An end of season thank you.

I am as a person very lucky to have such a talented bunch writing for me. So the usual thank you goes to all of you who have worked hours and hours on your articles without pay, is just wow. My blog wasn't doing that well, and then  I thought ,after "Supernaturally Devoted" closed down,... Continue Reading →


Jensen Ackles singing at VanCon 2015

Jensen guest performing Lynyrd Skynyrd'd 'Simple Man' with Louden Swain and with Mark Sheppard on Drums and Richard Speight Jnr on Electric Guitar on  29th of August, 2015 at the Saturday Night Special evening event. The audience appeared to be loving the rendition from Season 5 episode 'Free to be you and me'. This for a... Continue Reading →

Sam and Dean: Brothers in Arms Debbab at a crossroad

Hello SPN family, Let me say that I am thrilled that Bella wants me to continue my writing about Supernatural, the T.V. show, for this blog, Sam and Dean Brothers in Arms. As Debbab, I had the opportunity to contribute to Lou's blog and always appreciated the feedback to my thoughts and the discussion that... Continue Reading →


Hello Everyone!

Hi everyone, My name is Lkeke35 and Bella has very kindly asked me to contribute to this site. I'm very excited about this. Some of you may know me from my own site, where I post about shows other than SPN. (What do y'mean other shows? There are no other shows!) (If you want to... Continue Reading →


Dean, the mark and …..

First this story line gripped me, now its kicking in, my thoughts are heading towards the finale and how this story line penultimately builds and where it leads our hero. Dean has been bestowed this magical gift which he has at his disposal. He first used the blade and wasn't use to its power and... Continue Reading →


Any further thoughts on season 9 yet?

We still have a couple of months left of this hellatus, and is already driving me up the wall. At least our Living channel is now showing season 8, and we have back to back episodes to view once again. It so annoys me why we cannot watch the show along side the US air... Continue Reading →


Similarities between the seasons.

Hellatus is always a good solid time to look back through DVD's. I can begin to see some similarities in our favorite characters. We often moan about writers not staying true to their own canon, and finding that our loved characters are not so out of character when other stories much later on fall into place.... Continue Reading →


Sam’s obsessive need to prove himself?

The finale, almost a month later has really stuck in my mind. I continued to think about Sam's emotional state. As this played a huge part out of all the 23 episodes this season culminating in Sam really wanting to take his own life. So with that thought, about ending it all, what would it... Continue Reading →


Okay I’ve seen Clip Show – what did I think?

What I loved: I understood why the title was called clip show, at first thought uh what a name but got it as soon as I saw the boys watch the clips. Dean bringing Sam Peanut Cups, awwwwh in the bunker - Dean can I have one please 😉 I loved the whole plot from... Continue Reading →


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