Episode 11.4 “Baby” an editorial

If you want a review with a play by play, please read Ikeke’s spot on review of “Baby” Cobbwebqueen has a good one as well. This entry is an editorial to express the joy of superb writing by Robbie Thompson and clever directing by Thomas J. Wright. And we needed this episode after 11.3’s disappointment.... Continue Reading →


Supernatural : Baby

This was a highly enjoyable episode of Supernatural and will probably turn out to be one of my all- time favorite episodes for the entire season, something I hesitate to say because it's so early. We still have about twenty episodes to go, and yet... I was very looking forward to this episode, too. All... Continue Reading →

Wren’s Discussion Thread: 11×4- Baby

Discussion thread over here. Bella, I'm expecting you in particular! New faces always welcome.

Baby ~ What Bro-moment would you like to see? ~ Poll

We all know that tonight is the all important 'Baby' episode. Its been speculated for months what we might actually get to see? So just for fun on this poll as regarding those all important Bro-moments! What would you like to see Robbie Thompson cover during the making of this episode? Written and Published By:... Continue Reading →


AA Members look at the podium ready to listen to their two newest members. AA DIRECTOR:  I would like to welcome two new members tonight to Alcohols Anonymous. Two brothers are here with us to share their life experiences and become new members of our family.  Allow me to introduce Dean and Sam Winchester.  I... Continue Reading →


Honourable, protected Wife, Mother, Matron of the House, Keeper of Tradition, had been a ritual sacrificed—burning on the ceiling altar engulfed in fire, gutted to serve the Yellow Eyed Demon--- a holocaust sacrifice. Honourable  Husband, Father, Defender, had dishonored his name, as well as his Mate turning his offspring into orphans, forever out cast into... Continue Reading →

First 4 episode titles out for Season 11

11x01 Out of the darkness into the fire 11x02 Form and Void 11x03 The Bad Seed (Directed by Jensen Ackles) 11x04 Baby Come on guys, give me you're thoughts as to WHAT you might think is going down, and what's on you're mind. Written By: Bella

The Winchester’s essential Tool KIT?

In Homage to Baby in my post before last, I often wonder what the boys keep in the boot of The Impala. So as a little sort of test for fun, what items do you think the boys would carry. If we list weapons for example what and how many different types of weapons can... Continue Reading →

No one EVER puts Baby in the corner.

I thought I had to include some spoilery  information, which I have no doubts that some of you may ready all be aware. That a whole episode DEVOTED to BABY the Impala and Robbie Thompson is penning it all! Jensen Ackles recently posted some way off wrecked photos of Baby, in a very miserable state.... Continue Reading →


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