AA Members look at the podium ready to listen to their two newest members. AA DIRECTOR:  I would like to welcome two new members tonight to Alcohols Anonymous. Two brothers are here with us to share their life experiences and become new members of our family.  Allow me to introduce Dean and Sam Winchester.  I... Continue Reading →


Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season One

I plan on doing a post like this for each season, depending on if you guys like this one. (Psych. It really doesn't depend on that. I'm doing this whether you like it or not.) 1. Pilot Not only was this the episode that first introduced us to the Winchesters, it's gorgeous. David Nutter filled... Continue Reading →

Could Sam make a deal with Lucifer?

As the finale approaches this time next week, we will be wondering how it will all come together and pan out. By tradition we know almost predict that one brother will die. I have for months now wondered if Dean would turn the knife on himself since the blade is the only weapon that can... Continue Reading →

The difference between Sam and Dean’s transformations.

Most seasons the brothers have both struggled with monsters in their real world that they had to go out and face together. For example like Dick Roman and the Leviathan's, Azazel, Lilith, The Mother of all, the Alpha's and so on. Most of which were heavy on monsters. Threatening, foreboding creatures that took an age... Continue Reading →

Sam and Crowley just an observation?

Sam was born human and the rest of the story we know that when he was six months old Azazel came and bled his blood into Sam's mouth. We also know that Crowley was once human turned demon and now has human blood within him again. So Sam was human addicted to demon blood, and... Continue Reading →

Could Cain be something else?

I found something interesting on IMDb which sparked my imagination and wanted to share with you guys. Cain appears very different and the thread thought could Cain be a Dark Angel? Could he be in a class all by himself, immortal? Could it be possible about Cain being a Dark Angel. It actually could be... Continue Reading →

Character GROWTH for Sam? A post which went up yesterday got me thinking. I could still sense that people are not happy with Sam and the way his character is progressing. Particularly through the first half of season 8. Even now into season 9 fans are upset as they know Sam will kick off at Dean and... Continue Reading →

Sam and Dean what would they ask Santa for at Christmas?

This got me thinking a lot since we've only ever had one Supernatural Christmas episode. So with a big wish list what would be at the top of the boys list. The one present that Santa would grant? Any thoughts ..... A wish for himself and a wish for Dean! Sam: I think Sam's ultimate... Continue Reading →

Ruby remembering she was once human?

After my summer re-visit going over old haunts. I remember this little gem in the episode Maelleus Maleficarum, Season 3. In which a women's book club is really a cover for a murderous coven .... and Ruby has suspiciously accurate knowledge about how witches kill. This got me really thinking about her speech at... Continue Reading →

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