Welcome Guest Author Castielscat from IMDb….

Castiel’s Cat has undergraduate and graduate degrees in the humanities, with a fair amount of science here and there. She could talk before she could walk, probably because of her burgeoning television addiction. Her earliest words included the prologue to Ben Casey: "Man, Woman, Life, Death, Eternity. " She discovered genre television at the age... Continue Reading →


Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Eight

Just realised that I haven't posted in almost a week, so I guess my Othello essay can go to hell for a couple more days. So, Season Eight. (I like this project. I'm rather sad that I'm nearly done. Oh, well, I'll do another one after Season Eleven.) To say that my feelings about this... Continue Reading →

Dissecting facial expressions – S8 Torn and Frayed?

Dissecting Torn and Frayed Season 8. Facial Expressions.


The Prophecy according to Cain?

As in Executioners Song, Cain reminded Dean of the future and what was about to   foreshadow him. And what Cain envisaged would fall onto the eldest Winchester that eventually he would kill Crowley, Castiel and then finally his brother Sam. So if this prediction is to come true, and judging by canon it is more... Continue Reading →


Was Sam Jealous or Angry over Dean in season 8?

Often the same topic continues to come up on the message board that season 8 wasn't a great season for Sam in general. And I must admit I tend to agree with this statement. But there is one nagging quote that still continues to play on my mind. Which is when Dean came back from... Continue Reading →


Sam’s words to Dean in Sacrifice?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwT80s0LacY DEAN: Easy there. Okay. Just take it easy. We got a slight change of plan. SAM: What? What's going on? Where's Cas?! DEAN: Metatron lied. You finish this trial, you're dead, Sam. SAM: So? SAM: Look at him. Look at him! Look how close we are! Other people will die if I don't finish this! DEAN: Think about it. Think... Continue Reading →


Is it acceptable to be friends with a monster?

This we know became more apparent to us all during the beginning of season 8. When Sam's anger boiled over into something that we had not really seen before. In the light of events now, do we see why Sam boiled over and why he was so off with someone whom he thought was a... Continue Reading →


Why was Benny off with Cas?

Each time I visit the purgatory scenes so much of Benny still doesn't add up. I've talked before about stuff like he mentions the word they, and he new about the portal and that the portal could carry humans. Now these are questions that still haven't been answered. But I still wondered more about Benny's... Continue Reading →


Benny, Martin and Elizabeth how did this really end?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw_Xw8202dg Now I have for sometime wondered who actually topped Martin? When I think long and hard about this, the way Benny laid his head on the bar giving Martin the wear with all to end him was in a position which looked awkward, to swing a knife, and lob Martin's head off. Now who's... Continue Reading →



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