How did we really feel about soulless Sam?

Since its the holidays, and I've run dry for season 8 topics and since I get the majority seem to enjoy a Sam topic. How did we really feel about soulless Sam? Did he do it for you. Did you prefer him this way. Was his persona as you would expect Sam without a soul... Continue Reading →


What episode of Supernatural would you like to write?

Eight years down the line is a tall order for any show. As fans I hope I'm not alone in thinking about what episode I would love to write myself if given the chance. I love to write, and have never had that experience of being a professional writer.  I admire those guys who do write... Continue Reading →

A very Merry Supernatural Christmas!!!

I wish you all a very merry Happy Christmas and hope you all stay safe, and look after yourselves. Its been a busy day for me today, but finally managed to put pen to paper before big Ben strikes midnight, I'm bushed.  Pour a class of champers and raise a class with me. Thanks a... Continue Reading →

The Winchester Bloodline?

  Over on IMDB a thread titled May be Dean isn't a Winchester? Could this time travel 'Out of Time' episode next year hold a lot of information about the boys that they don't already no. Could Dean or Sam be half brothers or perhaps with the thought not even be brothers.  I remember myself... Continue Reading →

Sam’s phone message – was Dean right?

Some fans say yes, and some say no. How do you feel this story line unfolded? Was Dean right to tamper with his brothers phone to throw him off the scent of the hunt? Was Dean doing a brotherly thing in saving his brother? Or was he preventing his brother from icing as 'Sam' called... Continue Reading →

Sam’s anger management issues?

I've thought about this a lot lately, and wondered if I was the only one to think he has issues regards anger.  In the early days it was apparent John was his trouble for rebellion and he fought his father which Dean often admired about his brother.  As he felt he could never do what... Continue Reading →

What do the words Soap opera conjure up for you?

Soap opera From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A soap opera, sometimes called "soap" for short, is an ongoing, episodic work of dramatic fiction presented in serial format on radio or as television programming. The name soap opera stems from the original dramatic serials broadcast on radio that had soap manufacturers, such as Dial Corporation, Procter... Continue Reading →

Could the angels be wanting to recreate the Apocalypse with a new generation?

I have read a thread over on IMDB and its opened my eyes.  I am really warming to this revelation. It would answer why the boys are so off and why they have been separated for a year. Could the angels be manipulating both boys for a reason. Why do we see a love triangle on this... Continue Reading →

Do we see a mirror image of season 4 happening?

Think back to season 4 Sam with Ruby. One gray area that broke the camels back the core of the brothers relationship. Trust was a huge issue for Dean with his brother Sam deserting him and walking off with a demon the type of creature they hunt night and day.  Was this odd behavior back... Continue Reading →

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