Mirror, Mirror on the wall?

There have been a number of times on shows where mirrors have been seen to be used particularly in fantasy shows and have often been very creative in their technical flair. One thing that stood out to me in this weeks episode was the USE of Mirrors and the effective ways in which they were... Continue Reading →


Sam’s anti-possession tatoo and untapped powers.

So what do you think it means when you see photos of Jared sporting Sam's anti-possession tattoo between shots? Flashbacks ahead for sure since it was burned off so Crowley could possess Sam and do a Poughkepsie on Sam from Gadreel. I would love to see the writers bring forward something unknown about Sam's powers... Continue Reading →


What do you keep sharp at your house?  Maybe you own a knife or a machete that can slice off the head of a vampire, or an arrowhead made for a cross bow bolt that will sink a good three inches into a monster's heart or lung. What do you keep under your pillow at... Continue Reading →

Benny, Martin and Elizabeth how did this really end?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw_Xw8202dg Now I have for sometime wondered who actually topped Martin? When I think long and hard about this, the way Benny laid his head on the bar giving Martin the wear with all to end him was in a position which looked awkward, to swing a knife, and lob Martin's head off. Now who's... Continue Reading →

Has Crowley unknowingly healed Sam?

This is a real long shot, but you how Bella loves to exaggerate. The more I think about Sam and Crowley, could the connection be much more than we first really thought. Both men spent a number of hours in that chapel together where Sam injected his own blood into Crowley.  Now I sense what... Continue Reading →

When does a friend become a family member?

Okay, we have heard this word a hell of a lot on this show. That blood is thicker than water. But since the intervention and experimentation of Castiel and Benny, it made me think more about the words friend and family. Both are very special words. But when does a friend cross that border line... Continue Reading →

Sam’s time drinking Demon Blood?

Thought I'd start a topic on this, as it is developing in another thread, and thought it deserved some air time. I have always been fascinated by this area in Sam's story from the jump, I got who he was. How he saw himself, a freak of nature and rebelled against it so much. Eventually... Continue Reading →

What are we hoping ‘Blood Brothers’ will reveal?

I think that the fat will hit the fire tomorrow. From the clips I've already seen Sam is fired up to boiling point about Dean taking this so-called occasional day off.  What secret is he keeping back from Sam, and why is Sam so mad. I am hoping the episode is going to reveal the... Continue Reading →


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