spn beauty appreciation: wendigo

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Wendigo has a very stark look, blacks & greens mostly. There aren’t many sources of warmth, so when they’re there they stand out. Like the Pilot, it’s directed by David Nutter. Guy clearly had a strong sense of Mood. Obviously both episodes- his only work on the show- have stuff in common (shadows, the Gaping Maw of Darkness, etc etc), but despite this thing taking place in a forest, there’s no twisty branches thing going on here, like in the Pilot. Whereas that was about images- ladies burning on ceilings, the boys silhouetted on that bridge- Wendigo seems to be more about movement, how people are placed in relation to one another, all that. That’s my takeaway, anyway. The movement thing would certainly account for how blurry most of the screencaps were.


Nice cheekbone-shadows. (Also, remember the days of the DS?)


The colours here- all soft & dreamy- are a tipoff.

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spn beauty appreciation: pilot

In case y’all want to see this.

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The first episode of our lovely beautiful show, directed by David Nutter. These posts will be my favourite images from each ep, basically.


So, I love that this is the first shot of the whole show; a shadow-branded house that’ll be destroyed five minutes in. It’s prophetic.


An iconic image. Horrifying.


I love how the colours from the burning-on-the-ceiling shot are echoed here. They’re hardly present at all through the rest of the episode (or even the rest of the season). And then that black cat, those pumpkins, that ghost. There’s so much detail. (Also,  how cute and lanky does Sam look.)


Our first shot of the boys together, and they’re in silhouette. We can’t even see them. Again: iconic. This is one of those scenes that makes it into every fanvid.


I like creepy staircases and I especially like how this one’s shot from below. That’s my only reason for…

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Speculation on Supernatural 11×10

Yo. I’m back.

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The official synopsis: LUCIFER MAKES SAM AN OFFER — Now that he has Sam  in the cage with him, Lucifer offers Sam a way out but it comes with a steep price. Dean  and Castiel look into the angel smiting that could have killed Amara.

Which sounds kind of meh. And this has not been a meh season at all. Angel smitings? Is this really the time? Where’s the part where Dean rushes off to save his damsel Sam from Lucifer’s evil paws, huh? I can only conclude that it’s a deliberately misleading description- the CW is not exactly known for its efficiency when advertising this show, and the promo tells us, frankly, fuck-all.

So, I’ve gone back to the CW promo that was released before 11×01.

It’s not unreasonable to take from this that Unpleasant Things will be happening to Sam in the Cage. Mostly because some of the footage-…

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Wren Collins on O Brother Where Art Thou?

My review is up here. Really interested as to what you all thought of this one.

Kind of a public apology

Hello from a bedroom crammed with poetry textbooks. (I promise this is SPN-relevant.)

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So obviously the Just My Imagination review is still not up, mostly because Life has been grinding me into the dirt of late (I kid y’all not, I got accosted by a language teacher earlier and asked whether I was sleeping properly), but I am still around. And I will review each episode. I’m even hoping to get a couple VS metas up over Christmas, so. Yay.

While we’re on the subject, what did you guys think of the last episode? Personally, I’m in love.

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Vivisecting Supernatural- On Bloodlines’ Failure

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It’s not easy to pinpoint precisely where Bloodlines went wrong, since the whole thing was pretty much a car crash. I’d say the real issue was in its conception, and everything else stemmed from there- that no sister-show of SPN should be this way was the general feeling surrounding the pilot.

And God knows I’m not saying Bloodlines should have been a carbon-copy of Supernatural. Of course shows have to change and grow; that’s how SPN itself has survived so long. But this was devoid of practically every distinctive feature of our show- the washed-out noir look, the dirtiness, the blue-collar world, Sam and Dean’s overintensity, the sheer weirdness. Because does Bloodlines look like a show that could carry off a French Mistake?


Then there was the horrible continuity. There are worse crimes in an episode, but this was so bad that I’ve forced myself to believe Sam and…

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Wren Collins on Thin Lizzie

Review here. I approved.

Comment Thread For Thin Lizzie

Find it here. Everyone's welcome.

Wren Collins On ‘Baby’ (which, by the way, she is completely in love with.)

Head over to Erin's site and check out my review.


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