In the Beginning… (Castiel #1)

I'm back with another Castiel write up! I decided how I was going to work this out. Each post will be written as follows- I will pick episodes in chronological order from seasons 4 onwards that have Castiel in them. Each season will be divided into halves or thirds depending on the number of episodes... Continue Reading →


The Road So Far…Saving, Hunting, The Family Business. “Angels”

I've been asked by Bella to do a Family Tree kind of thing. I actually thought of doing that anyway, but I want to hopscotch around and go wherever my thoughts lead. I noticed lkeke35 requested anyone, someone to do a piece on Cas.  OMG did that get my attention. I thought great balls of... Continue Reading →

Dean’s Journey into Demon-hood?

Thinking back to 'First Born' and Dean meeting Cain I keep wondering what Dean's thoughts were when he decided to jump in and do a deal with Cain and transfer that Mark? What was Dean really thinking when he decided to think first and ask his usual questions later sort of style. The Dean we... Continue Reading →


Sam’s words to Dean in Sacrifice? DEAN: Easy there. Okay. Just take it easy. We got a slight change of plan. SAM: What? What's going on? Where's Cas?! DEAN: Metatron lied. You finish this trial, you're dead, Sam. SAM: So? SAM: Look at him. Look at him! Look how close we are! Other people will die if I don't finish this! DEAN: Think about it. Think... Continue Reading →


Plots with a similar feel?

There was something bugging me about the whole Gadriel/lies thing and I've twigged it - it's the conversation Sam had with Dean about his soul in Appointment in Samarra. It's like an action replay - and we know how well that turned out. This is surely going to raise its ugly head as part of... Continue Reading →


Which Castiel have you preffered?

In the show we've seen two versions of human Cas and I think I can remember a third time which was only briefly. Each occasion has been very different. Future Cas in 2014 was very laid back, attracted to women; running orgies, and generally very cocky, and a bit eccentric. Dean couldn't believe what he... Continue Reading →


Is Zeke working for Bartholomew – And Is Metatron behind it all?

Hael in the premier wanted Cas's vessel as his was stronger than the one she was already inhabiting. She went to great lengths in kidnapping Cas and keeping him within her grasp, to do with at her will. She was cunning and manipulative and Cas new it and ended her life and got out of... Continue Reading →


Why is it taking Ezekiel so long in healing Sam?

When I think back to Cas healing Sam at the end of 7 x 17 he takes on Lucifer and sucks him into himself without hesitation. Cas is briefly left behind by Dean in the hospital as he's still slightly out of sorts. So Cas really didn't take so long in healing a very sick,... Continue Reading →


Dean’s Secret?

Ever since I've watched the promo I keep thinking is Dean transferring Sam's problem into himself. Is the new angel transferring Sam's sickness into Dean? Some are also saying that the fight scene is a memory when transferring Sam's illness into Dean, like its an illusion and not real? Also when Death says Hello Sam... Continue Reading →


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