An end of season thank you.

I am as a person very lucky to have such a talented bunch writing for me. So the usual thank you goes to all of you who have worked hours and hours on your articles without pay, is just wow. My blog wasn't doing that well, and then  I thought ,after "Supernaturally Devoted" closed down,... Continue Reading →


That Battle that never happened!

Another season as passed us by, and what a year we've had. Its been a real journey trying to defeat Amara who was pissed at her brother for locking her up for eons. I loved Amara and what Emily Swallow bought, and even thought about Rob Benedict as God. He wasn't what I imagined GOD... Continue Reading →

My predictions on the Finale?

I remember recently seeing a photograph on IMDb which triggered my thoughts on to this current path. Sam and Dean were hugging in what seemed to be open woodland. I have for ages kept thinking that Dean will be too weak to defeat Amara and will decide to join her. She at present has way... Continue Reading →

Who do you think will DIE in the finale?

I thought it was time for another poll as I know how you love taking part. I have a firm idea how the finale might end but with the addition of this poll, I wondered what your feelings were if they have wavered or are still the same.... So please vote away! Written and Published... Continue Reading →

Supernatural : Don’t Call Me Shurley

Well, there was some intense mythology in this episode. Delivering on the promise of reintroducing God to the series, this is the moment some of us have been waiting for all season, while putting up with uninspired episodes like The Chitters. The Chitters had some good moments, but those have been covered, very well, by... Continue Reading →

Supernatural : Hell’s Angel

This episode was written by Buckner and Ross-Leming. We all know I've had my problems with these two writers playing fast and loose with the mythology of the show, but  when held to a tighter rein, these two can sometimes turn in a decent, sometimes even good, story. Tonight we get a Castiel/Lucifer story (Whats... Continue Reading →

Supernatural : Safe House

Oh, I really loved the episode last night, and not just for the annual cameo by Bobby Singer. It was a win for the brothers, and we got to see some Bobby and Rufus action, which is always fun. They aren't really a close parallel for Sam and Dean, being two of the crankiest human... Continue Reading →

Supernatural : The Vessel

This episode was a lot less funny than I thought it would be. Like a lot of the  time travel episodes, I expected Dean to start quipping one liners at any moment, but he  played it straight, which gave the episode a level of gravity and pathos I was not expecting. The only snark he... Continue Reading →

Can Sam and Dean possibly beat Lucifer and Amara.

Lucifer is a very powerful archangel. He started the apocalypse, bounded death, killed Gabriel, killed Castiel with a flick of his hand, easily overpowered Crowley, and killed many demons. He is so powerful that it is hard for him to even find a vessel that can hold him. Lucifer was probably the strongest being the... Continue Reading →

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