Arch Angel Gabriel, theories on his resurrection?

After seeing a recent old clip from Season 5, my thoughts returned to Gabriel. I remember being informed by my old message board on IMDb when we often discussed such details that an angel is only dead when you see their fanned out black wings. Now Gabriel when he did die did show his black... Continue Reading →


Devil’s Bargain

I usually write my thoughts without looking at the reaction of fans to an episode. I could not avoid the fandom last night as there are so many reactions on social media to the surprises and the final shot or the button as it is called in the industry. So much is revealed so if... Continue Reading →

Should Supernatural show Lucifer’s TRUE Face.

Both Sam and Rowena are haunted by it, and are petrified of viewing it again. So much so neither of them have a life and have nightmares because of it. Both Characters have driven Lucifer to show his real face, and no one else has been privy to it.  So would he become less of... Continue Reading →

“Various and Sundry Villains” easily becomes, “Evil Empathy!”

After a couple of weeks of learning more about women who might become a part of “Team Sam and Dean” in the much-anticipated “Battle Royale” to come, we get back to the meat of this season: sort of! Once again, the writers weaved into and out of three different sets of characters facing similar emotional... Continue Reading →

The Letter ‘I’

When Lucifer sternly said ' No I in TEAM Castiel remember that!'? Now Biblical names kept rolling around in my head that a huge number of angel names contain that letter 'I' Lucifer Castiel Ariel Zachariah Michael Gabriel Ezekiel Can you think of any others? My point is was their something significant in what Lucifer... Continue Reading →

Various and Sundry Villains

Various and Sundry Villains is an appropriate title for this episode of Supernatural. We meet the Plum sister- witches, watch Lucifer outsmart a demon, and have Rowena reappear in a triple cross. So many villains in one episode and so many reminders of existing villains that have yet to be dealt with, Michael, Asmodeus, as... Continue Reading →

Can the writers of Supernatural manage Sam’s depression properly? I found this article on Fan-sided their SPN Hunters page which often brings up some interesting topic's. Some fans think that the writers won't handle the topic well and just brush the surface with how Sam is really feeling. The show has covered Sam in a bad state and in a very bad place... Continue Reading →

We “Breakdown” a new side of Donna!

Supernatural has shown that it can get down right creepy and very dark when the writers want it to. That was a portion of this episode: an episode in which we didn’t see sheriff Donna Hanscum be annoyingly ‘perky!’ Not even once! Boy has she moved along the evolutionary ladder since we first met her!... Continue Reading →

Supernatural Season 13: Break Down

I was pleasantly surprised (and excited) to see this was a Donna-centric episode. I've made no secret that Donna is one of my favorite characters. Initially, it was because she heavily reminded me of another all-time, favorite character, Margie, the Sheriff from the movie Fargo. In fact, I was beginning to think she was too... Continue Reading →

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