sister’s

  So, tonite was the pilot episode of the Supernatural spinoff, Wayward Sisters, and I like it. The timing for an all female supernatural show couldn't be more perfect, especially after the critical reception of Wonder Woman, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The fans were clamoring for a spin-off with Donna and Jodi and... Continue Reading →


Sam and Dean According to Myers Briggs

I haven't been able to do reviews of the show for reasons of time and health, although I've been watching the episodes. Nevertheless, I fee like I should write something about the show, and I was inspired to write this because we can see the clear delineations in character between the two brothers, and how... Continue Reading →


Supernatural Season 13: Patience

I can't say I really enjoyed this particular episode, but it wasn't unlikable either. I find that I do like Jack, and Sam's relationship with him. I disagree with Dean and his general attitude, but I understand why, because we've seen this kind of thing from Dean before, and there's the death of a character... Continue Reading →


Supernatural Season 13: Lost and Found

I was not as impressed with this episode, although that might have been because I expected something different, and the fact that it was kinda depressing, as everyone is dead. Anytime you’ve got Dean  praying for Crowley to return, you know you’re in a bad place. Part of it is that I didn’t know what... Continue Reading →


Supernatural: Wayward Sisters spinoff pilot confirmed for Season 13 — The Supernatural Fox Sisters

Supernatural fans will finally be getting a look at the spin-off they’ve been clamoring for. A backdoor pilot of Wayward Sisters will premiere as a Season13 episode of Supernatural. As showrunner Andrew Dabb told the audience at the Supernatural San Diego Comic-Con panel: “We very much feel that we have some really, really strong female […]... Continue Reading →


Favorite Supernatural Episodes

Every season of Supernatural I have at least one favorite episode. At least! Although, to be fair most of the episodes, even the filler ones, aren't too bad. I have a lot of favorites each season actually, but these are my absolutes. My criteria for picking an absolute, is that I must be compelled to... Continue Reading →


Supernatural Season 12

Just a reminder: Season 12 is already available on Netflix.


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