I’m Proud of US/YOU?

I kept thinking about this line when Dean was dying and Sam was clutching Dean. It wasn't until I'd read an article on TWFB that it dawned on me that Sonny had said it to Dean during 'Bad Boys'. When reading this article it prompted me back to earlier seasons and thinking was, was this... Continue Reading →


What is Crowley actually going to do with Dean?

This actually sounds a wired question to put to you. But ever since the finale I've been thinking none stop about Crowley's attachment to Dean, and why he lead him this merry dance and to where they both are now. Do we sense that Dean will wonder away with Crowley. Will Dean be unable to... Continue Reading →

Your thoughts on season 9?

Not much really to talk about, as the season has come full circle on us, and are not far from hitching a ride with season 10 on this current road trip. So how do you all really feel about season 9 so far, and have your thoughts differed along the route? Living up to your... Continue Reading →

Dean’s Demon ranking?

This has been quite an amazing turn around for Dean, and on the board we have talked about what Rank of demon Dean will be. I felt it was a bit of a cop out showing us Dean's black eyes. Considering he is a Knight of Hell as we predicted, why are his eyes not... Continue Reading →

What will it mean for Dean to loose his humanity?

On this show Death has happened to our heroes a few times now, and we've come to expect that our main heroes at some point come back to life. Its a done deal! In the past Sam has come back to life, and Azazel threatened Dean did your brother come back 100% Sam. Had death... Continue Reading →

What part has Metatron had to play in the grand scheme of things?

I can't stop thinking about Crowley, but a thought crossed my mind about Metatron, and what part he's had to play in all this. When you think what disruption he's caused to all the angels and how he's stripped them of their home and the place they are used to being in. The disturbance he's... Continue Reading →

So is Dean dead!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOX2evHGX6A So we've been here before, and death has never overly surprised us. But what was so poignant about Dean's death this time? He's lost his life before and been in a terrible place and come back. He's ended up in Purgatory and come back when Sam thought he was dead. So its not impossible... Continue Reading →

Could Metatron be behind it all?

I think tomorrow something drastic is going to happen. I keep seeing certain pictures of Dean talking with Metatron and Crowley. Is Dean going to become that stabby happy that we assume he won't be able to stop the urges that Metatron takes Dean hostage. There has been talk of Metatron wanting a new suit... Continue Reading →

Sam is crying in the finale?

First off sorry for neglecting you guys I have not been well with my poorly old back, but am edging towards our finale with trepidation. I still haven't seen last weeks Stair way to Heaven so any comments on this episode from you all will be warmly received. I have been gathering some thoughts over... Continue Reading →


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