Dissecting facial expressions – S8 Torn and Frayed?

Dissecting Torn and Frayed Season 8. Facial Expressions.


Dog Days of Summer

SPN is on hiatus and new ideas are slow in developing for articles, so I apologize, but need to share random thoughts. Family isn't always perfect, but that's what holds us close. Here in the states, yesterday was National Dog day. August is also know as the dog days of summer because the stars in... Continue Reading →

Understanding Facial Expressions…

Over the years facial expressions have had me in a right tizz and don't mind admitting it. So I thought for this article I would delve in deep to find those that made me dance with annoyance, wondering what are these actors trying to put across to me. Some of you are superb at this,... Continue Reading →


Could Sam make a deal with Lucifer?

As the finale approaches this time next week, we will be wondering how it will all come together and pan out. By tradition we know almost predict that one brother will die. I have for months now wondered if Dean would turn the knife on himself since the blade is the only weapon that can... Continue Reading →


If it came to it, could Sam or Cas end Dean?

In Season 10 episode 3 'Soul Survivor '  CASTIEL: Sam, he’s not your brother. At least, not now. You have to be prepared for— SAM: Killing my brother. Dean asks Sam if he is prepared to do what needs to be done, if the cure doesn't work. DEAN: Who cares what you meant?! That line... Continue Reading →


Why does Sam still, so desperately want to die?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-WLd6BDhu4&feature=youtu.be In the clip for this week Sam mentions again that he wants to die. We know how miserable Sam has been for a while now. Over loosing Amelia and the way his life has panned out. But why does he really so desperately want to end it all, still after what Dean said to... Continue Reading →


Was season 8 in two parts for you?

Now often reading the forum as I do most days, I began to pick up on a few pointers again about season 8. Whilst walking down memory lane, I began to think did the season feel like two halves, like episodes 1-10 and 10-23. Did the season feel like a whole to you? This season... Continue Reading →


Further news from Season 8

Two pieces of new caught my eye on IMDb today. The first being the figure in the premier whom we all thought was so mysterious and something other worldly or supernatural. Jim Michael's has revealed on Twitter today that it was wait for it, drum roll 'DON' oh well, thanks writers for yet another suspicion... Continue Reading →


Similarities between the seasons.

Hellatus is always a good solid time to look back through DVD's. I can begin to see some similarities in our favorite characters. We often moan about writers not staying true to their own canon, and finding that our loved characters are not so out of character when other stories much later on fall into place.... Continue Reading →



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